my cherished child in the gentle breeze and the soft rustle of leaves listen

closely to my voice beckoning you towards a journey of unwavering faith and triumphant

victory since the very Genesis of your path my hand has been intertwined with yours leading you unwaveringly through

the darkest valleys and the shadowy Realms trust in my guidance for I am

everpresent lighting the way with the radiance of divine love even amidst The Tempest of life’s

trials when the world around you trembles with Discord and uncertainty hold fast to this eternal truth I am the

steadfast Beacon of Hope illuminating your path in this year that unfolds

before you a Divine promise awaits Laden with blessings prosperity and the sweet

fruits of recognition and respect yet tread not this path solely with your footsteps but with the unwavering faith

of your heart in my Eternal Word the word of the one who bore the cross for

your ultimate Victory do not allow feelings of unworthiness or doubts to entangle your

spirit for my love transcends all condemnation you are chosen dear one a

radiant Beacon of Hope and a vessel overflowing with blessings for your family I stand as your unwavering Ally

in every Endeavor you undertake draw upon my strength daily da purify your

thoughts of Despair and embrace courage through your faith in me nourish your soul with my

teachings let them be your sword and shield amidst life’s battles clothe

yourself in the virtues of humility and patience and witness as the garden of your life flourishes with blessings so

wondrous they once seem beyond the realm of

possibility my dear one I want you to feel Feel My Love around you like a big

hug when you’re feeling low I hear you when you cry when you dream and when

you’re scared you’re not by yourself I’m right here beside you giving you my love and help when things get tough trust

that I’m here to show you the way out of the hard times all I ask is for you to let me into your heart when you do

you’ll see amazing things happen in your life I don’t want just a quick visit

from you I desire to be the most important thing in your heart loved with all your strength soul and mind I want

to be the main focus of your thoughts decide today to commit to me for life and you’ll see how my presence changes

everything for you that feeling of emptiness you’ve had that longing to be

filled let me into your heart and watch as everything shifts those who’ve hurt you will seek

forgiveness closed doors will open wide and those who who once turned you away will value you I’ll bring new genuine

friends into your life wiping away loneliness and sadness let the truth of my message sink

deep into your soul my words can make a difference for you turning the tables on

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