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my precious child my presence in your

life is

steadfast providing a constant stream of

wisdom and

comfort I Am the Artist and you my


creation each turn each Soft Touch of my

hands transforms you bringing you closer

to the vision I’ve always had for you

one of beauty purpose and

happiness Your Existence is a beautiful

gift an opportunity to

experience the fullness of my love and

to mature in wisdom and

stature find the seeds of growth in


hardship and look for the fruits of my

blessing in every

Joy let your heart be a fertile ground

for Faith to grow bloom and

flourish trust me through life’s

complications and

conclusion I am your guide through the

Maze of existence and your bridge over

the chasm of

nonbeing allow this

truth to serve as a compass to direct

you through your

day my love for you is Limitless

and in

changing a light in the darkness a

constant me the

chaos your faith in me has transformed

you raising you to the level of a Child


Light I invite you to participate in

this epic story to grow closer to me

with each breath you

take you will find me in the calm of

prayer the music of

worship acts of kindness and love as

close to your heartbeat as your

thoughts show others the same love that

I have shown you for they are also my


Creations let your kindness reflect my

grace and your

forgiveness make them feel the warmth of


Mercy allow them to experience my

presence throughout their

lives and as the dust of your life

approaches do not be

afraid I will be there as I always have

been to guide you through the Twilight

into the glory of the Eternal

day there in my

presence you will find the Fulfillment

of every hope and the solution to every

longing you are endlessly adored

eternally treasured and forever kept in

the Embrace of my

grace in the tapestry of

Eternity your thread is golden so with

the unbreakable

strands of my unwavering

love keep your gaze fixed on me your

heart attuned to my voice and we will go

through this life and Beyond to the

beautiful Adventure that

awaits concentrate on staying close to

me this

relationship will reveal your path


life my presence is the Refuge where Joy

can realize its full

potential in the Sacred Space of contact

with me joy becomes your strength a

source of

Vitality that renews your spirit every

Sunrise serves as a reminder of my

faithfulness and each

Sunset demonstrates my NeverEnding

care Reflections of My Love For You can

be found in the Majesty of

creation as well as the intricate beauty

of one single

leaf the wide and O inspiring World

serves as a canvas on which I I have

painted the story of my

dedication culminating in the

Salvation I offer

you Joy is a dynamic manifestation of

faith hope and love rather than a


emotion allow joy to guide you through


complications changing your

Viewpoint allow your pleasure to warm

heal and transform

everyone you interact

with remember that Joy is found not in

riches or Emeral

Pleasures but in thankfulness for the

mundane and respect for the

everyday it is found in a child’s

laughter the beauty of a

sunset quiet times of

introspection and the Tranquility of a

devout heart

spreading Joy is a Divine deed that

Echoes Heaven’s

heartbeat and touches lives in unseen

ways your Delight transforms into a

Beacon of Hope a PSM of freedom and a

melody of

consolation I am present in every cry

sigh grief and

success the shadow of death May Loom as

an unavoidable able

Horizon but it is not a pit of

despair through my

crucifixion and Triumph and

Resurrection I turned death into a mere

pause before the dawn of an eternal

day walk confidently in the

brightness that I have bestowed upon

you shine

brightly not as a single star but as

part of a great constellation of my

people each reflecting my glory in their

own unique and beautiful

way no that I nurture equip and Empower

you to be a Living Testament of my

Everlasting Love and infinite grace as

you Journey from Darkness to Glorious

light let Joy be your constant companion


adversity Your Castle in

celebration your song in grief and your

refuge in my

presence there is abundant joy and


satisfaction you are intimately known

and treasured me on measure since the

beginning of your

existence even before I had the pleasure

of knowing

you from the calm sanctuary of the

womb where life Symphony begins its

fragile notes I gazed over you with a

heart full of

love as you launched on your wondrous

journey of being in times of Doubt know

that I am always with you my light in

wavering my love

Eternal allow this assurance to fill you

with delight and inspire you to share

the light with those you are still lost



Rejoice for you have the most valuable


treasures the light of my presence


you this transformational path is not


alone you will never be

abandoned while you journey through

valleys of doubt and mountains of

Trials my presence envelopes you like a

warm shol in the cold a gentle whisper

in the

chaos when suffering clouded your days

and the night feels

forever remember that I am close

alongside you holding your hand and

guiding your

steps I comprehend your compassion and

vulnerability though magnificently

created the human heart

and mind have

limitations in your moments of Sorrow

when you feel abandoned and lost

remember my ultimate sacrifice on the

cross I accepted

loneliness and endured

abandonment so that you my dear one

would never face your troubles

alone as you Embrace this light and

follow my

guidance you will embark on a journey to

emancipation from previous mistakes and

the shadows of

guilt celebrate this informed

perspective which is an invaluable

gift consider those you continue to walk

in the dark misled by the cunning of


age but you my dearest one are not bound

by such


the light of

wisdom illuminates your

heart helping you through life’s


Waters your path is not

alone you are called to be a beacon for

others radiating the light of my

presence through your words actions and


being I’ve covered you in my own robe of

righteousness with which is more than

just a piece of cloth and use you with

the dignity and Grace that befits my

kingdom you’re no longer just a Wanderer

in the

night you’ve become a bullet member of

my royal family one of my unsp special

people you are mine and I am very happy


you my strength is perfected through

your weak

weakness accept this call with humility


courage let your life be a hym of

Praise not a demonstration of human

strength but a celebration of divine

favor as you walk in the light of my

presence let faith guide your

steps love drive your

deeds and hope Inspire your

words walk confidently my child with

faith as your

shield and love as your

sword allow The Melody of my words to be

the Rhythm that guides your

steps for I am with you in every instant

every breath bringing you ever forward

upward into the fullness of my delight

and the boundless beauty of my kingdom

accept the call to be a source of joy in


world allow my light to shine through

you as reflected in the curve of your

smile the Resonance of your laughter and

the kindness in your

words the Holy Spirit within you is

waiting to fill you with infectious

pleasure and

happiness invite him into every every

aspect of your

existence as you go about your day ask

God to fill you with his

Joy your life becomes a beacon of my


demonstrating the transformative power

of my

presence in this path of shouting my

Praises Perfection is not required only

a willing

heart your flaws

challenges and failures are not

impediments but rather chances for my

power to be demonstrated in your

life Jour your head dear with joy as


B discovering the richness of Life lived

in the fullness of my delight a joy that

is complete enduring and yours to

have in the big story of existence

you’ve been summoned from the Shadows to

the brightness of my wonderful

light this Voyage takes me not just from

Darkness to light but also into my

Kingdom’s Royal

lineage my decision to use flood beings

like you to Proclaim my Praises was

deliberate and

intentional I am acutely aware of your


the disparity between your ability and


calling I have put on your

life this Gap is not a mistake in the

design but rather an important component

of my divine

plan it heightens your awareness of your


inadequacy bringing you closer to me and

the realization that without my

assistance you would be unable to

fulfill this

call this Revelation is not intended to

discourage you but rather to pull you

closer to my unlimited

sufficiency by accepting your

inadequacy you are not required to

linger on

self-defeat but rather to focus on

remaining close to me in every deed and

decision allow this Consciousness to

guide you you knowing that you rely on


help living not in the shadow of your

flaws but in the joyful Liberty of self

forgetfulness as you turn to me for all

your needs your face becomes a mirror

reflecting the Brilliance of my


Beauty this meditation is not the result


self-effort but of a heart and sync with


grace in This Magnificent dance you are

not a solo

performer but rather part of a huge

Ensemble organized by my

hand you like the rest of my family are

supposed to

shine to be a collective manifestation

of my love and light in a world that is


dark you emerg as a beacon of

light embodying the very essence of

light rather than simply Illuminating


world this light is more than just


illumination it is an immortal

flame that Darkness can never

extinguish my infinite nature and

omnipotence ensure that this Celestial

light shines

indefinitely remove moving shadows and


truths concealed in the depths of

Darkness Behold The Deep

Revolution taking place within

you this isn’t just a cosmetic

alteration it’s a deep shift that

resonates into your

core then you found Light Within You

provides a perspective similar to

viewing through my eyes

you can now see the world and its

complexities with unprecedented

Clarity deling into the depths of your

heart with fresh

Insight however this illumination can be


comfortable because it reveals portions

of your heart that have been hidden for

a long

time it exposes

weaknesses reawakens repressed remorse

and comforts you with glaring

imperfections however this discomfort

has a

purpose it catalyzes

repentance which is a necessary step for


Liberation walk fearlessly in this light

because it leads to True Freedom a life

of abundance and Grace and a future

brimming with promise and Glory

accept this journey with a joyful heart

for in the light of my love you will

discover strength courage and peace


measure this is your legacy as a Child

of Light a gift from the one who loves


unconditionally rejoice and let your

light shine brightly a Beacon of Hope in

a World longing for the Divine

Touch amen

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