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my beloved child today I instill in you

faith and determination so you may face

life’s happenings without

sadness I love you this moment I’m

touching your heart bringing calm to

your thoughts breathing life and health

into your

soul your spirit mind and body are

invigorated by the strength you receive

from my Holy Spirit

today ignore the venomous criticisms of

others you are not what they label you

if you have believed or been told you

are sad dull old or finished reject


lies understand that I do not count the

years on your calendar I Delight in your

celebration and do not judge your

physical aging to me you are a beautiful

soul perfect in faith Purity and grace

my presence surrounds you

mightily start this day with Divine

enthusiasm embraced by my Holy Spirit

turn away from the frustrations and

challenges of

yesterday look to me your healer

protector and

provider my words will strengthen you

guide you through life’s obstacles and

give you the wisdom to handle them

correctly new blessings await you each

day rejoice in discovering and receiving

them when you come to me in gratitude a

holy anointing will heal your emotions


feelings you are protected completely

there is nothing to fear all your

blessings are secure I will place you in

Fertile ground where you will

Thrive what the enemy stole I will

return to you multiplied and

blessed You Are Holy mind filled with

joy and

enthusiasm a blessing to those around

you your spirit youthful and active is

beautiful when you speak to me declaring

your love I am moved with tend

tenderness and affection I love you and

do not wish for you to suffer I desire

to See You Smile unburdened by the past

or overwhelmed by sadness I suffered for

you on the cross and Rose mightily to

give you

life I come to heal your pain to dry

your tears your heart suffering will

find healing in my refuge a love greater

than any known be filled with my peace

secure in my care for your family in

future do not sleep burdened with guilt

I have forgiven you walk in faith

envisioning the blessings and happiness

I bring into your life believe in the

beauty I promise even when surrounded by

discouragement the time is now to

believe wholeheartedly in my

words if you trust in me your life will

transform your suffering will end end

Solutions will arise

tell me you believe Embrace this change

and step into a future filled with my

blessings and love receive my peace and

believe in my living word your days of

Sorrow have ended and despair no longer

has a hold on you I long to unveil to

you the depths of my affection and

tenderness open your life to my presence

and my love understand that no one can

love you as deeply as I do I know every

corner of your heart and mind

in times when anguish felt overwhelming

when you thought of giving up know that

those days are

over today I rejuvenate your spirit

filling you with a love so pure it

banishes sorrow and brings profound joy

as you listen to my voice feel the

change within you tensions

easing emotions healing pain lifting and

a transformation of heart taking place

you will see how I support you in all

your endeavors wrapping you in my love

care and

protection I want your joy and smile to

show the world my strength and

power I am enriching your life with

special gifts uplifting talents faithful

Companions and a family that will learn

to value and honor you they will witness

the Miracles in your life and I will

enhance your strength and zest for life

be aware the adversary will send pessim

in your path those who see only gloom

and lack Faith pay them no mind their

aim is to bring you

down embrace your true self work

tirelessly and never waver remember it

every moment you are loved supported

blessed and surrounded by my warrior

Angels rise and smile for you are

precious to me I adore you and will not

leave you in this situation today I

grant you victory

I am exerting immense power in your life

in your health work family I am opening

great doors changing your current

circumstances my hands are actively

resolving your Affairs lift your head

and weep no more for my powerful

blessings are upon you and you shall

come to my altar daily grateful for the

Wonders beginning in your life Welcome

me into your home let all within it seek

and rever me I am transforming Hearts

removing sadness and pain those in

despair will smile again I am purging

your home of sickness and want filling

every dark space with my light and

salvation I alone bring boundless love

and peace I protect your life and those

you love with my shield they are safe

under my wings shielded from harm I will

lead you on Paths of goodness and love

freeing you from wor worries doubts and

fears I love you and Tenderly care for

you and your loved

ones open your heart to all the love I

offer spend time in my presence in quiet

places in nature where your soul can be

nourished and

rejuvenated my power Works around you

opening doors cleansing negativity

removing the causes of Misfortune from

your life I have cleansed you from sin

dispelled weariness and lack of

enthusiasm so you may grow braver each

day have faith everything is working in

your favor my angels labor tirelessly

under my command to bless you powerfully

strengthen your faith and praise my name

passionately you are and always will be

deeply loved by me on the day you read

these words commit to renewing your

faith many trials have worn down your

fervor return to the path of trust fill

fill your mind with my powerful word the

days of adversity are ending and the

days of pain will pass remember when

your blessings arrive they come for my

love let your faith be vibrant and

strong so when abundance comes you won’t

forget me your God and Lord continue

praying for many unseen things are yet

to come a battle wages in the spiritual

Realms I will bless you but there is

opposition VI ictory lies in your faith

persistence and steadfastness in prayer

seek me during the day pray at night

rise early for

intercession times are changing and my

eyes Ro the Earth searching for warriors


you I will perform Miracles through you

using you to bring Aid Comfort healing

and blessings to others in this time of

Miracles you shall be abundantly blessed

stand firm and resolute

let me remind you cast aside the burdens

that have long weighed you down and seek

my face renew your faith for my love for

you began in the womb from the moment

you first beheld the light I chose you I

witnessed your first cries and shared in

your laughter I observed as you took

your initial steps and experienced falls

in the quiet nights of your dreams for

you are made in the image and likeness

of the almighty God sometimes you view

yourself through the lens of others

opinions confined by their

limitations but you are more than what

others see I know your heart the

innocence of your soul and the purity of


dreams yes I love you and let that be

enough walk with confidence step boldly

in those moments you called out to me

and in in the hidden corners of your

fears you whispered secrets to me I am

Jesus the one who formed a covenant with

you from your earliest days I am the

Eternal one and our covenant remains

unbroken you are mine you are mine and

you shall always be mine when you gaze

in the mirror see my reflection and

engrave this truth upon your heart you

are destined to conquer Nations you

don’t need the world to Define your

dreams you have me and my love is

sufficient stand by my side let me guide

your steps in my presence fear has no

place moreover I am not just your God

lord and savior I am also your friend

you can share everything with me I will

never deceive you or forget you my

friendship and heart are forever open to

you I am your refuge in times of pain

danger and affliction even if the whole

world turns away my love for you is

timeless I love you as intense L as I

did when you were a child even if you

forget me I remain steadfast Loving You

Always through good times and bad you

can depend on me listen attentively

arise for I command it walk for I have

ordained it do not fear for you are my

child I have filled you with strength

and power you will witness great

Miracles this month if you listen and

obey my word if you dare to believe let

your ears hear Let Your Soul cherish my

living and candid word that lights your

path preparing you for brighter days if

you hear my voice today do not Harden

your heart your sincere and simple faith

has always been precious to me do not

let hardships turn you from the path of

Life believe in me I will help you trust

in me I will deliver you I am with you I

will never abandon you

my heart is ready to comfort you in

times of pain danger and

affliction even if the entire world

turns its back on you my love for you is

constant and

unchanging I love you with the same

fervor as when you were a child even if

you stray from me I will be here waiting

for you I am unchanging and my love for

you endures through joy and sorrow you

can rely on me always rise for it is my

command walk for it is my decree do not

fear for you are my beloved child I have

endowed you with strength and power

witness the Miracles that await this

month if you listen and obey my word be

bold in your belief let your ear hear

and let your soul treasure my living and

forthright word that illuminates your

path preparing you for better days ahead

if you hear my voice today do not Harden

your heart you’re sincere and simple

faith has always been precious to me do

not let life’s trials divert you from

the path of righteousness believe in me

and I will come to your

Aid trust in me and I will deliver

you I am with you I have not forsaken

you not today not ever you will see that

waiting on me is never in vain your

faith Once A Tiny Seed has grown into a

strong sturdy tree though Fierce winds

may come those who once despised or

criticized you will stand in awe do not

close your doors to them instead you

will prosper to bless others to give

assistance and share this is my promise

to you just believe with your whole

heart and you will feel my presence even

today my love is enveloping your life

and your family the words I speak to

your heart are instilling Faith and

confidence with within you open your

eyes to the blessings I have

bestowed I have lifted the sorrow from

your soul and I am healing your body

sweet words of Hope and peace are being

inscribed in your mind uprooting the

causes of your

distress in the spiritual realm you are

clothed in Royal garments seated beside

me blessed abundantly but you must truly

believe and receive these promises in

faith I have ra raised you with my

mighty hand and within you resides my

power all chains are broken no longer

are you bound you are free and I urge

you to live in that freedom When you

pray embrace the supernatural

encouragement I offer from this day

forward see the blessings hidden behind

the problems that once troubled you your

countenance will radiate joy for you now

walk in faith in my word and your

emotions will not be swayed by the

negative sights around you knowing that

I am with you will give you the strength

to continue

fighting rise each day with renewed

desires to live to stay on the right

path and to be a hero of faith for your

family do not Retreat to the place of

failure where others may try to confine

you these words I speak are alive they

renew your

soul as you listen each day your heart

will leap with joy as you remember and

speak them I am your provider and you

can be confident that despite

difficulties all will be well and even

better than you

expect this is the strength I

continually speak to you through my Holy

Spirit you have control over your

emotions you can master your tongue and

no longer will you speak words of

complaint or defeat let me embrace you

and hear my Whispers of love and

reassurance everything will be well

lend me your ear feel my hand upon your

shoulder and be at peace type Amen to


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