God Says, I Know You Skip This Because Satan Directed You | DMFY-836

your family remains in my heart growing

in faith peace joy and salvation let

your home resonate with Faith from

Dawn’s light let Melodies of praise and

worship fill the air your actions alone

Shall Serve as a testimon to my

forgiveness even in difficulty extend

your forgiveness standing tall like a

tree nourished by Living Waters its

leaves vibrant its seeds prosperous

shading the needy and comforting the

weary fear not the heat nor the drought

for your roots are deep your resolve and

shakable my favor and peace are yours

your endeavors blessed as you place them

in my hands surrounded by Angelic

protection joy and peace will be your

companions your legacy one of Eternal

happiness maintain humility patience and

tolerance responding not to provocation

but with

wisdom should fear ever Cloud your heart

seek me with trust and I will be your

Shield your constant Guardian each

morning rise with the knowledge that I

am by your side guiding you loving you

never leaving you isolated or forgotten

let not the words of the envious darken

your spirit instead dedicate moments

each day to deepen our bond ensuring

your family feels your love and

presence speak not in Anger judge not

harshly and your journey will be marked

by my blessings reflecting my power love

and sanctity let your home be a

sanctuary of Purity and peace a

testament to the transformative power of

my word as you change so to will those

you love drawn to the truth of my

existence Beyond mere

tradition know that my Mercy for you is

boundless my protection absolute your

devotion warms my heart bringing us

closer in a bond of understanding and

obedience the transformation within you

is a testament to this love a beacon for

those navigating their own paths no

challenge is too great for I am with you

promising Victory restoration and

honor as you Embrace this journey know

that your past is forgotten your future

bright with hope my presence will

accompany you bringing peace and Solace

to your heart be ready for the blessings

that await for they will surely come in

love and faith I speak these words our

morning prayers a sacred communion that

reaches the heavens my spirit always

ready to respond to comfort to guy

let not the worries of Life diminish

your pursuit of me the Gates of Heaven

are open blessings abound ready to be

bestowed upon those who seek with a

sincere heart your voice your intentions

they matter to me and in the perfect

timing my answers will unfold stay

steadfast in faith for I am always

listening always responding always



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with the intention of spreading love and

faith if my words have touched your

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faith and love a testament to the power

of belief and the strength of our

Collective spirit

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