God Says: I Will Smile If You Watch | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

I am always with

you my beloved child as a Christian you

will change over the course of your life

when people who hurt you again are

involved some knots from your past may

seem hard to untangle don’t get stuck

thinking about yourself or how to fix

things all the time instead keep facing

me look for my face and trust that I

will figure things out at the right time

to clear your path you should be okay

with having problems that you haven’t

solved but they shouldn’t take over your

life being here with you right now is

your share and your endless blessing

long-term problems can become Idols in

your life at times pay close attention

to your thoughts when you’re upset about

something that never seems to end

problems that don’t go away can slowly

take over your mind until they seem too

big to handle when you realize this has

happened tell me about it and let out

all of your feelings as you try to get

away from this hurtful thought

there are some rough spots in your mind

and heart that I want you to know I am

always here for you you don’t have to

have everything figured out before you

come to me just bring me your jumbled

problems and unfinished business as they

are it can be hard to tell what’s your

problem and what’s someone else’s I know

that many of your problems are made

worse by other people’s problems but

keep in mind that you are only

responsible for your own sins and

mistakes not for other people’s I’m here

to help you you figure out how to handle

these tricky problems and move forward

accept how weak you are when things get

hard and be humble under my strong hand

you can feel anxious when you think

about problems a lot so I want you to

put all of your worries on me and trust

that I care about you don’t give up even

if you have to do this a million times

during the day when you put your worries

on me you take your mind off of your

problems and put it on my loving

presence to make these deals strong

stronger please thank me for caring so

much about you remember that I not only

died for you but I also liveed to pray

for you I am grateful for giving you

life open your hands and heart to

receive this day with thanks think of me

as your friend and savior but never

forget that I am also the one who made

you everything was made by me as you go

through this day that I gave you look

for signs that I am always with you I am

with you and always keeping an eye on

you talk to me about the good things I

do for you on Sunny happy days and your

happiness will grow greatly when things

are dark and hard take my hand and

depend on me I will help you my love

even though your physical life is a

wonderful gift your spiritual life is a

treasure that can never be replaced

people who do not know me as their

savior will spend all time separated

from me but you will live with me

forever because you belong to me you’ll

have a beautiful body that will never

never get tired or sick since I saved

you by my grace through faith be

thankful for this amazing gift that

fills you with joy I hold your times so

trust me my love I am teaching you how

to feel safe when things are changing

and you don’t know what will happen

realizing that you’re not in charge of

your life can be a relief except that

this is how people are while resting in

my power and you will become more free

I’m not telling you to be passive or

believe that bad things will happen use

your energy and skills in a prayerful

way think about everything in prayer and

look for me when you need to I’m a God

of surprises so look for me where you

least expect it if you ask me to plan

the details and events of this day I

want you to be happy about it you don’t

need to worry about getting things done

faster because I am in charge of your

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