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my beloved child I will guide you with

my gentle voice a radiant beacon in the

midst of the storm my light will pierce

the cold Darkness growing brighter until

Clarity Dawns in your spirit and you

understand so much more believe it for

it will come to pass the solution the

way out of your problems will be

revealed by my Holy Spirit he will fill

your soul granting you rest freeing you

from anxieties and nervousness even in

the most challenging circumstances so

you can walk with your head held high

free from sorrow and condemnation for

past mistakes to grasp the victory I

have secured for you let my presence

fill your heart trust me no matter what

you see hear or feel cling to my love

and my promises I speak to you with the

purpose of preparing you for the

supernatural Destiny I have ordained for

you entrust your future to me surrender

your doubts live life full as I command

when I ask something of you it’s because

I want to help you all I request is your

unwavering belief and trust in me I am

your God strong and true my love for you

is genuine my affection is pure and

sincere no one loves you as I do no one

Watches Over You day and night as I do

no one cares for you as I do I have

never rejected you never abandoned you I

don’t want you to continue feeling

unworthy y to believe that your purpose

is to daily blame and punish yourself

for sins and mistakes I have already

forgiven in my word hear me cast your

sins into the depths of the sea I no

longer remember them you must believe me

there is no need to dive back into the

murky waiters of condemnation searching

for memories and emotions that I have

erased do not Grant the enemy the

opportunity to remind you of sins I have

already forgiven you need not suffer

daily for the same transgressions focus

on the future and the days to come leave

the past behind and never return to it I

give you the strength to overcome

challenges and after the difficult times

great blessings will follow beautiful

opportunities will return to you your

thoughts must be anchored in what I your

God think of you not in the opinions of

the world those who hate you accuse you

and attack you declaring that you are

undeserving of my blessings favor or

Grace but you will respond that I have

poured Grace and forgiveness into you I

am your Defender March forward with

determination for I will deliver you

from all who seek to harm you open your

heart to me now accept what I am telling

you read my word with reverence treasure

My Sacrifice my shed blood never revisit

past sins fix your Gaze on the future do

not be distracted by vain things I have

countless good and wondrous plans for

you I desire your Eternal loyalty seek

me and Obe me in all things I know you

will I know you love me if you’re

watching this video you’re obviously

sick and tied of being sick and tired

you’ve had enough of being average there

comes a day where being average being

mediocre is just sickening to you it

makes you want to throw up and if you’re

not you can click off this video because

it’s probably not for you see it’s time

for the . version of ourselves to come

out the version of ourselves that’s

committed to our goals no matter what

the version that feels the fear but does

it anyway and the version of ourselves

that attacks our goals relentlessly


procrastination I’m in this phase too

and for too long I was in a rut I put

off achieving the goals I set for myself

instead of doing the work that would

have progressed my life I indulged in

phases that were no good for me this is

known as escapism I put off chasing the

goals that were important to me because

I was scared that people would laugh at

me I always talked about how I was going

to achieve such and such goal but never

took action on it I couldn’t sit down to

focus on any work because I was so

distracted as soon as I felt any

resistance from the task I would just

indulge in cheap dopamine then something

just snapped something inside of me me

but I’ve eventually realized that enough

is enough like how much more time are we

going to spend debating our goals before

we get up and do something truly ask

yourself the question what would be

worse the pain of getting to the end of

your life just to realize you lived in

regret or the pain of enduring a hard

task that would give you a sense of

accomplishment in yourself you know the

answer so let me tell you how we are

going to make the greatest comeback of

our lives and evolve into the best

version of ourselves it’s time for .

you’ve got to disappear and spend a few

months improving yourself I don’t mean

in some emo antisocial way but instead

with a single goal oriented mindset

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