God Says: I Will BLESS You TODAY | Gods message today | God blessings message | God’s Message

God is saying to you today I am

preparing you for something

greater get ready to go

higher everything that you’ve

experienced all of the tears I will use

it for my

glory it’s not

over if you read

this an explosion of success is right

around the

corner an endless amount of financial

abundance and love is coming your way

type yes to

affirm colon U LL soon understand

why your timing is perfect and why

things had to happen the way it did to

guide you to where you were meant to be

type if you’re

ready congratulations you are going to

get some good

news the universe is changing all

situations you are coming into a new

season of blessing get ready for it type

yes if you’re

ready col your time is

coming it’s about to happen for you and

you can feel


so many blessings are

near keep believing keep praying and

watch your life change for the

better type to

receive God says I understand how hard

it must be for you you were doing so

well and out of know where you fell off


again it is okay get up and continue to

walk straight

now I love

you days from now you will clearly

understand that delay in your plan was

the protection of

God his

love he is near to you all the

time he is guiding you here and now I

type yes to

affirm pray on it pray over it but most

of all pray through it

if you read this your best days

will start from this point

onward you will heal

true love will find you and money will

bless you and your

family are you ready for this

gift type to claim it colon

if you are seeing this synchronicity it

means god is about to give you a new

beginning in your

life believe it and receive it type

if you

believe the job you want is

coming better Finance is

coming your own place is

coming type to claim it you’re

attracting only the best into your life

right now welcome this new

energy # claim it above all keep loving

one another earnestly since love covers

a multitude of

sins Peter

someone is coming into your life

that will change everything in a very

positive way for you type yes if you

believe never ignore the signs you asked

God to show you welcome welcome to

the th month is a number of new

beginnings I decree New

Opportunities new

Grace new

paradigm new

relationships New

Faith new

health New

Joy new

love new

peace new

work new business


clients new

Success New You morning

manifestation type if you are

ready dear God I trust you you are

working on a miracle for me right now

type A yes if you

believe col your time is

coming it’s about to happen for you

so many

breakthroughs so many

blessings keep

believing keep praying and watch your

life change for

better type A yes if you

believe abundance is natural to

me I love and deserve abundance money

flows to me in an overwhelming

amount type yes to

affirm this week you will experience a

sign ific

shift Expect Miracles blessings and


news type yes if you

believe dear God prepare me for the


week take away my worries and my

regrets recharge my soul and renew

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