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my dear child if I didn’t leave you alone yesterday I certainly won’t abandon you today I have always been

with you during both your struggles and your Joys through sadness and

happiness I have neither rejected nor forgotten you stand

strong if you feel your faith faltering boldly proclaim the promises I have

given you tell those who disturb your peace that I am with you every day until

the very end you depend on me hold tightly to my

grace don’t be caught up in doubts about whether you deserve these blessings if

you choose to believe embrace the blessing I am offering you when you accept it it will grow into

vast gifts and wonderful Treasures in your hands you will have everything

necessary to bless your family and to give to those in need there will be an abundance of food

health strength and peace but you must use your faith and come to claim these

blessings don’t hesitate anymore don’t turn back don’t hide in the shadows from

my presence I am speaking to you because I want you to come closer and I want to

answer your prayers I want to lift any curses and heal any sickness affecting you and your

family I’m not here to take anything away from you but if I do remove something it’s only to replace it with

something better you’re at a crucial point in your life you’ve changed you’re

not the person you were yesterday you’re ready to make decisions

confidently ignore those who only see the negative don’t try to please everyone many people don’t want to see

you blessed when you share your plans some will try to discourage you and drag you

back to a place of defeat but it won’t happen because I’m with you

you will keep moving forward and when the time comes to open doors use your faith and I will be there with you they

will see all the challenges that once made you stumble I will place wonderful blessings

in your hands but I ask you to take care of them use them wisely so they can grow

and lay the groundwork for even greater blessings when the time is right you and

your family will take significant steps toward a brighter future encourage your children education

and wisdom can transform families and entire nations in your home the heroes

and Leaders of Tomorrow are being raised before my return they will serve as

vessels for my word used mightily however this can only happen if

you honor me in your home and your children witness it let your actions and demeanor reflect your faith faith never

resign yourself to the notion that your character is flawed and cannot be changed for me nothing is impossible I

can transform hard hearts into tender ones those who once shouted will soon

laugh with the joy of children I will touch the lips of those who have spoken against me and they will

start to speak words as sweet as honey this transformation will show your

family that my power is real even if the world challenges their

faith even if they hear that I do not exist or that I cannot help them trust

that my glory will soon be evident in your home your neighbors will witness my

light shining at night and angels will guard every corner of your

house people will Marvel at the Supernatural and miraculous events occurring in your home

many will come to you and you will pray for them I will answer your prayers

directly I will raise the sick solve problems and heal

wounds a wonderful spiritual Revival is starting in your family these are the

last days and although many claim they want to understand the mysteries of my

return their hearts are not truly seeking me I will reveal my love only to those

who truly believe in me those who are sincere and upright do not hesitate to trust me with

your soul to carry my message and to dedicate your lives to this cause and to

loving others this is the significant message I am planting in you today remember where

and when you heard it stand up look towards the horizon as far as you can see I will use your life to Showcase my

glory even in distance foreign lands you will encounter

languages unknown to you but I will inspire you and my holy spirit will work

through you and your family a wonderful spiritual Revolution is starting though

you may face tough days there will never be a day without my love you might face many challenges but

you will never be alone my love and protection will always envelop you wherever you are right now

as you listen to these words close your eyes Embrace this message and

pray feel free to ask for what you need resources healing encouragement and the

wisdom to achieve your goals pray for your family and all the

people you care about tough times may come but my presence is

constant I am not distant you don’t need to raise your voice for me to hear you

I’m there when you cry I stand beside you I listen when you pray I won’t turn

away from your please there’s no reason for me to ignore you you come to me

because you trust in my word you’ve moved past anger and bitterness you’ve

realized how important it is to forgive you know the power of a grateful

heart your prayers are potent I treasure the requests you make with faith I

consider them lovingly and answer them with care receive these answers patiently and with faith looking forward

to the blessings that will soon be yours I am touching the hearts of those

you care about show them their importance to you and your commitment to me this will influence those around you

the world bombards them with ideas that pull them away from me but you are a

light in the darkness leading them back I wait for them all I even protect

those who doubt me your love for them is enough for me I will bless and shield

them from harm and slowly they will see that their lives are a gift of my love

not mere coincidence one day they will appreciate what you have done for them

your sleepless nights spent in prayer your tears shed begging for their

well-being storms may come the Earth May Shake but those who turn to me will find

Hope and plentiful faith Others May resign themselves to a life

of confusion and failure struggling to tell right from wrong but you will be empowered amidst

the storm your ship will have robust sails and my wind will guide you to your

goal do not fear when challenges arise do not lose hope when resources dwindle

confront these temporary troubles bravely hold my hand and proceed with resolve remember how seriously you

accept my truth if you truly believe in me hold your head high and dive into the challenge

without fear I give you courage and confidence I will lead you to a land

filled with plenty where blessings abound as you walk this path keep your

eyes fixed on my words and ignore meaningless threats I am here

acknowledge me today say it out loud I believe in you my beloved

Proclaim with your own voice that I am your Shepherd and you shall not lack even as the Earth shakes you will

rest by Peaceful Waters feeding in Lush pastures I will nourish your soul with

Divine sweetness guiding you hand in hand on righteous paths do not be afraid

for I love you and will always be by your side you know this and this certainty is

unwavering Faith a potent Force that lifts you during your darkest times in

the harshest battles you trust in me while your adversaries fall into

disarray but I will fill your table with peace and plenty my commands and guidance will

direct your steps bringing you comfort and your face will glow with a Divine

Touch goodness and mercy will follow you my word will echo in your heart and you

will dwell in my presence for all your days see believing isn’t so hard it just

requires humility and simplicity acknowledging your humanity and recognizing that you can’t do everything

on your own your strength has limits but I will strengthen

you when you stumble I will lift you in my arms and carry you to your

destination when anxiety grips you I will bring peace to your mind and Tranquility to your heart even though

enemies surround you and fear tries to overcome you you will never be alone I

will wrap you in love and shield you from harm I will raise my sword to defend you

from the attacks of the world giving you rest you will walk confidently with a

smile that shows peace and people will wonder at the glow of your face and you will say my all power powerful God my

heavenly father loves protects and takes care of me all my trust is in

him you amazed me I asked you to be strong but you have gone beyond my expectations showing true loyalty and

faithfulness it brings me joy to see the seeds I planted in you grow and produce

such beautiful fruit therefore brighter and better days are ahead you are surpassing your own

hopes and dreams persisting until you take hold of the land where blessings and joy

abound I understand that sometimes you see things differently and your feelings

change when you face jealousy and rejection even from those who say they

love you instead of seeing your good qualities they try to bring you down

bringing up old problems to break your spirit but today as you listen to me

decide to stand Victorious ious just as you have shown faith and strength in tough

times don’t let anyone stop you from doing what’s right don’t let them control how you

feel trust only in my word and follow my promises remember you are mine I will

wrap you in love stand up to any enemy that tries to challenge you protect you

from Secret attacks on your mind and clear away the confusion and ridicule of your

faith so let go of those troubling thoughts when difficulties come if conflicts arise if you feel

tired if decisions are hard to make and your spirit weakens come and rest with

me in my presence you will find comfort and hope the total of your problems doesn’t

lesson the protection of my love understand this I didn’t call these

troubles so I promise you from where you stand I will come with my powerful hand

to save you I have never wanted you to suffer beyond what you can handle I

would never put you through a trial that you can’t withstand therefore I will take off those heavy burdens from your

shoulders keeping you from being alone and sad your future is bright even though

enemies try to take your blessings you have the power to choose your faith is a

sword that cuts through obstacles in your way you may stumble if you let in

negative thoughts and feelings from your enemies but you will succeed if my Holy Spirit truly rules in your life and

heart I’ve done my part I’ve given you salvation and a legacy of Victory and

blessings now it’s up to you to stay strong as you have before I’m here to

tell you just in time that you are close to reaching that spiritual level where miracles happen in your everyday life do

not back down you’ve come too far don’t waste the tears you’ve cried

the sacrifices you’ve made keep your eyes on the prize your

faith and determination are stronger than steel keep pushing and be brave many

have given up and regret their situation but a different future awaits you my

presence surrounds you my spirit Spirit Reigns in your home the windows of heaven will open and

blessings and gifts will pour down filling your house with joy the hearts of those who have repented will return

and forgiveness and Harmony will prevail do not fear for I am with you do

not be dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you I will help you I will

support you with my Victorious right hand I have bestowed blessings upon you

in the Heavenly Realms so that my glory may be evident in your family extending

Grace to friends relatives and neighbors you will be the instrument of

healing for many whom you know but this marvelous work Starts

Here therefore I urge you to come every morning to listen remember all the Miracles I have

performed for you and how these words have turned into reality in those impossible situations that once seemed

overwhelming I have helped you this far do not turn back do not lose what you have

gained from now on great blessings will come your way but I want to see you each

morning with a Greatful heart warmly embracing my words troubles may be gathering around

you which is why I ask you to give me a moment just close your eyes and listen

to me I place my right right hand on your head cleansing your soul of all

worries from my Throne flows a river of Living Water washing away all

fear although enemies May surround you I give you

peace your destiny is in my hands the situation you are facing now is not the

end remember my words for they bring healing to your body and encouragement

to your mind you will rise from that bed of despair and feel a profound

difference the Holy Spirit surrounds and lifts you up ensuring no harm comes your

way your enemies know that I have given you my anointing a supernatural blessing

that enables you to overcome the world today I am renewing your purpose and

vision you will start seeing life in a new light you won’t be someone who lacks motivation or Spirit anxiety won’t

overwhelm you when things get tough I am giving you the wisdom to fight so

you will never feel defeated again I am with you you are greatly blessed use the

wonderful gifts I have given you for good be kind to those I have placed around you appreciate those who have

helped get you where you are today recognize that your success isn’t

just because of your own intelligence many have helped you along the way opening doors and offering

opportunities I have protected you from thieves and diseases you have come this far with my

help but there are also people I have put in your path to share blessings with you if you want your gifts talents and

possessions to grow connect with these people do good to those who have

supported you even if you haven’t realized their help though you may not have met them

find a way to help others without expecting anything in return many have already blessed you

greatly now it’s your turn to show your appreciation I want you to act as a

vessel of my love you understand what I’m saying go and help those who come to

mind and watch How I bless you in your acts of gratitude I will increase your gifts and talents I will open the

heavens and shower you with blessings this positive attitude of acknowledging others help will bring you

both emotional and Financial Freedom I will free you from the burden of debt

and provide you with job opportunities allowing you to start your own business

you will become known for your wisdom and people will come to you for advice and help you will be able to tell them

about the source of your success these are the tools I give you to succeed despite challenges and to

overcome adversity my word your faith and your prayers take seriously what you learned

from me and you will start to live victoriously even as the world around

you faces turmoil even if thousands fall around you no harm will come to you you will

see the downfall of the wicked but your family your children and everyone you

love will enjoy great blessings I will banish thoughts of poverty and eradicate

lazy habits I will instill in you and your loved ones A Renewed desire to advance to

learn to seek careers that not only bring personal Prosperity but also

benefit Humanity those who love and follow me are like trees planted by streams of

water which bear fruit in season and whose leaves do not wither always remember

this in these challenging times don’t adopt the world’s defe attitude While

others expect failure and predict disaster I give you the strength and determination to succeed even amid

soil you will stand firm during the storm your face will glow with confidence today I raise you up to carry

the flag of Victory those who oppose you will ultimately be embarrassed you will experience peace

and calm even as challenges grow in fear and anxiety try to unsettle you you will

feel peaceful my hand is over you lifting your

burdens Embrace this Tranquility a Divine Comfort take a deep breath and

enjoy the Vigor I grant you I love you the words you hear now are not by

accident you will not face defeat or failure if you hold on to my hand we will go through tough times

together in moments of strife I will hold you close and fortify your spirit with my loving and gentle

words your life matters to me and your situation concerns me greatly for I have

told you many times that you live in a world of Affliction yet I have overcome Through

My Sacrifice on the cross and my resurrection I desire to bestow upon you

this power I want you to feel within you these Springs of Living Water that flow

endlessly washing away your sadness carrying off all impurity granting

courage and strength to your weary Spirit crave my presence always seek me

morning or night in times of Joy or trouble whether you’re flourishing or facing

challenges no matter what your circumstances are you’re not defeated

your destiny isn’t to fail or to lose the blessings you’ve gathered on your journey after every storm calm follows

waves May Roar and crash but they quiet down at the sound of my voice as you listen to me now Embrace

this peace don’t turn away from it and don’t dismiss this love feeling

unworthy remember a daily battle rages in the spiritual realm the enemy tries

to shake and break you but you are not alone I am with you I just need a bit of

your faith make the choice now to believe to accept this everlasting love that follows you

wherever you go shielding you when the enemy strikes life can change suddenly you’re

allowed to cry and feel pain it’s also healing for your soul to let go of what

burdens you leading to spiritual renewal but never think that you are doomed to

stay in sadness forever that tears will always be your companion or that you’re

meant to live in defeat endlessly your enemies and those who

pretend to be your friends might try to keep you down telling you to not bother

getting up to fight but I came so that you could have life so you could look up

and reach out to me I want to fill you with immense joy

and steadfast courage I understand the moments when you feel like there’s no

point in continuing when giving up seems easier than struggling on

but I love you and I have significant plans for you and your family do not give up or let go of your

blessings don’t go back to a state of despair that’s not what I want for you

I’ve come to give you a life full of abundance and Supernatural strength you are not defined by your current feelings

or by what others say about you even if today brings challenges and criticism

listen to me I love you and if you face sudden and difficult situations do not

think that I have stopped loving you I am inscribing these words on your

heart and you will recall them every day no matter what happens no matter what

challenges or adversities you face my love for you grows stronger with each

passing minute do not be overwhelmed by these emotions that hurt you do not choose to

isolate yourself thinking you are alone in this world that no one cares or

understands you who am I yes I am speaking to you

not just a creation of your imagination each word you hear is filled with love meant to heal your heart who

am I to you tell me I want to know if you don’t see me as your friend or if you want me to leave you alone be brave

and say so but remember this no matter what you think I will not leave you even

if you try to push me out of your life I won’t go away I open my arms to you even as you

turn your back even if you reject me I promise you I am different from the rest

I truly love you and I will never abandon you my commitment to you is eternal and

steadfast my choice to love you does not change even if you tell me today that I

must believe I will continue to speak to you of this deep affection every day

until you can truly feel it in your heart and I know that you’re beginning to feel it

now come let my Holy Love embrace you and guide you through this challenging

time I’m here to help take my hand and you will feel peace your days of sadness

are ending and your despair is over I’m ready to show you my affection and

tenderness open your heart to my presence and my love understand that no one will ever

love you as much as I do I know everything that goes on in your heart and

mind sometimes the pain is so deep that you think about giving up it has been a

long time since you woke up feeling eager and joyful about the day ahead

close your eyes put your hands on your chest and start to feel how I fill you

with love sincerity and peace I hear your prayers in times of trouble soon

you will see with your own eyes how you are freed strengthened and uplifted by my love and power love me seek me kneel

before me hold on to your faith you face many challenges but I give you

strength various Trials come your way but your faith in me makes you

courageous do not fear your troubles confront your struggles and conflicts vote focus on my promises and

my words all that I’ve have said to uplift your heart The Winds of hardship May blow

hard against you but as you cry out to me for help hearing my mighty voice

those winds and storms will calm I will strengthen your spirit stand firm on the

Rock to withstand life’s battles raise the sails of your boat do

not be afraid to set out even though harsh waves of life may lash against against your dreams with painful insults

keep your focus on me my love my power

for I am your captain and you will not sink at times you may feel weighed down

by heavy burdens but I keep my promise and help you carry them be patient and

do not waver for as you face today’s challenges I am filling you with great

strength so that tomorrow you can rise without

fear however those who Embrace negativity who reject my truth who ignore my

words who scorn This Love that seeks heals and saves those who lack the

courage to believe in a real God will not receive the blessings I have prepared for those who believe in me and

seek me earnestly therefore believe me when I say the stress or anxiety you

face today cannot compare to the Joy you will experience on that awaited day when

you receive your blessing I have never forsaken you in your moments of weakness

I have never abandoned you I removed the anguish from your spirit and filled you

with joy if you search for me every day if you close the door of your room and come

before me if you give me your heart in True Praise and Worship if you call out to me with all your heart and all your

passion trust me I will hear you and raise you up you will feel stronger you will be glad

that you made room for me in your heart and chose to make me your God your king your lord I know

everything that happens to you I share in your feelings when you trust your life to me when you tell me your

experiences when you commit your future and your plans into my hands there is a

celebration in heaven for you and I send Legions of angels to help you

your challenges will be met not by your own strength or wisdom but through my

spirit and Power in every situation you will be

victorious you will overcome every obstacle because I support those I

love I bless those who have the courage to believe give me all your worries

doubts and fears march forward bravely for I will lead you clearing away

useless fears emotions and thoughts do not waste your life holding grudges

or filled with anger avoid being trapped by hate Envy

or unwillingness to forgive I am making your heart new this tough time is almost over and

soon a new period of wonderful Divine blessings will begin for

you I give you the greatest love there is a love that takes away your pain and

fills you with deep Joy even as you listen listen to my words let’s start a complete transformation of your life

together you will be a source of blessings for your family and a role model for those around you stand up and

face your challenges for victory is already yours if you are busy and must go

remember these words but if you have a moment Embrace this message that will bring you immense Joy

I am very pleased with you you have touched my heart deeply despite the difficulties on your

journey you keep your trust in me and haven’t given up so today I declare that

I will shower you and your family with even more blessings do not get tired or

discouraged keep going do not be afraid raise your hands to the sky especially

when you feel tired on your journey sit down and talk with me use your own voice

share your thoughts your plans what’s in your heart and how you feel people need more than just peace to live they need

every word that comes from me the support I offer now is for your good filling you with encouragement

peace and confidence I give you my peace take it into your heart

[Music] today when you feel overwhelmed remember that the warmth of my love love reminds

you I’m always with you don’t Focus too much on people they might let you down

don’t rely on others for love and approval indeed I made you to love and

be loved but the only true everlasting love that will always be yours is my

deep love which never fails and always stays close and secure don’t give your heart to those

who might leave you don’t don’t hand over your future to those who stop loving you after getting

what they want don’t put anyone first in your life who might turn away break your heart and

disrupt your life you asked for Hope and it has arrived you prayed and here it is

Remember You are not alone you have not been abandoned even if your parents family or

children leave you behind know that my profound love is always here for you

it’s one wonderful to be aware that your heavenly father cares deeply for you I

know you need to hear this I want to help you overcome your struggles conquer

despair keep moving forward without losing faith and ultimately

succeed trust in me for I am your heavenly father feel free to talk to me

and share your needs as I want to be there for you like a true friend I’m reaching out to you always

paying attention to your needs talking to me is good for your soul bringing

peace to your mind when you express your feelings out loud your faith is

activated and miracles start to happen today is the day to share what’s

on your mind but also to listen to what I have to say I don’t judge you scold

you or dwell on your past failures instead I whisper softly that I love you

and look forward to each new day with you hoping you’ll recognize your need for me

and your love for me your words of worship and praise

reach my throne and fill my presence offering love and protection that surrounds you your family and your

home therefore remember that whenever you face challenges I’m here to help you

I will not hold back the good things you ask for everything you seek for your blessing I will give to you wrapped in

my love for the small Faith you have shown I will meet you in your need you have

been thankful so I will fill your life with more than you have asked for neither the world nor other people

can offer you the love and peace that I provide I’ve given you the faith

strength courage and perseverance to overcome mountains and Triumph over every problem so that in every battle

you come out on top you believe in in serve and love a real omnipotent and

Supernatural God tell me that you feel it talk to me say that you believe in me

now stand up live life joyfully apply these words you hear and read today amen


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