God Says- I Urge You Don’t Skip Me | God message today for you | God Saying You

let God’s blessings saturate every

aspect of your life stay committed till

the end of his message and receive his

Divine favor my dear child I come to you

in this moment of turmoil when the Winds

of Life threaten to overwhelm you in the

midst of the Raging Storms remember that

you are not alone I the Son of God Walk

Beside You guiding you through the

turbulence declare your need for God’s

blessings by typing yes I need in the

comments your affirmation will attract

his boundless Grace the world may seem

chaotic and unpredictable but take

solace in the knowledge that I am the

everpresent all powerful Lord nothing

escapes my Divine gaze and no matter how

Fierce The Tempest I hold the Reigns of

the universe in my hands trust in my

unwavering sovereignty for I have

conquered the world and its

tribulations when the waves of Despair

threaten to engulf you turn your eyes

heavenward and listen for my voice I

speak not with the booming Thunder but

with the gentle Whispers of my spirit

offering you the peace that transcends

all understanding allow my words to wash

over you soothing your soul and calming


fears I did not promise you a life free

from trials and

tribulations indeed in this world you

will have many troubles but take heart

for I have overcome the world I have

experienced the depths of human

suffering and I understand the burden

you carry it is through your trials that

you are refined your faith strengthened

and your character

transformed paint your life with the

colors of God’s grace support our

ministry by clicking the thanks button

and let his blessings be your vibrant

pallet trust in my perfect plan even

when it seems

incomprehensible my ways are not your

ways and my thoughts are not your


I see the beginning from the end and I

orchestrate every circumstance for your

ultimate good and my eternal glory

though the path may be shrouded in

darkness have faith that I am leading

you towards a brighter future seek me

with all your heart and you will find

the peace that the world cannot give in

the quietness of your soul Let My Words

Echo reminding you that I am your

Shepherd your

protector and your Redeemer

I will never leave you nor forsake you

for my love for you is steadfast and

eternal when the storms rage and the

waves threaten to overwhelm you remember

the promise I have made peace I leave

with you my peace I give you I do not

give to you as the world gives do not

let your hearts be troubled and do not

be afraid seeking Clarity and

guidance subscribe to our channel for

God’s message of wisdom and hope cling

to that promise my child and let it be

the anchor for your soul for in the

midst of life’s tempests I am your solid

foundation your everpresent help in

times of trouble I will strengthen you

and uphold you with my righteous right

hand do not be discouraged by the trials

you face for they are opportunities for

you to grow in your faith and to draw

closer to me I am using these

circumstances to mold you into the

person I have created you to be a

reflection of my own image a vessel of

my love and grace when the world seems

to be crumbling around you remember that

I am the rock upon which you can stand

firm I am the unshakeable Foundation

that cannot be moved the Fortress that

cannot be breached in me you will find

the security and the stability you so

desperately seek as you navigate the

storms of life listen for my voice I

will speak to you through the pages of

my word the counsel of my people and The

Whispers of my spirit

allow me to guide you to direct your

steps and to lead you to the safe harbor

of my will in the midst of the chaos

find solace in the knowledge that I am


control I Am The Sovereign Lord the King

of Kings and the Lord of

lords nothing happens without my

permission and no force in heaven or on

Earth can thwart my divine plan take

comfort in the fact that I am working

all things together for your good and

for my glory trust that even in the

darkest of times I am weaving a tapestry

of redemption one that will ultimately

display the full Splendor of my grace

and the depth of my love for you so my

dear child do not be afraid do not lose

heart instead lift your eyes to the

heavens and listen for my voice I am

here ever present ever watchful ever

loving allow my peace to wash over you

and let your soul be transformed by the

power of my spirit ready to embrace a

life of purpose and fulfillment

subscribe now for God’s transformative

message in the midst of Life storms find

your refuge in me I am the calm in the

center of the hurricane the steady

anchor in the Raging Sea rest in my love

be strengthened by my might and be

transformed by the renewing of your mind

for I have plans for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you plans to

give you hope and a future trust in me

and you will see my salvation wait upon

me and you will soar on wings like

eagles this is my message to you my

beloved child cling to it hide it in

your heart and Let It Be The Guiding

Light that leads you through the

darkness for I Am With You Always even

to the End of the Age deepen your

connection to the Divine by sharing this

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yearning for God’s presence amen

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