God Says: I WILL SHIELD YOU FROM EVIL DEAR CHILD | God message Today God message | God Support

my dearly beloved child I am your heavenly father the creator of the vast

universe and all that dwells within it before the foundations of the world were laid I knew you and set my affection

upon you you are my treasured possession the object of my infinite love and the

focus of my Divine purposes from the moment of your conception I have watched

over you with tender care guiding every step of your journey and ordaining your days according to my perfect will as you

Traverse the paths of this Earthly life you will encounter forces of Darkness that seek to undermine your faith

corrupt your heart and Lead You Away from the light of my truth the evil one

that ancient serpent prowls about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may

devour he comes cloaked in deception Whispering lies and half truths sowing

seeds of doubt and fear in the fertile soil of your soul but you need not fear my precious

child for I am your Refuge your strong tower and your impenetrable

shield no weapon forged against you shall prosper for I am your Defender

your protector and your mighty warrior In the Heat of battle when the fiery darts of

Temptation rain down upon you I will be your shelter shielding you

from harm and quenching every flaming arrow with the water of my word word when the enemy seeks to Blind you with

the Allure of sin and the false promises of this world I will be your vision

Illuminating the path of righteousness before you when the darkness of Despair and hopelessness threatens to engulf you

I will be your light dispelling the Gloom with the radiant Glory of my

presence no matter how thick the Shadows may fall my love will shine through

guiding you safely home in the midst of life storms when

the Winds of adversity howl and the waves of trouble crash against the ship of your soul I will be your anchor

holding you steadfast and secure though the Tempest May rage and the Seas May swell I will never leave

you nor forsake you my strength will uphold you and my power will be your

deliverance take heart my beloved for I have already won the victory over sin

death and the grave the evil one has no lasting power over

you for you belong to me and I have redeemed you with the Precious Blood of

my son Jesus Christ your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life and no force

in heaven or on Earth can snatch you from my hand so walk in confidence my child for I Am With You

Always even to the End of the Age let not your heart be troubled nor your

spirit be dismayed for I am your God your savior and your Everlasting father

cling to my promises and hold fast to my Commandments for in them you will find

life and peace when the trials of this world have passed and the curtain of Eternity is

drawn back I will welcome you into my heavenly Kingdom where there is no more sorrow no

more pain and no more evil there you will dwell in The Unbroken light of

my glory safe and secure forever more basking in the warmth of My Love Without

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