God Says: I Want To Make You The Luckiest, Don’t Ignore | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved Child come rest with me for I

know the burdens that weigh upon your

heart amidst the clamor of life’s

demands I offer you the Solace of my

presence take a deep breath and fix your

gaze upon me for in my nearness you will

find the peace you seek let the worries

of the world roll off your shoulders

like water off a duck’s back for I am

here always close to you open the sacred

scripture and seek me within their Pages

let the words of Grace and Truth soak

into your very Soul drawing you closer

to my heart my word is a living

breathing force that can Infuse new life

into your weary Spirit as you read let

the revelation of my love flood your

being when you return to your daily

tasks invite me into every moment make

me a part of your plans and your problem

solving I am relevant to every aspect of

your life to all all you say and do

whisper my name Jesus and remember my

presence in every Endeavor for I am the

Lord of your life place your trust in me

and you will witness my unfailing love

shining brilliantly through the darkest

of your trials when discouragement

Creeps in reaffirm your trust in me

remember who I am the Creator the

sustainer of the universe your savior

your lord your friend my love for you is

unwavering unchanging not dependent on

your performance as I am the same

yesterday today and forever so is my

perfect love lift up your soul to me

waiting in my presence with honesty and

without pretense in those moments of

waiting and worship I will transform you

and illuminate your path I may not

reveal the future but I will guide you

through this day one step at a time

trust me completely beloved for I am

taking Exquisite care of you find your

security in me especially in a world

that often feels unsafe know that I am

always with you and I have already

secured the ultimate victory in me and

through me you have an eternity of

perfect worry-free life awaiting you

where fear and worry shall be no

more the worship of the king of glory

will fill you with unimaginable Joy hold

fast to this hope for it will strengthen

and sustain you as you navigate the

challenges of this Fallen World when

anxiety Creeps in bring your concerns to

me and remind yourself that I am the

source of your security in all

circumstances turn away from false Idols

that promise safety and cling to me your

Victorious savior God and eternal friend

in me you are utterly secure rejoice in

your dependence on me for this this is

where true security lies those who rely

on themselves others or the world’s

circumstances build their lives on

shifting Sands When Storms Come their

foundations falter but you dear one are

building your life upon the rock your

foundation is more than sufficient to

withstand life’s storms depend on me

daily in moments of both calm and chaos

and you will be prepared for whatever

lies ahead it is a joyful discipline a

privilege to stay in constant

communication with me this precious

connection grants you strength

encouragement and guidance ensuring you

are never alone as you walk in the light

of my presence I will help you rejoice

in me throughout the day depending on me

is the most Joyful Way To Live share

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