God Says- Ignore If You Hate Me | God message today for you | God Saying You

my precious children hear these words I

speak to you today abide in me and you

will bear much fruit just as the branch

cannot produce sweet grapes unless it

remains connected to the life-giving

vine so you cannot hope to live a truly

Abundant Life or overcome the

difficulties you face apart from me I am

the True Vine and you are the

branches everything you need for

nourishment sustenance and the ability

to flourish comes from our Vital Union

together when you remain in me my very

life flows through you providing

spiritual sap and vigor my words become

your handbook for living my power

courses through your veins enabling you

to Blossom and bring forth fruits of the

spirit love joy peace patience kindness

goodness faithfulness gentleness and

self-control open the door to Blessings

type yes I need to receive Divine favor

but apart from me you can do nothing of

lasting Worth or impact separated from

My Life Source you will wither and

struggle like a branch cut off from its

Vine anxieties will overwhelm you sins

will easily entangle you the pressures

of this world will crush your spirit you

will find yourselves utterly incapable

of producing the peaceful spirit and

meaningful life I intend in your own

power and strength that is why abiding

in me through intimate communion is so

critical my beloved

ones I long for you to remain in me to

dwell in my presence through devoted

prayer and the mediating of my word day

and night speak to me continually

through Earnest petitions and an open

sharing of your heart both its burdens

and its praises and stay attuned to My

Voice by feasting deeply on the truth of


scriptures allowing my very words to

permeate your mind and shape your

thoughts attitudes and

inactions as you abide in me in this way

I promise that you will bear much fruit

that brings glory to my

name the challenges and trials you face

will not ultimately defeat you but will

become fertile soil for spiritual growth

as my strength upholds you through each

one you will bear the fruit of

perseverance that develops maturity you

will bear the fruit of wisdom that

illuminates the path ahead you will bear

the fruit of peace that transcends

understanding guarding your troubled

minds and hearts SE seeds of Grace click

the thanks button to ensure Divine

blessings never cease every good work of

Faith you accomplish every word spoken

in kindness Every Act of Charity and

compassion every sacrifice of self for

the sake of others all of it is fruit

that can only be born through our

abiding connection I am the vine that

provides nourishment while you are the

branches through which my life flows and

produces a spiritual Harvest your

purpose as my followers is realized

through this beautiful symbiosis your

joy is made complete in it so do not try

to go It Alone my children white

knuckling your way through this Fallen

World and its inevitable trials and

temptations you will find only weariness

frustration and emptiness in such

efforts for I have not designed you to

be self-sufficient and independent from

me a branch can no more survive on its

own than a newborn babe can survive

without its mother’s nurturing presence

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