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my beloved child I promise to lift you

back up even when you feel weak and fall

take on this Challenge and don’t let

worry hold you back from the future get

ready to fight against giving up and

fear with everything you have tell me

you believe in me and are ready to win I

will bless your house heal your body

calm your spirit and make things better

for your family my Supernatural power

will show itself right in front of your

eyes pay attention I really and truly

love you and I want you to believe it

you should also come to me every morning

feed your soul with my words and light a

fire of Faith inside you do not let your

fears stop you from moving forward let

that flame burn them away if you are

still afraid of Lies told Giants you

will not be able to get to your Promised

Land you won’t be able to enjoy victory

until you’re brave enough to put all of

your skills struggles and failures in my

hands do not waste any time doubting the

good things I am about to do for you at

this point in your life remember that I

died on the cross to pay for all of your

sins and beat your enemies you have paid

off your debt and no longer have any

sins to confess in the Supernatural

realm you are sitting next to me you are

adorned with Heavenly oil and are as

sweet as honey know this you are not a

weak unimportant person who is doomed to

fail and whose emotions will keep them

from succeeding I’m talking about real

and attainable Victory freedom from

debts financial recovery forgiveness

peace in your home spiritual wisdom and

discernment and an unnatural sense of

calmness in your mind don’t always look

for approval from other people just keep

going on your path these negative people

want your potential and are trying to

steal what I want to give you do not let

their opinions control you have complete

faith in me trust my word words and stay

away from people who want to hurt you

you can win and victory is waiting for

you you will have wisdom happiness and

peace every morning I’m waiting here to

whisper loving words into your ear which

will give you endless strength and joy

within your home I bless your life what

do you think have you received it have

you decided to love me more every day my

child come on today is a new day day and

you will be blessed in a big way it’s

important to remember that I am your

Shepherd and that you will never lack

anything I’ll give you everything you

need because I’m your provider I will

wrap my love around you and be your

shelter I heal you and I will watch over

you you will feel safe under the cover

of my peace anything I say is true and I

will keep my promises everything I told

you will happen because I am God and I

will not change what I said I would do I

will do no matter what happens I will

walk with you handin hand along the path

I have chosen for you believe in me

completely tell me about your plans

every day and put me first in everything

you do even when you think a miracle is

impossible I will always be here for you

and ready to help I showed you my love

even when things were bad and you

thought your sins had turned me away

other people may have left you

criticized you hurt you or put you down

but I came to you with understanding

Grace love forgiveness and tenderness

and I pulled you out of the depths of

Despair Don’t Be Afraid or doubt make it

clear that you will trust me no matter

what trials or problems you face you

will always come out on top in

everything you do you are my love if I

didn’t leave you yesterday I won’t leave

you today either in good times and bad

happy times and sad times I have always

been with you I have not turned you down

or forgotten about you stay strong and

if you start to doubt your faith say out

loud the promises I made to you tell the

people who bother you about them and let

them know that I will be with them every

day until the end trust me and hold on

to my grace don’t spend too much time

wondering if you deserve these good

things please take this blessing that I

give you if you believe in me when you

hold it in in your hands it will grow

into many gifts you’ll have everything

you need to provide for your family and

help others you will have plenty to eat

good health strength and peace but you

have to show your faith and come to get

these blessings do not have any more

doubts and do not hide in the dark

talking to you means I want you to come

and hear your prayers if you and your

family have curses or illnesses I will

get rid of them share this video with

your contacts if you love me

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