son daughter God has entrusted me with

delivering this special message to you

he has instructed to set aside a few

minutes to focus on what he has to say

advising not to get lost in the

distractions of a busy life pay

attention to the Revelation he wishes to

share now God wants to address one of

the most sensitive issues of our time an

Affliction that affects many

lives however he is powerful enough to

grant us


I ask that you pay close attention to


message before that allow me to make a

request like this video so that it

reaches more people desperate for this

special message in the first book of


it is

written and he went into a cave and

spent the night there and behold the

word of the Lord came to him and he said

to him what what are you doing here

Elijah Elijah come out now and place

your feet on the mountain before the

Lord and behold the Lord passed by him

in verse the Lord directs him to

return to his path to go back to the

original plan to the place he should not

have deviated from you may have heard

the story of Elijah how he defeated the

prophets of Bale with the sword despite


exhausted however the fear of a threat

from Jezebel made him hide in a cave

fearing for his life

Elijah fearing for his life takes refuge

in the cave but something extraordinary

happens there the Bible reveals that

Elijah enters the cave with the

intention of never coming out again

overwhelmed by fear and

exhaustion he is willing to hide from

the world and from

God however the Bible emphasizes that

even in the cave God enters and Elijah

tries to hide from him son daughter you

can hide from everyone except from God

he knows your steps and your heart no

matter how much you try to hide in the

farthest and darkest places of your

being he will find

you the Bible reports that God entered

the cave but there’s something

intriguing not revealed God did nothing

there he made no promises brought no

hope to Elijah he simply asked Elijah

what are you doing here

son daughter God does not want us to

hide from the world he doesn’t want us

to live in fear trembling and

victimizing ourselves because of traumas

hurts and difficult

experiences God wants us to live in the

center of his will with courage and

boldness the Bible states that God has

not given us a spirit of fear but of

courage and boldness however there’s

something old but persistent depression

son daughter depression paralyzes Our

Lives destroys dreams fames

projects it is the most depressive

generation the world has ever seen it

starts with fear and

cityi disrupting everything within use

when we realize it our soul is troubled

unable to explain the storm within

use depression arises slowly and

silently and when we realize it we are

living in a cave with fear panic attacks

feeling sad depressed and with an

immense sense of

failure God wants us to know that

depression is not his will for us he

doesn’t want us to hide be cowardly or

nullified he wants us to live with

courage and boldness son daughter the

cave is a place of Passage not a place


dwell however many are asking wrongly

saying God turn the cave where I am

hiding into a good place transform my

current location into something

peaceful bring peace to where I am God

is saying I won’t do anything while

you’re inside the

cave let me be clear God did not call

you to be

paralyzed he did not call you to lose

sight of yourself when God enters the

cave and finds Elijah full of excuses he

asks only one


what are you doing here Elijah what is



purpose this is because he has a plan

for Elijah a plan for Israel through

Elijah God has something to accomplish

through him remember son-daughter God

does not enter the cave to stay he calls

you out he wants you to live an

extraordinary life do not let depression

keep you

hidden God has Grand plans for you and

you will only discover them by leaving

the cave so leave the cave come out of

the cave and you may be saying but I

can’t and Jesus tells you again son

daughter just leave the cave for outside

I will reveal the beautiful purposes I

have for your life if you feel trapped

hidden it’s time to take a step of faith

God calls you to leave the cave to live

a life full of purpose and meaning do

not let depression dominate you seek

help from friends family and

professionals so that you truly leave

the cave and return to God’s original

plan trust in God leave the cave and

experience the Abundant Life he has for

you Elijah left and God spoke to him now

go back to your path for the plan is

still standing with you so do as Elijah

did and write in the comments or say

aloud I am ready to leave the cave and

return to my original

plan stronger more determined more

courageous ious following God’s purposes

repeat these words with

me God of the impossible I acknowledge

you as my savior today I begin to

rewrite a new story following Divine

plans and purposes for I am a legitimate

child of the

Creator today I leave the cave I will

never be the same

again from now on I am uniquely and


yours in the name of Jesus Jesus amen

and so it is and always will be


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