God Says- I DIED FOR YOU WILL YOU IGNORE ME? | God message today for you | God Saying You

my beloved children I come to you today

to offer comfort and encouragement as

you navigate the seasons of waiting in

your lives know that I hear your cries I

see your struggles and I walk beside you

in every

moment though the path may seem long and

the weight arduous trust that my timing

is perfect my plan is good and my love

for you is

eternal I am the author and perfector of

your faith and I will not abandon you

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often my children become impatient

grasping for control and demanding

immediate results but I tell you my ways

are higher than your ways and my

thoughts are far above your

own what may seem like a delay to you is

simply me preparing the perfect moment


act have you not read the testimonies of

my Faithful Servants throughout the ages

Abraham waited years for the son I


him Joseph waited years in prison before

I elevated him to a place of honor David

waited years to take his rightful place

as king and my own son Jesus waited in

obscurity for years before beginning

his public Ministry share this video

with up to five people if you need God’s

presence in each of these stories and


others I demonst strated my perfect

timing and my sovereign hand at work

even when it was not immediately

evident so I ask you my children to

trust me in your waiting trust that I am

doing a deep and Lasting work within you

refining your character growing your

faith and positioning you for the plans

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button do not grow weary do not lose

hope for I am the god who sees you who

hears your prayers and who will never

forsake you I am working behind the

scenes orchestrating every detail to

bring about my perfect will in your life

though the road may be long I promise

you that the destination will be worth

the wait so be still and know that I am

God Surrender Your timelines to me and

allow my peace to guard your heart and

mind rest in the assurance that I am

faithful that I am good and that I will

fulfill every promise I have made to you

the Fulfillment may not come as quickly

as you desire but take heart for I am

preparing something greater than you can

imagine keep your eyes fixed on me your

ears tune to my voice and your heart

open to my leading for in due season you

will reap a a harvest of blessing if you

do not give up trust me my beloved child

trust in my perfect timing and know that

I am with you every step of the way I

will never leave you nor forsake

you I am your faithful father and I am

working all things together for your

good and for my

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wait patiently on

me the joy that is coming will far

outweigh the temporary pain of your

waiting so persevere have faith and

allow me to complete the good work I

have begun in you


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