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God’s message for you today if you want

God blessings always upon you then watch

video till the end in this world of

fleeting moments and everlasting

tribulations I Jesus the son of

God extend my Divine message to you my

beloved child in the midst of your

trials and

tribulations know that I am with you

guiding your steps and strengthening

your resolve the path you tread may be

stre with thorns and thistles The Winds

of adversity May Buffet you from all

sides and the weight of the world may

press heavily upon your

shoulders yet amidst the turbulence hold

fast to this truth your struggles are

not in

vain they are The Crucible in which your

spirit is refined the Anvil upon which

your character is

forged just as a sculptor chisels away

the excess Stone to reveal the hidden

Masterpiece within so too do your trials

chip away at the rough edges of your

soul unveiling the radiant being that

you are destined to be share this video

with up to five people if you need God’s

presence through the fires of Affliction

your spirit is tempered your resilience

is strengthened and your faith is

purified the pain you endure today is

not without purpose it is the Catalyst

for your

transformation the seed from which your

greatest triumphs shall

Bloom as you navigate the treacherous

ter of Life know that each step whether

forward or faltering brings you closer

to the realization of your Divine

potential if you want God’s grace always

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your struggles are not meant to break

you they are meant to make you they are

the Divine sculptor’s tools shaping and

molding you into a vessel of Grace and

strength embrace your trials with an

open heart for they are The Crucible in

which your your soul is purified the

forge in which your spirit is refined

beloved child I know that the weight of

the world can be overwhelming at times

the darkness may seem

impenetrable and the path ahead may

appear shrouded in Mist but I assure you

I am with you every step of the way

guiding your steps and illuminating your

path when the storms of life rage around

you cling to me let my love be your

anchor my peace be your

Solace and my strength be your Shield if

you need God’s blessings then type yes I

need in the comments in the darkest of

nights remember that the dawn will

always break and when it does you will

look back upon your struggles with

gratitude for they will have shaped you

into a Beacon of Hope and

resilience in the tapestry of your life

your trials are the threads that weave

together the intricate patterns of your

destiny embrace them for they are

essential to the Masterpiece that is

your soul the pain you endure today will

one day be transformed into Beauty the

tears you shed will water the seeds of

your Triumph and the scars you bear will

serve as Testament to your unwavering

spirit so dear child do not despair do

not succumb to the Allure of bitterness

or the temptation to surrender instead

rise up with renewed Vigor embrace your

challenges with courage and let your

faith be your Guiding Light trust in my


Providence and know that all things work

together for your ultimate good remember

I am with you always even until the end

of the age I will never forsake you nor

abandon you in the midst of your

struggles I am your Shelter From The

Storm your source of strength and your

everpresent help in times of need take

heart my beloved child

the pain you endure today will one day

be washed away by the waves of joy and

fulfillment that await you your

struggles will give way to triumphs your

tears will be transformed into Pearls of

Wisdom and your heart will overflow with

gratitude for the journey you have

traveled for I am with you and I will

never let you go amen

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