God Says: I Stand With You | God Message Today | God’s Message Now

my beloved child I want to speak to your

heart directly in a way that touches the

very depths of your soul know that I am

with you always watching over you

guiding you and loving you with an

unfathomable love I see your

imperfections your mistakes and your

moments of Doubt but I want you to

understand that my blessing is not

reserved for those who pretend to be

perfect it’s not about appearing

Flawless but about having a humble heart

one that recognizes its need for me one

that doesn’t use words to harm others

with lies and slander I’ve set my gaze

upon you because I see the goodness

within your heart I want you to choose

to follow me to accept the gift of

eternal life that I offer you your

spiritual inheritance is waiting for you

and I want you to receive it with open

arms I know you well and I know that you

may stumble along the way but you’re

different now you no longer think like

the world does

you believe in an all powerful God who

loves you forgives you helps you rise

when you fall and continues to encourage

you to move forward no matter the

obstacles so I ask you not to deny

yourself your family or your people this

incredible opportunity I genuinely

desire all of you to live under my

loving protection sheltered by my love

and covered by my wings may peace and

happiness overflow in your lives I love

you more than you can comprehend I will

open the windows of Heaven for you and

pour out blessings upon blessings until

you are abundantly provided for and free

from oppression you will find true peace

In My Embrace if you believe in me then

I ask one thing of you rise with

determination each day and keep working

rest when you must but when the Sun

rises again rise with strength and

enthusiasm move forward without

complaint without sorrow face each

challenge with courage and joy even when

things don’t go as planned or when

people try to trouble your path stick to

our plan in the toughest of

days even when faced with your enemies

offer them a smile treat them with

patience give them water if they are

thirsty and help them if they need

assistance but do so wisely use your

intelligence don’t Reveal Your life’s

vulnerabilities don’t give them the

means to betray or harm you

show them love but also display your

character everything you’ve learned from

me don’t engage with the malicious and

don’t discuss your plans with those who

might use them against you refuse to

receive listen to or spread slander

about anyone these enemies will grow

desperate when they see that there’s no

way to divert you from your chosen path

I will remove them when the time is

right our plan is far from finished you

will keep moving forward with faith

enthusias iasm and effort until the

moment I decide and at that moment you

will stand before a massive door and

behind it you will discover incredible

blessings tell me that you believe in me

make a commitment to come into my

presence daily and start now you are

courageous my child rise with faith

because Victory is within your Reach

This is the work of my Holy Spirit

surrender your life into my hands let me

guide you I know what is best for you

and I am still working things out you

will lack nothing I desire your growth

your maturity your happiness I am your

all powerful heavenly father and I love

you I bless you I will not fail you

please respond to me by giving me your

life your loyalty your gratitude and

your faith this is my Earnest desire

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