God Says: I Will Be Very Happy If You Watch | God Message Today | Positive life affirmation

dear beloved child know that your future

rests securely in my omnipotent and

Sovereign hands for I am your God my

love for you knows no bounds it is

patient and warm I assure you that my

Divine will shall manifest in your life

will you trust in my steadfast love will

you cease your tears in the face of

doubt and adversity your heartfelt

prayer seeking a transformation of Mind

was truly beautiful with the burning

Faith within you we Rejoice at your

return to the Heavenly fold in the

tumultuous journey of life you are

making strides and I am pleased that you

confide in me wholeheartedly sharing


thought as you ReDiscover the joys of

existence you may also confront long

buried emotions yet conversing with me

daily shall fortify you your faith will

burgeon rendering you resilient my

presence alleviates your burdens

infusing your soul with light and joy

open your heart to me without fear for I

Adore You immeasurably trust in my

protective shield wielded through my

divine grace my guardian angels stand

watchful shielding you from Harm’s Way

the hurtful Whispers of the world shall

Fade Into Oblivion for my love shall

envelop you dispelling mourning Sorrows

invite me into your heart and and

silence the voices seeking dominion over

your life I express my love for you in

Myriad ways let not others opinions sway

you you were born with a unique purpose

a mission of Love forgiveness and

assistance your action shall illuminate

my love touching lives both great and

small I elevate your faith to

unprecedented Heights reminding you

daily to fix your gaze upon me do not

cow in fear for I am your constant

companion your strength emanates from my

love empowering you to overcome

adversity I endow you with wisdom and

resilience shielding you from the

minations of the adversary in moments of

weariness I shall uplift and comfort you

nurturing you with boundless love I

Infuse you with renewed Vigor and hope

inspiring you to soar towards your

aspirations embrace my presence daily

for therein lies true wellness and

transformation my deepest desire is for

you to perceive your true Essence a

cherished soul with a noble purpose do

not let age hinder your happiness for

you are a beacon of blessing to many

despite the adversaries attempts to

hinder you acknowledge your worth and

seek forgiveness for

transgressions rejoice in your return to

the fold for you make strides in the

battlefield of life share this message

with those dear to you and subscribe to

channels that keep you connected with


affirmations with unwavering love your

Eternal guide

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