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[Music] my dearest child you make me so angry

that I have no option left but to teach you a lesson so I have to kill your negativity with kindness and

[Music] understanding my dearest child wait such

anger cannot be mine I am aw Well Spring of love and while your negativity may

cause you pain it cannot touch the core of who I [Music]

am perhaps you misunderstand is it me you’re angry with

if something troubles you speak freely My Love Is A Safe Harbor and your

burdens can be eased

here but listen closely anger like a weed chokes the soil where beautiful

things can grow let me help you uproot it kindness like gentle rain nourishes

the ground allowing compassion and understanding to

[Music] Blossom perhaps someone has wronged you is there negativity worth

replicating no my child rise above it let your light be the answer and watch

the darkness [Music] recede like this video And subscribe if

you trust in [Music]

words my dearest child remember even those who seem lost can offer valuable

lessons open your heart to the possibility of learning even from the most unexpected Source every interaction

every conversation holds a spark a chance to [Music]

grow now breathe release this anger I

have blessings in store for you today Financial rewards for your hard work but

remember true happiness comes from giving share your Bounty and feel the

peace that washes over [Music]

you reconnect with loved ones mend Broken Bridges strengthen the bonds that

nourish your soul don’t forget those who hold a special place in your heart their absence might weigh heavier than you

realize [Music]

surround yourself with wisdom with those who have walked the path and can offer guidance your relationships especially

your marriage are a source of strength today embrace the love that surrounds

you and let it radiate [Music]

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my child see inside your heart it represents the power that resides within you the power to create a life that

sings with your own unique Melody the world can be a harsh Place filled with stinging words unexpected setbacks and

those who seem to Revel in negativity it’s easy to feel overwhelmed to let the darkness seep in

but listen closely you have the power to choose you cannot control the storms

that may rage around you but you can choose how to weather them imagine yourself caught in a downpour you have

two options stand there and be drenched lamenting your Misfortune or grab an

umbrella and seek shelter

the same applies to Life’s challenges when pain knocks at your door don’t let it become your only companion greet it

with Grace and understanding acknowledge its presence but don’t let it Define you

be like a seasoned sailor navigating a turbulent sea hold fast to your destination and let the waves toss and

turn around you without all altering your

course hatred and negativity can be tempting to meet with the same fire but

what if instead you chose to be a beacon of light in the darkness respond with love and compassion set healthy

boundaries to protect yourself and take away their power to control your emotions

remember love and strength are not weakness they are the armor that protects your inner

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creator my dearest child fear May whisper doubts telling you you’re not enough but lean into faith my

child you are stronger than you know be like a seed pushing through the darkness

towards the light trust in your resilience your ability to overcome challenges and Bloom

[Music] brightly taking the high road is not

always easy it takes courage to rise above negativity but remember by taking

responsibility for your own energy and reactions you shape your reality you

choose the power you give to others and the power you hold within

yourself go forth my child embrace your inner love weather life storms with Grace and

create a life that resonates with your truest self remember I am always with you guiding your steps and celebrating

your [Music]

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my child life is not a battle to be won but a journey to be savored find beauty

in the small moments appreciate the simple things are you a parent shower your children with extra

Love Today their health might require some attention but know this your love

is a powerful bomb [Music]

gather your loved ones celebrate life’s Bounty you have the energy and enthusiasm to bring people together

learn grow my child Embrace new knowledge new ways of thinking


remember I am always with you you are loved cherished and guided now go forth

and choose kindness let it be your answer your strength your gift to the

world my child the universe Whispers wisdom in your ear embrace the new the

unexpected every Twist and Turn of life holds a lesson a chance to bloom don’t

get discouraged if things go astray instead seek the hidden knowledge and move forward


wiser remember life is a journey a beautiful exploration not a rigid

destination but hold on to your temper for anger can quickly turn a gentle breeze into a raging

Storm sometimes acceptance is the key accept what cannot be changed and find

peace [Music]

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[Music] creator my dearest child finan ially

good news awaits if you’ve invested overseas today might be the perfect day to sell and reap the rewards however at

home be mindful of your words and actions consider the needs of your family and Foster Harmony within your

walls the moon Whispers of change my child feel the urge for something new stir within your soul now is the time to

Showcase your practicality your ability to blend ideas and create something beautiful remember every hurdle is a

step stepping stone a chance to rise


above speaking of rising past Investments might surprise you today with profitable returns it seems your

foresight has paid off but be prepared for your family might make some demands on your time and attention

on the love front magic is brewing Savor the sweetness of your connection let it

fill your heart with joy work May progress slowly causing minor tensions

but don’t let it overwhelm you you my child thrive on Solitude take time for

yourself amidst the chaos recharge and return refreshed go forth embrace the

new learn from the old and cherish the love that surrounds you remember I am

always with you guiding your steps and celebrating your

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my child I see the anger simmering within you it’s all right to feel frustrated but hold on there’s a

different path a more powerful way to win let kindness be your weapon

understanding your Shield trust me the greatest lesson often comes from unexpected places even from those who

may seem foolish every encounter every conversation holds a spark a chance to

learn and grow open your heart to it and watch your world

expand now about your day financial blessings are on their way but remember

true happiness comes from sharing let generosity be your guide do a good deed

donate to a worthy cause and feel the peace that washes over you reach out to

Old Friends reconnect with loved ones rekindle those warm bonds they’ll nourish your

soul a special someone misses you dearly don’t let them wait surprise them make

their day A Memory they’ll cherish surround yourself with wise Souls those

who who’ve seen the world and can share their insights your marriage it thrives

today love flows freely bringing Harmony and

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[Music] my dearest child my child wisdom

Whispers secrets in your ear life isn’t a race to a Finish Line but a journey to savor find beauty in the present moment

appreciate the simple things are you a parent give your children extra Love

Today their health may need a little care but know this your love is the greatest medicine


gather your loved ones throw a party celebrate life’s Bounty you have the energy and enthusiasm to bring people

together learn grow my child enroll in a course Embrace new ways of thinking take

a walk under the Open Sky breathe in the fresh air feel the connection to all

that is remember I am always with you you are loved cherished and guided now

go forth and have a beautiful

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amen my child I see you buzzing with energy it’s a beautiful thing to witness

use this drive to push forward on your projects make significant progress but

remember even the most powerful engines need to rest take care of yourself don’t let your constant motion lead to


exhaustion now there are these Shadows lurking about fear doubt anger greed let

them go my child release them like leaves on the Wind you are stronger than

these emotions they may come and go like waves but you are the rock they crash against unyielding and everpresent


financially things are looking up expect good news perhaps the return of a loan

you were worried about however on the family front there might be some bumps

they may not always dance to your tune and that’s all right adjust your approach seize the initiative with love

and [Music]

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my dearest child today life presents a balancing act work money friends family

all vying for your attention find harmony with your partner Stand Together on one side of the scale remember true

strength lies not in riches but in overcoming challenges Embrace open-mindedness shed any prejudices that

hold you back [Music]

Financial Security is important my child start saving today to we any storms life throws your way don’t be wasteful but

remember true happiness doesn’t come from material possessions

work can be demanding but don’t let it Eclipse your loved ones they need your time your love and that partner of yours

avoid manipulating them with emotions Your Inner Strength is all you need let it guide you go forth my child be the

best version of yourself strong and compassionate let go of negativity Embrace opportunity and find joy in the


[Music] like this video and type if you trust

[Music] God my child I see frustration Brewing

within you but hold on for every challenge is a chance to learn and grow don’t let these emotions drown you use

them as fuel to propel yourself to new

heights good news awaits you on the financial front especially from your mother’s side an uncle or grandfather

might offer a helping hand however there might be a family member whose Behavior troubles you don’t hold it in Speak Your

Truth for open communication will mend any risk

[Music] and your love life it burns bright

distance from your partner will only intensify your longing you have a gift my child a talent for organization use

it to navigate through any chaos that may arise remember even the most

beautiful flower can bloom in the most most unexpected

Places work can wait my child let romance and socializing fill your heart

today relatives might approach you with ideas for growth and prosperity listen

with an open mind later tonight you’ll crave a moment of solitude take a walk

under the star s or in a quiet Park clear your head and recharge your

spirit and your partner they radiate love like never before cherish this time

of connection and let your love Blossom go forth my child embrace the challenges

learn from the experiences and celebrate the joys remember I am always with you guiding

your steps and supporting your [Music]

growth like this video And subscribe if you trust God [Music]

and my child I see tension brewing in your relationships it may test your

patience but remember these moments are opportunity ities for growth don’t let them rob you of your inner peace choose

not to be controlled by emotions but to respond with Serenity and


understanding if you’re married pay close attention to your children’s health today there might be a minor

concern that requires your care don’t let anger or frustration Cloud your

judgment patience and love are the best


medicine listen closely my child inner peace is a choice don’t let

external circumstances dictate your emotions take a deep breath find your

Center and remember your true strength now there’s something hidden within a

truth waiting to be discovered Don’t Fear The Unknown it holds the key to

unlocking your full potential embrace the journey for within the darkness lies your greatest


strength don’t let fear clip your wings you are capable of soaring to unimaginable Heights

before you embark on any new venture today seek the blessings and wisdom of your elders their guidance will serve

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you trust in [Music]

me joy awaits you my child prepare for laughter and warm moments with love ones

a call from your beloved will brighten your day and excitement will fill the air work may become a little hectic as

competition arises but this is a chance to Showcase your talents and rise to the challenge an unexpected visit from a

relative might disrupt your plans but extend your hospitality with Grace


and there’s more good news you and your spouse might receive wonderful news today a blessing that will bring you

closer and fill your hearts with joy go forth my child face your

challenges with courage embrace the unknown with faith and cherish the

connections that bring you happiness remember I am always with you guiding your steps and supporting your growth

[Music] like this video and type

if you believe in your [Music]

creator my child open your heart and mind to all possibilities embrace your unique way of

thinking your creativity is a gift to be cherished don’t be afraid to chart your own course explore new avenues and let

your ideas flourish remember every experience even the unexpected ones hold

valuable lessons for you to learn and

grow a word of caution though a neighbor might approach you for a loan today be

wise my child assess their situation before extending a helping hand some

sometimes discernment is key to protecting your [Music]

resources however today permits you to indulge a little take time for yourself

do things that spark joy and nurture your spirit you deserve it your loving

heart will be rewarded today the kindness you’ve shown will blossom into something beautiful in your relationship

[Music] the moon imbus you with the energy of

dreams and Innovation use this time to tap into your creativity bring your Visions to life remember every thought

you hold is a seed with the potential to shape your reality let your imagination


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[Music] creator my dearest child those around

you will be a source of encouragement lifting your spirits and propelling you forward financially things are looking

up expect a new deal to be finalized bringing fresh streams of income your way

don’t forget to nurture your passions my child pursue a cherished hobby or lend a

hand to your loved ones however be mindful of promises you’ve made for

failing to keep them could cause friction with your sweetheart

at work seek out like-minded individuals collaboration with Kindred Spirits will

yield great results and for those in the field of medical transcription today

shines brightly remember my child a healthy body houses a healthy mind make

time for physical activity for movement is a vital part of a fulfilling life go

forth embrace your creativity nurture your spirit and remember I am always

with you guiding your steps and celebrating your [Music]

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this my child your words resonate with the very essence of light you choose to

rise above the Shadows to be a beacon of positivity in a world that can often feel heavy this pleases me deeply let

negativity fade away like Morning Mist before the sun you are surrounded by my

love and this love empowers you to spread kindness and joy wherever you go

don’t let the Troubles of others dim your own Inner


Light life is indeed a fleeting gift and you choose to Live It With A Joyful

heart overflowing with love and faith this is a path of true wisdom

trust in the unfolding of your story for it is a beautiful tapestry woven with love and


light focus on the things that truly matter your inner peace your happiness

these are the cornerstones of a life well- lived as you radiate positivity you inspire

those around you creating a ripple effect of kindness that can touch countless


lives go forth my child and continue to be a source of light in the

world I am with you every step of the way supporting your journey and celebrating your victories may your your

heart overflow with love and may your spirit radiate

peace like this video and type amen if you needed this and if you



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