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my child each day I pour out blessings

upon you yet there remain obstacles

between us preventing my gifts from

reaching you these are the Unseen curses

the open doors which Grant the enemy

access and Authority in your life but

know that this season of struggle is

ending I am breaking the power of curses

so my goodness May freely flow to you

for too long the adversary has sent

darkness and confusion uson to Vex your

spirit through subtle

manipulation what began as Disobedience

grew into strongholds of

Torment the scenes you witness drove you

to the brink weighed heavy like Shackles

on your mind but chains meant to bind

you will now crumble and Fall Away

replaced by my peace which passes

understanding Deliverance shall sweep

through Like A Mighty Wind and you will

finally be free this is a new day the

former things are passing away my dear

please Dawn te miss the end and do

comment thank you my Lord all that stole

your joy joy and health I declare it

finished let every foul curse be

swallowed up in Victory as my light

bursts through but you must stand

unwavering in the authority I have given

you believe my promise that no weapon

formed against you shall prosper not one

strand of the enemy’s Strat stry can

override my purpose you need only step

forward in obedience trusting me to

fight on your behalf for curses are no

match for my power and authority with a

word I calm the storm I speak peace be

still and raging turmoil Falls silent

before me child the wicked schemes

rooted in darkness cannot stand in my

glorious light even now strong men

tremble as my judgment draws near and I

assure you recompense will come to every

oppressor but you need not repay evil

for evil be still and watch me move on

your behalf the illusions that L held

you captive will fade like Mist under

Sunrise as blindness lifts your

spiritual eyes will awaken no longer

will you perceive the world through

distorted lenses or navigate in faulty


Clarity shall emerge as you see all

things made new painful memories will

lose their sting when my perspective

reshapes your understanding for I see

the inner workings beneath each

circumstance I notice every intricate

thread woven through your story The

enemy’s attacks were always meant to

destroy you but my hands can turn even

curses into

blessings what he uses for evil I use

for good bringing purpose from every

pain type Amen in the comment box for


blessings I craft Beauty from

Brokenness watch me now rebuild the

rubble into something

glorious I know every specific burden

Weighing on your spirit at this hour you

feel barely able to stand under the load

but my child you are never meant to

carry these things

alone freedom is found when you

surrender every struggle into my

hands I desire to lift your burdens so

your soul may dance upon Joy’s Heights

unhindered allow me to loosen shackles

and remove heavy

yolks then you will discover true

Liberty found only in my

presence come now lay everything down

and find rest within be still before me

that I may Minister peace to your soul

you need not strive or struggle any

longer only call upon my name and cry

out for help I’m always listening ready

to rescue and

defend my strength is made perfect even

in your

weakness you have endured much but now

relief and reward shall come for I have

not forgotten a single promise I made

you behind the scenes I am moving on

your behalf catalyzing circumstances at

just the right moment watch expectantly

for breakthrough through is imminent the

hour of manifestation is upon you

barriers blocking your blessing are

toppling down curses dissolving


crumbling powers of Darkness are

overwhelmed as my glory bursts forth

releasing Destiny and favor long

overdue a new season Dawns now filled

with joy and

increase the barren Wilderness that ened

your dreams erupts with blossoms of

possib ility where you saw only lack and

limitations abundance shall spring forth

for I am opening up Fountains of

blessing to saturate every dry area of

your life streams in the Wasteland

bringing forth renewal and

reward yes a mighty outpouring is coming

brace yourself as overwhelming goodness

floods your soul the past pain tried to

convince you my promises were empty that

dreams would never come to pass but lies

shall be silenced as your faith is

Vindicated did I not say no I has seen

no ear heard all the wonderful things I

have prepared for my beloved what I

ordained for you is so much more than

you can

imagine even now Visions are coming to

light Revelation raining down this is

only the beginning type thank you my

savior God in the comment box

I am restoring all that has been taken

healing every wound from the battle

receive joy for your mourning Beauty for

Ashes the oil of gladness flows freely

now washing away every Scar and stain

restoring Purity I am making all things

new within you a resurrection of vision

hope arising where there was once only a

dim path before you now Destiny’s door

stands wide open a anointing is upon you

to walk into Divine assignments designed

long before you

arrived no more aimless wandering

randevu with holy

purpose Power Authority giftings all you

need to transform the world awaits

inside fear not only believe great

boldness is Awakening within for I am

igniting courage in your spirit to stand

against every opposition to face each

challenge unfaith

no more will intimidation cause you to

cower in the corner confidence shall be

your shield and towering strength your

sword with unwavering trust you will

state with audacity greater is he who

lives within me the atmosphere is

Shifting the spiritual climate

changing demonstrations of my power and

Glory shall increase around you healing

signs wonders displayed through those I

appoint and upon you my anointing will

flow freely with abundance adorning you

in Regal Splendor for I am consecrating

you unto myself as one who operates in

Authority who releases Heaven through

their words and actions a consecrated

vessel set apart for Holy

use yes I have called you to walk in

rare Authority through intimacy with me

wielding Kingdom power nothing shall

hinder the manifestation of promises is

written for you before time began

age-old strongholds standing in defiance

shall bow low and yield before your

petitions you shall decree a thing and

watch it

established I bless you and keep you my

face shines upon you radiating Grace I

turn my face toward you endowing you

with peace

continually speak of the Victory and

freedom I have granted you let your

vision merge with mine filled with hope


strength this new day is my gift to you

embrace it trust in me for I am

faithful I will sustain you lift you up

and guide you forward there is no need

to fear for I the Lord your God am with

you always type in the comment box I

know the plans I have for you plans to

prosper you and not to harm you to give

you hope and a future I see your

struggles your burdens your

fears I see the enemies Rising against

you the forces of Darkness trying to

stop my destiny for your life but know

this no weapon formed against you will

prosper when you walk with me the

battles belong to me the Lord I will

fight for you greater is he who is in

you than he who is in the world the

enemy is already defeated if you stand

on my word I have given you authority

over all the power surely my promises

are yes and amen judge not by what you

presently see and am Camp here in the


realm I am working behind the scenes and

will quickly accelerate the

manifestation of long awaited

breakthroughs in every area of life just

believe and agree with me and you will

see the glory soon

revealed the testing of your faith is

producing greater patience within you

let your trials develop perseverance and

maturity do not despise the days of

Small Beginnings or short-term trials

which fade in light of

Eternity what I speak always comes to

pass my promises never fail but you must

stand fast in faith unwavering despite


darkness soon you shall understand all

things is clearly in the brightness of

my arising within and amp through you my

Holy Spirit now quickens your body to

walk out my will and amp purpose have I

not chosen you and ordained you to Bear

witness of me before Governors and amp

Kings many are called but few are chosen

for I am the Lord God who does not

change I am the same yesterday today and

forever more Those whom I have called

and chosen are dedicated to following me

with deep

commitment they understand that a life

dedicated to God is the most fulfilling

and in worship they offer themselves to


purpose remember every person’s actions

will be tested to reveal their true

nature whether they are fleeting or

enduring just like gold and silver are

tested by fire I foresee challenges and

conflicts among nations and in these

times it’s crucial to be mentally

prepared and disciplined enhancing your

ability to bring peace and Harmony to

the world stay vigilant and wise

understanding the times so you are not

taken by surprise by trials and

tribulations type amen remain close to

me in a place of spiritual intimacy to


Guidance the world is constantly

changing signaling a time of significant

transformation speak with the

inspiration of the spirit bringing the

essence of Heaven to Earth aiming to

fill the world with my glory as

profoundly as the oceans cover the Earth

there is an invisible reality more real

than what your natural senses perceive a

kingdom unseen yet everpresent

permeating the atmosphere around you the

realm of Heaven overlaps the Earth its

borders intertwining with the natural

world as you learn to discern spiritual

space you will discover Angelic

encounters all around just beyond the

veil Angels monitor events to ensure my

word comes to pass they hearken to my

commands issued from the throne room and

act upon my

decrees whenever you boldly declare

truth Legions are dispatched to catalyze

breakthroughs Divine assignments touch

down the Breath of Heaven

stirs dependent upon your declarations

therefore set your mind on things above

not Earthly things Train Your perception

to peer beyond the visible into unseen

Realms then decree my word with boldness

and watch Angels rush to complete their

tasks for multitudes of heavenly hosts

stand armed awaiting your faith-filled

words to authorize Angelic

assistance no assignment is beyond their

capacity when my Saints petition Heaven

according to my will Scrolls containing

countless Miracles healings and

deliverances await opening yet

Messengers cannot act Beyond The Limited

permissions granted them on Earth they

await you’re asking seeking knocking

that heaven’s help may be

enlisted so never underestimate the

power in your speech with conscious

intent harness words to summon Angel

armies into action declare by faith he

who guards me never Slumbers nor

sleeps State emphatically the angel of

the Lord en camps around those who fear

Him delivering them wield words

purposefully to leverage Heavenly

assistance activate my unseen forces

through bold decrees as angels hearken

to voice command issued in faith type

love you my God and though there are

classifications of angels holding

various functions Messengers dispatched

from my Throne as specialty envoys

bringing Divine assistance to Believers

guardian angels protect bloodline

inheritances Warrior Angels war in the

heavenlies and on Earth executing

strategic strikes against apostate

Powers healing Angels restore health and

deliver from infirmity

strongholds provision Angels release

financial Supply and resources

guiding Angels direct steps arrange

encounters open doors of Destiny Worship

Angels ignite atmospheres with holy awe

and wonder ushering in sacred

encounters I the Lord am speaking to you

my child the hosts of Heaven Beyond

count surround you awaiting your bold

decrees to summon their

assistance your words have power so

wield them wisely unlocking the

spiritual ual forces at your

disposal each night as you lay to rest

speak Psalm activating the Angels

assigned to guard you in your

Slumber as Dawn breaks affirm in your

heart that the assignments I have given

you are under the protection of warrior

Angels remember it is the words in

harmony with my scripture that Angels

heed and act upon declare with

conviction the Lord has commanded his

angels concerning me to guard me in all

my ways hold firmly to This Promise

resisting any thought that contradicts

this Divine truth fortify your mind with

thoughts saturated in my words bring

every thought into captivity under me

give no room to the enemy’s deceit in

your dreams or

thoughts stand firm in the authority I

have bestowed upon you wielding your

words to command Angelic forces against

the powers of

Darkness halting their schemes I have

anointed you the verdict from on high

has been cast and it is now time for its

manifestation in your

world yet remember that strongholds of

defiance still stand revoke the dark

permissions given by

ancestors renounce any agreements made

with the Enemy and reclaim what was lost

to satanic

oppression heal your soul cancel the

curse spoken over you and your lineage

and rebuke any form of evil aimed at

your destiny command every opposition to

acknowledge my lordship in every aspect

of Your Life Harvest Souls as the spirit

leads and break through the generational

bondages that have long held sway the

time for barrenness and lack is over

captives will be freed and joy will

ReSound in places once desolate type yes

I trust trust you my lord trials and

tribulations have refined you purifying

your character for the role I have

ordained for you the time for mere

preparation has passed now is the moment

for my glory to be displayed through you

a vessel yielded to my will signs

wonders and miracles Will Follow You

authenticating The Gospel with

undeniable power stay attuned to the

spirit’s guidance write down the vision

I give you and be present where my

spirit moves in power document these

Divine encounters for they will serve as

testimonies of my work my glory will no

longer be confined to buildings or

denominations but will manifest through

those I choose be prepared at all times

responding swiftly to my

promptings speak boldly write books that

unveil mysteries for this era and

address critical issues through every


platform a great shaking is coming and

my wisdom flowing through you will bring

stability in these times of

change expect upheavals in religious

structures as I separate the true from

the false be ready for a radical

transformation of the landscape both

spiritual and physical step out in faith

leaving behind the comfort of familiar

paths listen for my voice guiding you

through Uncharted

territories what I have reserved for

this final hour will sustain you through

turmoil signs and wonders will confirm

your calling be bold and do not hesitate

when Divine opportunities

arise my presence will be unmistakable

transforming regions long my dear child

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