I will make sure you have everything you need my darling child because I am your loyal provider not just any pledge but a

dedication tailored to the complexities of your situation and Desires in moments

of trouble and doubt shut your eyes and Let My Words reverberate through your being bringing a deep sense of calm and

serenity all around you there are numerous doors patiently inviting you to

approach them with Resolute commitment and conviction I give you the go-ahead to start walking confidently because I

will put the words in your mouth that you need to speak right now to break free from the paralyzing grasp of fear

and Advance down your path as you stand and walk you will be showered with

abundant and tangible benefits that go beyond your wildest dreams stitching

harvesting sharing giving and blessing are all part of your journey this

pattern will repeat itself daily monthly and annually get completely immersed in

those sentences then review them until my command is perfect fill your soul

with my written word and strengthen it with Resolute resolve wake up with a purpose let your faith light the Kindle

and speed up the challenging strategy it took me a long time but I finally got

around to designing it for you get out from under the weight of failure and shame choose tenacity and daily

resilience and ignore the attacks and falsehoods that have no basis in reality

say what’s on your mind forgive press on ignore the obstacles and move on it will

be both your faith and your beacon choose tenacity like a mighty sword

cutting through all obstacles you encounter and I will give you the strength to engage in combat I want you

to understand that I am the one Watching Over You The Shepherd I am committed to

meeting your needs and ensuring you have everything you require and more Proclaim

out and with all your heart that you will endure remain and accept the truth

fearlessly unfazed by troubling news that may attempt to seow dread in your

heart I’m aware of the rationale for my behavior because of my absolute power I

am able to calm stormy winds calm ambitious Seas guide you through Raging Waves rescue you from the depths of

misery heal your body and comfort your broken spirit when the world hurts you I’ll be the one

to soak up your tears your steadfast trust brings you comfort you allow my

presence to embrace and transpire inside you overwhelming your whole Essence with

Limitless love and calm because of your love for me and your conceptions about my lifestyle while it’s true that time

doesn’t magically cure wounds I can fix them without leaving any visible scars

life’s trials and hardships will transform your your spirit fostering wisdom instead if you’re carrying around

heavy memories of hurt I’m here to help for this reason I gladly put my fingers

to a move bearing the pain of my nails in order to cleanse your sin with my own blood Grant you my grace and relieve

your heart of all its burdens whether you’re well or not during good times or bad you may be certain that my presence

will always be with you because of your face I swear to you that through such Miracles your life will experience

erence the most incredible things I show the great potential that comes from

accepting and following my words with a modest spirit being calm in the face of adversity and being grateful for every

blessing there are difficult situations fights and challenging conditions that I

will change for your benefit so that you can strengthen your inner energy and move closer to more promising future

conflicts your ultimate welfare is my primary consideration in approving these reports when I say I’ll be by your side

shielding you from harm it’s a solemn vow you’re making to me I also pledge to

enrich and bless every good thing that enters your life that is my order and

you must think it over carefully put your self-doubt aside and don’t use your mistakes or shortcomings as an excuse

others who are pursuing their full blessings should not pay attention to the Envy accusations or complaints of

others who want to destroy their bright future feel the gentle pressure of my hand on your chest instead of giving

into anxiety and stress let your heart be a sanctuary for happiness Serenity

hope faith and confidence I am here to make your life more enjoyable and to

make you feel good about yourself by showering you with compliments a sea change is on the horizon and as Heavenly

blessings reain down on you plenty will fill your house the shackles of debt and

previous blunders that have w La you down may break just when you think you’re about to run out of money please

listen intently put your faith in my words and look at this from a religious

perspective pay attention to the opportunities and open doors that are all around you be kind to those who

guide you because I will bring special people into your life who will reach out to you with open arms just as I am

reaching out to you if you adopt an attitude of warmth and generosity treating others with respect and

gratitude I will reward you and put your talents to use in ways that are Beyond

Your Wildest imagination you will reach New Heights as a result of the remarkable things I

aim to do through you especially while we are facing challenges even in the darkest hours you

have the power to rise above and become a living testimony of my influence in your life let me reveal a secret a

message that I tell many of my my children on the other hand some people often give me a lot of reasons why they

shouldn’t take my advice or utilize what I provide it is of the utmost importance

that you like and believe in me otherwise you risk wasting precious time

hesitating and rejecting the blessings I make bigger for you with open hands some

people choose stories that seek to trap them in distress sin pain and sorrow

ignoring my promises and blessings I see that you’re unique you face numerous

challenges I am aware of your unfaltering opinion of me and my love for you is Limitless my blessing is

yours to receive I now tenderly hold you between my fingers I’ll take you under

my wing and protect you from the terrifying enemies that stand in your way your problems may appear

insurmountable but I can assure you that those who fight you will also protect me

no matter how many problems you encounter they will remain unresolved I will save

you and everyone with an evil purpose will be set up for shame and Chaos I

will step in and be an asset as they encircle you in their efforts to bring you down you may turn the tables on your

opponents in a matter of days many may be angry because they can’t defeat you

but they don’t know that your strongest supporter is your protector your God and your rescuer with me there are no limits

to what is possible so my beloved Faith must be unshakable allow your convictions to

deeply penetrate your being and let your actions mirror this conviction remember

that I am by your side encouraging you to take bold steps ahead I have given

you the ability to walk on water to battle and win against any evil power that dares to challenge you and to

strengthen your faith to unprecedented Heights because fear has given way to bravery and the dark darkness of worries

has dissipated you are no longer fighting alone if you continue to Traverse the battlefield with your sword

held high you will reap great rewards in the future in good times and bad you

will also conquer the territory that lies before you I have the answers and

can show you the way forward my spirit has anointed you and now you will serve

as a source of healing and encouragement for many others your house will be filled with an aura of Tranquility and

Harmony as my blessings shine brighter for your family when you’re in my company you’ll feel the impending change

dominates driving away evil spirits that have attempted to bring misery you are

looking for me with all your heart and I will also provide Solace for your spirit

inside the boundaries of my promises and The Refuge of my word where your agreement

resides I the Lord your God am the solid foundation upon which you may build your

strength strength health and salvation hold my hand tightly and the ground under you will remain unmoved

because I am the one who will guard you lead you and cure you Proclaim without

reservation that your faith in me is unshakable whatever the case may be I

truly like you therefore just because you believe in me does not mean you should give up on me you’ve been there

with me stay strong I will always be by your side please for God’s sake

strengthen your your family through prayer your prayers have power and impact not just because you say them

behold my response as it stands before my altar in your sight even if they put

up a brave front for you your loved ones may be going through tough times behind the scenes bring your cries to me in

humility bow before my Altar and I will hear them the enemy will be unable to

attack your circle of family because I will surround them with a protective hedge by pouring ing wisdom into their

hearts I will save them from all their troubles as fast as they are shut the

doors will be ripped open exposing many chances that were formerly hidden they

will gain wisdom calmness strength and guidance by learning to communicate

clearly and without hurting words they will understand their loved ones feelings and the struggles they face as

you spread this motion May soothing caresses envelop your life loved ones heads and my blessings will accompany it

like a flowing stream taking grief from their Spirits as you provide Comfort at

that moment the healing Bal will pour into their hearts freeing them from all their shackles remind them of the

promises I have interwoven into their lives by speaking to them with my phrase

a soothing Melody may my voice reverberate reverently through your house and may you watch as worries

gradually fade away Paving the way for the gentle reign of my presence inside your

family you will soon experience a second brimming with pure delight as you see

the life-altering journey they are on they will change for the better and those who were formerly hopelessly lost

will finally find their way to the wonderful vacation place I’ve planned for them thus I encourage you to cling

to me you can rest assured that I have a plan that always works no matter how bad

things get but I’m entrusting this sacred Endeavor to someone in your house

who believes in me and prays with unfaltering faith and devotion you are

that someone deeply praying for your family and witnessing the miraculous removal of obstacles firsthand your

prayers will reverberate across the Heavenly Realms my love extends to you and your entire family Paving the way

for success and Triumph take comfort in the fact that I have your blessings your

your talent and your destiny in my hands there you have it the physical

manifestation of my ambition I chose you because I know you would protect the

riches I’ve hidden in my words on these designated days I will work miraculous

things inside of you and those who want to embarrass you will behold in Wonder a

deep calm that is beyond comprehension is bestowed upon you as I Lift Your spirit’s countenance tenderly removing

any tears that may have marred your journey a life filled with joy will

tempt you to seek me out every day I invite you my beloved to listen to my

promises get out your Bible take comfort in seeing yourself reflected in a

mirror while you are studying let the words feed your ravenous heart feel the

electrifying current flowing through your body as I Empower you from the inside out these days you could have

looked up at the sky in hopes of receiving a response from above but I tell you to look ahead because I’m

already responding to your requests and prayers with all humility and deference

I am bestowing upon you inside the holy confines of your house the things you have humbly requested of me a person

must be able to pray clearly with all their being maintain their faith without wavering and rise up with unfaltering

vision you engage in Passionate prayer within your own family family and witness how I envelop them in the

Heavenly Fleet that encircles my Divine Throne protecting it from the invasion of

uncertainties casting doubt into your thoughts since my love for you never changes your way of life is safely in my

hands and I have made the decision to lead you through these difficult times

giving you the strength to conquer despair to guarantee your success and wealth your Consciousness remains fixed

on the future and moves forward with without wavering in its religious commitment put your faith in me your

heavenly father and feel free to talk about anything on your mind I choose to

transcend the role of an abstract God as a fantastic friend I want someone to see

me for who I really am I always extend my hand to you if you need assistance or

Comfort use your own mouth to communicate with me you should proportion your complex wants thoughts

goals and inner most longings as you express yourself via words let your

emotions spiral into a river of unity in doing so you soothe your spirit and

train your mind to be at peace The Awakening of your faith acts as a trigger setting in motion a series of

miraculous events that will transpire in the near future today is the day to show

me how much you care by telling me everything in your mind and heart babe

listen closely my soul is Whispering whispering in your ear not to judge chastise or bring up your mistakes

rather it is carrying a love that will stay forever every day I can’t wait to

see your face light up as you realize how much you care about me and how much compassion you have in your heart those

aren’t just empty words as the sun rises to my Celestial Throne they are your

adoration and reward my presence floods your lives your family and all you own

despite all that is going on keep in mind that I am here to lend you a hand I

will no longer ignore your requests for benefits instead I will confront them directly and envelop them in the

comforting Embrace of my boundless love confine your innermost thoughts and feelings with me the anxieties that

undermine your faith and obscure your aspirations are in my hands my

unwavering love is an unmovable anchor that will keep you grounded in the face

of sadness so the storms in your head don’t have to continue to this

degree whose words will you listen to over all the noise will you hear my

voice more through screams of despair falsehoods of failure or kind words get

what you need right now instead of wallowing in misery I have already shown you that if you trust my word the Gates

of Heaven will open for you you are my beloved child and the night night will

no longer be a refuge for you it is not a coincidence that you are paying attention to those sentences at this

moment my soul is with you and will comfort you wherever you go I have seen

the troubles that have plagued you the scars left by former enemies and the causes of your ongoing

hardships however I have not come to condemn you but rather to deliver you from this pain to provide Refuge under

my wings and to embrace you in the comforting embrace of my Everlasting Love I would rather look into your pain

so Focus intently investigate thoroughly and Trust completely instead of being an

expression of my wroth or discontent via and Via is proof of my unwavering love

for you whether you allow it or not my goal is to finally lift you up heal the

scars of your depression and free you from the chains of failure in spite of

your ongoing fatigue draw on your inner strength and continue forward you are getting

closer to your blessing walk with faith again and again accepting the notion

that wonderful healing awaits you the moment you choose to fulfill your agreement with me even when hurt and

scars endure it is possible to feel revitalized and get back on your feet

with every step as you ascend you’re preparing for a metamorphosis do you

remember the reason I’ve been by your side through thick and thin my un faltering love realizing this is really

all that’s required your heart will overflow with peace Joy encouragement

and Trust as you immerse yourself in my words even if today might also bring disheartenment and despair also I have a

request though those horrible memories that have plagued your life Harden them away from your thoughts I beg you to

remember my sweet love at this time remembering it often we anticipate days

of healing and prayer where we will restore your lost blessings I will open inaccessible doors bringing Divine

blessings to bless you and soothe your spirit from now on walk confidently in

the knowledge that I your God and Heavenly Father Who am all powerful and full of love for you will be with you at

all times allow your inner fire to blaze brightly driving you toward a practical

way of living prepare yourself to be amazed by the Marvels that are happening in your life and the lives of your loved

ones as you make the fiery decision to follow your King’s Commandments you can place your trust in me without ever

feeling ashamed when they come before me those who put their faith in me have the

privilege of hearing me and reaping the rewards of their faith and obedience be filled with delight as you anticipate

amazing changes in the lives of those you care about as well as magnificent Miracles that will soon come your way so

even if you do run into problems every now and again know that I can’t stand in your way in any situation you have my

unwavering support I desire to lend you a hand when you speak to me be religious

and confident and get yourself organized so that I can listen you will feel my

energy infused into you as my words reach out to your very core have faith

that the newly discovered power I’ve given you is impregnable I shall keep an eye on out for you and you swear on your

lips that you will seek me out every day in all your religious and loving

Pursuits my feelings for you may come across as favorable today I’m here to

address You by name appealing to your emotional core at the same moment when you want me the most my love for you has

no limits it is genuine unwavering and everlasting no amount of wrongdoing on

your part can break the bonds of the deep love I have for you no matter how far away you are my loving

hand is always there to release you from the shackles that have held you back and sapped your enthusiasm for Life anytime

you call on me you discover me in times of extreme need I want you to know how much I love and accept you as you bow

down in prayer you exude an abundance of gentleness despite the dangers and

difficulties you face my grace is with you before your conception in your mother’s womb in the depths of Darkness

my whole being Shone like a beacon bringing light into your world during

that real period I knew you quite well I have chosen a suitable second and the

day for your delivery my will and consent are necessary for anything to happen in your life you may find

yourself at odds with what I am planning at times but you will realize in the end that it is your last wish to strengthen

yourself encourage your growth and since I always have more in store for you my

goal is to take you to a high high level of faith and submission as you utter my word magnificent Miracles will transpire

all around you because I have chosen to put the brilliant sword of my soul in your hands don’t believe the rumor that

you are not worthy of the favors I am about to give you give these thoughts permission to go acknowledge who you

really are a formidable Warrior blessed with lightning speed unbreakable resolve

and the ability to overcome any obstacle in your path this fact is far from the end

consequence of accepting and loving My Love Therefore embody it there is a

beautiful gift of Triumph waiting for you when you incorporate my presence which Embraces every part of your trip

you are not doomed to failure when you win the trials by faith take a gentle

Illuminating Embrace of yourself in your surroundings whenever you find yourself in a state of Doubt or alone I will show

you how to keep your concent ation on me realize that being in my company is like

being under the protective canopy of stars at night a continual source of comfort think about the story of Jacob

who became weary and sought refuge on a rock in a desolate place in his

nightmares a vision of celestial beings appeared and he received assurances that

I would always be with him I had no idea that this Revelation goes beyond

biblical examples it’s a Timeless Truth for everyone who really seeks me when

they feel a separation or estrangement his Awakening brought him to the knowledge that the Lord is

actually here declare with conviction that the Divine resides In This Very

Room in doing so I am extending an invitation to you to open your eyes and

your heart to my Everlasting guidance your sincere request fills me with joy

and I will respond enthusiastically at every step of your life’s journey I support your stance remember that in the

quiet of your reflective times my presence is an unwanted companion while you navigate through obstacles or enjoy

moments of pleasure pay close attention to my hushed voice as it tells you of my

Limitless affection and steadfast guidance in the face of the challenges

that life throws at you may this warranty strengthen your faith stay

rooted in this simple but deep Truth No Doubt while you go about your daily

business the Divine is with you in this region embrace the highs and lows the

ordinary and extraordinary and let each passing second serve as a gentle reminder of my unwavering love and

presence it’s me being in my company is more than just Comfort it is a symbol of

strength your life is a beautiful tapestry and I would be honored to be a part of it fulfilling your every need

always keep in mind that you are not alone in the Maze of life whether you are climbing the loftiest mountains of

difficult circumstances or traveling through the darkest tunnels of self-doubt as you find inner peace my

hand is ready to lead the way find me when you speak softly and

wisely now my voice reverberates across the Raging storms as well as the gentle

Zs and soothing Hues of the Setting Sun there is logic and purpose to every

notion that you’ve internalized my carefully constructed strategy fashioned with Limitless

knowledge and unlimited love requires your full faith my Everlasting promises

are the Refuge we seek in times of doubt I pray that my words will shine a light into the darkness leading you to a dawn

that is dawned by understanding and Tranquility so while you go through life’s path let this fact be your

stronghold and source of comfort this place must be where the god

resides additionally it’s a source of inspiration and peace for you right now

keep in mind that it is typically a gift when a basic necessity is lacking

whether it be time power or money you run the risk of clinging to me with

unfaltering dependency because of your apparent lack not because you lack anything but because you start each day

with what may perhaps seem like inadequate resources direct your attention to this very second when

everything in existence is taking place and I eagerly await your arrival seeing

your own inadequacy is a great gift that will lead you to fully embrace me and

understand that self-sufficiency is an illusion often sustained by temporary victories and pleasure the trappings of

health and riches while seemingly permanent can change as quickly as life itself embrace your shortcomings while

finding Delight in the process my arousal and power are on full display

when you are weak and in Need You may change your perspective by using that name a lack of anything May likewise be

seen as a failure or shortcoming from the world’s perspective when you’re weak

and your resources are limited these times of scarcity provide an opportunity for more faith and dependence on my

power according to my Divine economy in times of weakness my support becomes

more apparent and my presence becomes more palpable when you’ve exhausted all of your own options come to me in such

moments My Love Grace and power pour forth into your lives in abundance when

you go through life’s ups and downs your faith grows and your Reliance on me goes from being a theoretical concept to a

real lived reality never forget that it is precisely in your vulnerability that my

power is most apparent when things seem out of your hands don’t sink into a pit of despair enjoy yourself within your

human limitations they are openings for my power to manifest in your life your inadequacy makes my sufficiency stand

out even more my energy refines itself in your weak area and so fear not

because I am with you my strength and grace are more than enough for you and my glory will shine even brighter than

your inadequacies so that you may face each day fearlessly no longer discouraged by what you lack Embrace

each new day as an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the Limitless depths of my love and power rather than a

NeverEnding battle against inadequacy this is at the very heart of what it means to have faith finding

strength and vulnerability finding enough when there isn’t enough and finding power where there is

reliance embrace your weaknesses because they are Pathways to the deepest

Transformations I can orchestrate within you in this Divine Paradox you will see my

love and power at their purest working in your lives you may put your trust in

my words and I will Revitalize you help you prioritize and restore Health to

your body let your mind drift along the revitalizing current of Youth bring your

children’s Vitality back into Focus get in touch with your body the way you

likely did when you were younger your metamorphosis has the power to uplift countless Young Spirits please know that

my infinite love for you is real and I want nothing more than for you to be happy forever I have the ability to

bring happiness and peace to your family and your future is filled with Abundant

Blessings it is within my power to achieve this and I intend to do it with

all my might if everything I’ve said so far has been true then get ready clean

up the mess from past mistakes that have bruised your spirit and you just might be able to Triumph because you aren’t

really mine you will see the power of my transformational energy in your own family and in the way you live your life

because of your love and faith in me stay away from people who have a negative attitude or say things that

discourage you stay away from people and places that deviate from your path I beg

you do not let your once hot Spirit turn cold and lifeless again no more sadness

or grief a future filled with blessings and Tranquility is waiting for you if you place your trust in me completely if

you make me the center of your universe and if you never stray from the path I have laid out for you then I will be the

ruler of your heart where your boundless Ambitions ideas and dreams

dwell you’re an incredibly responsible and hardworking individual if you put

all of your faith in me you will succeed seek me out daily following my phrases

instructions build your own family in accordance with my will and counsel take bold steps firmly rooted in faith to

achieve your dreams I can tell that you have a firm grasp on this but I beg you

not for too long to refocus on the things that really matter and stop wasting time and energy on meaningless

Pursuits and Fantastical Illusions I want you to focus on our relationship

above all else for the time being let us remain connected I wait with baited

breath for the moment when you listen to me quietly because I want to talk to you

as I watch you grow I am filled with excitement your Ambitions and progress

have impressed me greatly and you have become more powerful you may relax knowing that I have found you at the

perfect moment and place and that plenty of benefits are waiting for you when I

come to free the doors I’ve promised you will be prepared approach everyone with

courage avoid discouragement and be open to new experiences in the face of

adversity there is always an opportunity for those with Brave Hearts like yours to reap the rewards of embracing your

natural goodness and shrugging aside words of defeat or failure I have already paid the price

for all of your transgressions therefore I no longer want to see you

fail the time has come for you to allow my mercy and forgiveness into your broken heart no matter how much others

want you to fail they will soon see how I can help you succeed and achieve your

goals no matter how evil their intentions are join me on this trip

today find the spot where you can confidently agree with me let my love

transform and strengthen you I hold you in my warm embrace leaving no room for sadness or concern I can always monitor

you fear no longer plagues you when challenged I am here to defend you

I will extend my hand to you and lift you high like a brave warrior with others who rise to meet you guaranteeing

your Triumph now is the moment to put your confidence in me I am bestowing on

you an undeniable strategy as a present whether you’re facing steep valleys or

towering mountains throw yourself into my arms and give me your entire existence I will guide you and make your

roots clear but you must work hard and be brave for forging UND determinedly

even when faced with challenges such as the valley of Shadows Nightfall or turbulent Waters do not be afraid do not

seek reasons to give up on your dreams you will not falter you can persevere

even when awareness takes hold you can also put forth effort for I have given you the ability to overcome Despair and

harm free from the habit of blaming others my love triumphs over your

mistakes and bad decisions do not worry that I will have a hard time re-engaging

you if you would just come to me now I will hold you close and show you how

much I love you right now I’m just waiting for your faith to take a turn for the better it won’t be long before I

can supernaturally step in and fix your life and you’ll be able to see it all unfold before your eyes if you value

positivity avoid surrounding yourself with pessimists or those who want to live in spiritual despair the fact that

you are paying attention to or making sense of these statements indicates that I have given you intelligence that you

have matured that you are ready and that the door will soon open in times of

danger there’s no need to mistrust my word since you know who I am and that

I’m not a product of your imagination over the years I have extended my holy hand to save you

showering you with love and blessing you with new ways of existence your talent has Stead steadily

improved with each rescue despite a troubled history allow your heart to shine brightly the seed I sow grows into

a tree that will shelter you from the Sun nourish your family and bring you wealth my presence is Drawing Near

therefore I beg you to put aside any uncertainties about being a mere threat my love for you is greater than any

other love in the world even if no one else has shown you any attention I beg you to have faith in me must the

strength to get up and accept my gifts so that you might share them with Limitless joy every morning as soon as

you open your eyes I will show you the path leading to my presence and reveal my intentions the wisdom I can impart to

you may help you better understand the path that has shaped you into the person you are now in times of Despair remember

that I am inside you and that your body is a sanctuary for my Holy Spirit when weakness or disease threaten to

overwhelm you stay firm in my companionship I will never leave you

leave you alone or make space between us let go of the need to let your emotions

guide you my affection for you has never changed in fact it has remained constant

since the day before if you just open your eyes I can show you my love in new

and exciting ways every day an extraordinary Bounty of Mercy Embraces you the things you’ve been seeking will

soon be at your fingertips keep moving on because because I love you my faithful Warrior good morning I want to

express my gratitude for taking the time to listen to these statements they provide you with a sense of calm pay

close attention to them again taking in each letter as I Stand By Your Side my darling I will touch your tender heart

and bring you peace by staying with me you will always feel protected from harm

and never feel alone find Solace keep your eyes shut keep from becoming upset

when we talk you won’t have to worry about running out of air your wants are expressed through tears but my speech

brings comfort and ease it calms you down and my gentle hug wipes away your

tears enveloping you in Tranquility stay a little longer you

should never rush off the train I want to strengthen your spirit no matter what you face my Everlasting Love will be

there to protect you even in the darkest of times put your faith in it live it

and feel it people who are dishonest and take advantage of you will become my

enemies those who fight against you will lose as will their ability to agree on

anything your dread has been eradicated you won’t give up not even when it seems

like you’re clearly losing believe that I always have your best interests at heart and that there is a reason behind

everything that happens refrain from giving into fear and hopelessness and

instead maintain an attitude of courage courage and conviction in the years to come many blessings and opportunities

will shine on you I am aware of this truth enveloped in my eternal love and

Tranquility I will lavishly compensate you for devoting this portion of your day to me and I will even take defensive

measures against your own family with each step you take forward I can strengthen your understanding and

spiritual vision revealing the miraculous benefits that lie ahead keep that beautiful gin on your face it gives

me so much joy to see you shine in the evening I look forward to seeing you again when you’re better since you’re

just like me the fabric of your being is a work of art and I respect your Manner

and emotions while we talk and when you close your eyes I feel a strong connection to them as I calm your spirit

and remove any impurity or pain I treasure your gentle heart which beats

to The Melody of pure delight if you’ll only listen to me I hope the words I

just uttered hit close to home you’ll need to cling to them when the enemies who are out to get you unleash their

attacks remember that I am the one who rescues you from harm blesses you abundantly and brings healing into your

life with a sweeping swing I unlock the portal to a world Beyond this one it is

not my sincere desire that you get the Miracles you so humbly ask for from me but I do order you to hold them dear to

your heart I appreciate you looking out for me the way you do and your efforts

make me happy your prayers and statements of thankfulness are like music to my ears they make me happy to

see your courageous Spirit return to those words as if they were carved into your very being when despair tries to

swallow you whole remember these affirmations and take comfort in the knowledge that I am the one who rescues

you blesses you abundantly envelops you in compassion and love and draws the air

you breathe from the depths of your being the very fact that you and your loved ones are here is proof positive of

my infinite love for you pause for a moment and think about all the places

things hardships and tragedies that I have brought you through you weren’t born into wealth but the moment you

opened your eyes to the light I chose you to be one of my messengers and restore the

world however I have a discovery that I would like to tell you my heavenly

Angelic soldiers flew in to protect you from the enemy who was trying to rest

and we fought fiercely I came to you today as your loving father the one who

supports and encourages you to fulfill your purpose and undertaking but you endured the unrelenting attacks of hate

that sought to destroy you at your core by following my lead you will Embrace a

triumphant mindset mirroring the steadfast faith and strength you showed while confronted with adversity refrain

from letting anyone weaken your resolve when I say proximity you take it at face

value thanks to the assurances I provide you have a good idea of who you belong

to I will surround you with my love and confront any adversary who is brave

enough to stand in your way let go of the worries that plague you when problems arise arguments heat up

exhaustion sets in a mountain of choices presses down on you and your resolve

wavers instead focus on relaxing have faith that I will bring you comfort by

being here with you and that my love will shield you from harm no matter how many troubles you’re facing I will no

longer send you into such circumstances so please remember this I promise that

no matter where you stand I will emerge with a strong hand I will come to your rescue because I never intended for you

to endure more than you could handle take some of the weight off your shoulders I can help living in misery

and isolation isn’t always my goal their goal in this struggle is to find ways to

hinder your blessings since your destiny is so remarkable you hold on to what

matters most and your faith breaks down obstacles the only way to mess up is to

let your opponents send you negative ideas and sentiments my Holy Spirit Will prioritize your life and your heart

leading you to success my role has been completed salvation a Heritage of

Triumph and happiness is mine to give to you now that you’ve completed it stay

steady here is the message I have for you at this very moment you are preparing to reach a spiritual level

where miracles happen on your everyday path stay on track you have covered a

lot of terrain never forget the sacrifices made within the confines of your home say a brief but sincere prayer

to start your day please don’t let a significant amount of time pass without

communicating with me verbally I understand that you may be preoccupied with important matters to fulfill my

desire to provide counsel I will bring an attitude of thankfulness and religion to my meetings I can reveal the

mysterious meanings buried in your destiny and you may find genuine ways to

success my words will reverberate through you and you will receive signals

as a family we will face challenges and difficulties head on every day working

together there is no one who can stand in your way because my Holy Spirit and miraculous power are within you if you

follow my instructions your benefits will not disappear the Gates of Heaven will open bringing you peace and plenty

of knowledge if you respect me in everything that you do genuine money and untroubled success will shower down upon

you accompanied by opportunities that Foster growth and peace a lot of people

can talk about miracles but can’t back them up with evidence some people claim

to have Revelations yet their efforts are fruitless their families and lifestyles are living proof of my

Limitless love my lessons do not belong to any one person on this planet put

your faith in solid guarantees instead of empty promises step forward and I

will reveal my holy plan if you want love tenacity and wisdom and if you wish

to know more about me I am here to guide you your history your ways of life the

kind Shepherd who cares for you the one who saves you the one who heals you

please don’t mistake my roles as your father God and Lord your Liberation and success are my choices because I am body

loving I want to see your knowledge flourish unencumbered by Financial woes

I care profoundly about your physical and mental health as well as the health of your loved ones my goal is to help

you achieve Harmony in your physical and spiritual lives so that you may Thrive intellectually

and contribute to the well-being of all people you’re worth more to me than you realize and I hold that value in my eyes

reflect on the hopes that when lit in your room kept you awake at night with dreams and

Ambitions accept that time will pass but be enthusiastic about pursuing your dreams anyway feed your prayers with

praise give thanks to my altar price and cherish whatever you receive no matter

matter how small even if I don’t Grant your specific requests you should know

that I generally provide something much more complex as a parent and Creator I

am you I parent whatever is good for your family your faith your future and

your heart if you’re looking for financial success I’ll cancel your debts

thanks be to you you are free to live today if you’re hoping for much no one will show up at your door demanding

payback even if your accounts are now empty you need not be concerned I am

providing you with the means to provide for your family fire a respectable job

maybe the money you owe doesn’t exist right now but if you’re hoping for enough no one will show up at your door

demanding repayment look I’m not only giving you the means to support your family I’m also going to make sure that

everyone in your household has a respectable job do not be afraid I will open doors so that you may go to the

place where I will lead you and there success will follow your integrity and

determination I would rather shower you with many benefits so that you might learn to prudently manage them combining

your thankful heart with the wisdom you’ve received will yield many wonderful things I also seek peace on

your land May the Wonders you see serve as impetus for your spiritual growth

nevertheless remember what I said you should not put all your faith in worldly things

in particular always cultivate an honest Spirit of thankfulness within yourself a

supernatural lifestyle is imminent and this is the first step toward it those are the secrets that unlock a technology

of abundance gratitude unshakable faith and your determination to bless those

around you it’s also about your desire to learn my word your perseverance in

prayer and your eagerness to use my grace to Build a Better World my heart

heart is filled with immense excitement at all of these things witness the price

I pay for you as well as the legendary love I possess which will not fade in the face of your many flaws and

difficulties I’ll extend my hand wider so that I can lift you out of your current spiritual Quagmire and into a

whole new level of divine Authority to me you are really important this is a

fact and I must tell you just because the sun rises in the morning you won’t forget me as my light shines through

your window you will experience the newness of my Mercy you will sense my spirit and I will encourage you to pray

to share your thoughts and emotions with me to share your hopes and anxieties and to know that I will answer your prayers

I want you to know that no matter how serious your religious beliefs are you can always count on my loving Embrace to

comfort you and provide the Assurance you need to face each day your tears

have eaten away the pages marked with purple ink I have constantly removed the

causes of your pain from your heart and deleted your misdeeds from my memory we

can confidently declare your Liberation write down your thoughts and feelings to back up your assessment this

love has always made me free you never achieved your freedom by being Flawless

but now you are free anyway you don’t worry about bad luck and you’re not subject to any kind of magic witchcraft

or evil spirits please understand this and if your perspective wavers go back

to your studies we have vanquished all evil and you and your loved ones are safe from its clutches every connection

has snapped and every bond has crumbled because I’ve seen you stray from your destiny path influenced by the opinions

of others who think you’re not good enough for my affection I’m learning to deal with you these days I love you and

I’m showing you just where you are right now so if you find more Acceptance in their words and strength to be more it

greatly offends me to repent your heart is breaking because my message reached

you just when you needed it the next day do your best to take my word for it put

the fear of failing out of your thoughts as soon as you open your eyes even if no

one can be sure of you you shouldn’t be afraid of danger there may be food and

drink for people you care about as you take the first steps toward a life filled with happiness Serenity and

Heavenly plenty at your workplace Optimal Health for you and your loved ones peace at home and a stressfree

tomorrow here’s to a new day filled with joy and freedom staying by your side my

love has no bounds protected by my unfaltering faith now is the time to put

distance between yourself and those who treat you with contempt hold it in your own household give me the space in your

heart that is mine and I will accept your love dangle the lifestyles I’ve given you indulge in even more happiness

soon a plethora of life-altering occurrences will transpire changing your perspective and unveiling my intricate

schemes for you despite my flaws I have never abandoned you instead I have been

Relentless in my support of you forgiving you and bringing you strength we are approaching a new day your

disappointment will quickly give way to boundless joy as a miracle occurs you’ll

see it with your own eyes because of my power Proclaim your faith and vows right now reiterating that I share your

beliefs I love you I tell you all the time keep the faith you can get out of

here alive I am testing you in challenging but little known scenarios so that I can provide you with great

rewards amidst your sadness I understand your struggles and the pain you’re

experiencing my soul satisfies your thirsty heart and my spirit continues to weep tears of delight as it soothes your

soul Embrace this very moment Embrace this immense and holy feeling the

torrent of pleasure I’m pouring over you is washing away all the pain you endured

my response to your prayers will come soon and I will be there to provide spiritual sustenance as long as you stay

close to me my love for you is unbreakable prevent further pain your energy is running low for a second shut

your eyes let go of whatever worries you may have I can take on your worries I will put

your passion to good use there’s no longer any way to beat you you will no longer be shamed I may fulfill your

desires take heart my friend and do not let the words of those who want to see you fail weigh you down give them no

more room to sew the seeds of Despair in your heart put some space between yourself and others who will just bring

you sadness or who will try to convince you that you’re lost was worthwhile your

dedication validates My Sacrifice I’m here to tell you how much I care and how much I’ve decided to share with you I

feel like you’re really picking up on my presence today and from now on every day will be even more noticeable you will

triumph over your troubles attain Liberty and experience Divine favor I

will heal your injuries ease your aches and pains and take away the burden of your emotions I have the power to

elevate you filling you with Divine joy and contentment I will restore a

beautiful smile to your lips and wipe away the tears from your eyes your love

for me will be proclaimed through the lines you sing you will be able to stand strong in the Blessed area where I have

planted you and those who despised you will see and know that my hand has

kindly saved you nothing can pull you up from the ground once your roots take

hold yes I am aware that there is no way out of Hellfire for you you have been

released and all debts have been paid there is no doubt about your Triumph I firmly cement my promises with

enormous deep and extraordinary love put an end to your quest to understand

experience it feel it and connect with it despite setbacks in others affection

This Magnificent love floods your heart I am the creator of the universe and I am here while I’m looking for you

I want to tell you how much you mean to me through unexpected means I convey

these deep feelings to you you may not have to go to far away places or climb mountains just to hear me it is my

deepest desire to reach out and touch your heart at this precise moment the

immense love meant for you is already there even if you start face to face

because my love is so deep I will never let you drift away from my boundless Sea Of Joy guide your path path to the port

my darling and you will receive the crown of Triumph bestowed with eternal pleasure wealth and holy Treasures this

will transform your way of life give up trying to explain it the devil SWS seeds

of doubt in your mind so you will not recognize me and see my promises fulfilled understand that these

difficult times are temporary they are molding you into the person you will be in Paradise preparing you for the

rewards that await you there your faith is deepening your personality is

developing and your emotions are becoming more in harmony with me as you go through The Crucible of trial these

things have the potential to be Priceless and everlasting Treasures think about the journey I’ve planned for

you even if it seems clouded with uncertainty at the moment every trial SWS the seed of Victory not in avoiding

difficult conditions but in surviving and overcoming them with you by my side

it is normal to be disturbed and to wonder why life is throwing you curveballs when you least expect them if

you’ve reached this point these difficulties arise from the basic human need to understand and control our

environment however I told my followers on the night of my arrest the difficulties are possible and even

inevitable just like the air we breathe and the water we drink but even in the middle of all that

stress you have a certain calmness and serenity that no one else in the industry feels I

am held close by you because I have overcome the arena you discover a Haven

an electric current that goes beyond worldly challenges this isn’t just an old Victory it is a Timeless truth that

is relevant to your life right now no matter how fast or hard your challenges are they can never catch me off guard

they don’t have the power to defeat me or thwart my eternal goals doubt is not

my term right now in your eyes it is possible that my promises once

written may come to fruition I can’t even begin to Fathom how far I’ll go for

you no distance can ever separate my love from yours every day I will

fertilize your Fields with my heavenly Dominion spread them tenderly and bless your dwelling you will receive the

outcome with appreciation your unwavering determination in the face of enemies is a manifestation of your self

warranty I will be there to help you Triumph And when they see the ambitious power I have planted within you they

will flee now is the time to look up let go of the burden of past wrongdoings and

persistent abuse and keep your unfaltering faith in me do not avert your gaze from the Marvels I still have

more of to reveal to you as your Creator and The Mastermind behind both the

visible and invisible aspects of your existence I as your writer have chosen

to share my my magnificent promises with you I promise you on my honor that I will be by your side most of the time

rewarding you abundantly you have an eternal place in my heart I’m amazed by

your perseverance you are the epitome of faithfulness and devotion and it fills me with joy to watch the beautiful

fruition of the love I swed in you new opportunities abundant riches and

fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams are about to burst upon you you must keep going until you reach reach the

place where joy and prosperity are abundant the fact that you have a new perspective on life and that emotions

like jealousy and rejection may make you feel even more vulnerable is well known

even from those who claim to love you instead of recognizing your strengths they are plotting your downfall by

digging out hurtful memories from your past that are aimed at breaking your spirit some people’s jealousy could be

an attempt to bring up past mistakes you made they are are trying to bring you down by bringing all your misdeeds onto

you but you should not pay attention to them get over the anger and despair that have been eating away at you never fear

I will always be by your side even if the World Turns its back on you you have

my steadfast presence and you will always have mine those who engage in meaningless nitpicking no longer

squander precious time with the beautiful kind and genuine spirit that I hold in the highest regard

all they want is to be in my company hear my voice and find comfort in my

Limitless love so that you may have a permanent home in my realm I painstakingly made everything the Seas

the heavens the mountains and your own soul while the wicked’s days are brief

yours will last forever everyone now has the option to choose between other ways

of life and different facts when I touched your coronary heart your appr appreciation resounded with me we will

always go together in trust and put concern to rest and great benefits are ahead I have already forgiven you and I

no longer remember any past errors or transgressions so anyone who accuses you is wasting their time I have removed

your burden of guilt have the potential to change the Enigma of disappointment shift your outlook and look down on you

with great Zeal as you rise to confront life whoever believes in me and holds my

words in humility will get the greatest rewards stay humble and know that you

are the writer’s beloved child don’t allow this power to get the best of you

your unfaltering faith will Propel you forward your unwavering Faith Limitless

appreciation and the beauty inside your heart touch my soul moving me to tears

with every gesture the sun is getting ready to rise and with that the

anticipation of reuniting with you in the peaceful minutes before Daybreak fills me with joy I will be right there

with you when you open your eyes bestowing upon you an abundance of benefits I bestow on you the same air

that nourishes your spirit and the strength of will to overcome and forgive yourself no matter how difficult life

becomes I am your all powerful God and I have the strength to lead you out of the

tangled web of misery I can strengthen your emotions calm your concerns

and reassure your heart that you aren’t less than anybody else if you let me do what my Divine will says if you have

self-doubt it no longer gives me a reason to question you and those around you avoid passing judgment or being

critical your face will be a reflection of my Purity and the words you speak will heal and restore you will be able

to mimic knowledge in your selections and the end result will be spoton those

who have wandered will admire your example but they will never be able to live up to it despite my best efforts to show

them affection and provide for them they chose to ignore me and go their own way

While others continue to make mistakes you are reaping numerous rewards for choosing the right path you will go on

without stopping to check on your lower back even if they race into the pit of disillusionment and pain realization of

the future in its entirety entrusting me with all of your ambitions and letting go of the past so that I may focus on

the future you seek my word and bow down daily to take hold of my guidance from

now on expect the greatest Miracles and victories challenges are inevitable on this life’s journey but my love will

envelop you and my power will help you overcome them stop right there you are

destined for victory approach those who disagree with you with kindness in the midst of loss do not allow doubt to take

root regardless of who you listen to my hope is that your faith remains strong and you never let go of who you really

are they’ve made the decision to reject me and now they’re committed to planting seeds of Despair in my heart I have

given you life Joy a fresh purpose a Wellspring of tranquility and the

ability to share knowledge Focus your admiration on your loved ones and yourself steer away from the pursuit to

appease the expectations of the arena or give into the demands others put on you

let me help you polish your guy or woman so you don’t have to carry the weight of feeling discouraged when rejected or

angry by other people when you resist the temptation to react immediately when

someone takes offense or when peace is in Jeopardy my holy spirit will speak through your words in the center of the

Arena instead ground your response in compassion in a chaotic environment when

people take out their anger on you because they see that you’re paying pay attention to the issue and keeping your

cool be unwavering I guided you creating a map filled with Limitless dreams in

your heart and laying the path for you the possessions and abilities I bestowed upon you shaped you into my courageous

Warrior infusing your soul with my way of life has kindled a fire that will

never go out I pray that you will provide Comfort to Nations by Distributing Soul pills to those who are

suffering hold my hand tenderly and always keep in mind that I can be by

your side reassuring you that your dreams are within reach it is my deepest

desire to see you happy which is why I am here to watch over you protect you

and calm you do not be afraid I will never leave you because my love for you

is genuine and unwavering my role in your life includes that of parent friend

and counselor I’ve done all in my power to make sure you win I’ll deal with with those who rise up against you I Jesus

Christ am your rescuer and Redeemer your metamorphosis is just around the corner

listen closely because my angel is singing a tune that Heralds my arrival

surprisingly I’m arriving soon and I truly like you no matter how bad things

seem right now your past is not going to determine your future you have sought

refuge in my arms clinging to your religion in me and there you will always find protection you you are safe in the

loving Embrace of your magnificent God so fill your heart with pleasure and happiness my blood’s cleansing and

forgiving power is a force you can trust with all of your being stay steadfastly

committed to this truth examine all of your senses I can soon arrange for a

miraculous event in your life that will be both effective and provocative make

your love for me known and I will receive it with my Divine energy and the certainty that comes from

knowing that I have forgiven you forget about carrying the weight of guilt or engaging in self-punishment because of

what lies Beyond I have sent every one of your transgressions into the depths

of hell and there is no turning back now your mind and Heart have been

regenerated by my blood immerse yourself in my sacred messages core teachings say

something that makes me happy something that is full of strength and encouragement judement reflect on my promises and

precepts daily do not return to the shadowy nations of Destruction your

actions are no longer in vain and your fate is not necessarily determined by your level of achievement you find

refuge in the Embrace of my fingers shielded from harm by the wings that guard you from the sector’s assaults

accepting the realities I teach you strengthens your ideas protect your tongue to prevent others from speaking

poorly refrain from spreading false information or defamation if you’ve stumbled come into

my presence do not talk ill of trustworthy friends your sins are pardoned I purified your heart’s

chambers join me in morning prayer shame and regret burden your spirit and I want

to free it I gave my life so that you can find Freedom from emotional and

spiritual Pain by serving as an example of gentle revived hope you as a human

run the risk of physical mental and spiritual exhaustion on this planet

despite exhaustion and mistakes my faithful slaves meekly admitted their transgressions kneeled down at the altar

of forgiveness and triumphed without a doubt I am the one to see if you’re feeling down if you believe you’ve said

or stumbled carelessly if your careless actions have hurt someone you care about

or if harmful mental or physical habits are trapping you if my affection for you

is genuine and you trust my decision to assist you please step forward my gentle touch caresses your

lips purifying your Beating Heart and I pardon you avoid repeating past mistakes

I am revitalizing your soul and driving force in the face of Shame and misery

you will Triumph Like A Champion keep in mind the good times and the triumphs that came after you if you

need to remember remember anything just as you have faith and were able to overcome obstacles in the past you will

be able to achieve the same with this loving inclusion with unfaltering conviction

and resolve I order you to remain firm in your existence I am alone with you

you my Champion are really attractive to me clearly State the amount of affection that you need I am given I put fuel in

my tank right now I will shower your life with an overwhelming amount of love

you are the object of my tender sweet energizing patient and eternal love I am

able to resolve the issues that have been bothering you have complete faith in me and trust that your way leads to

me every day bring your domesticated Faith to me and I will guide your feet

every morning you wake up with a strong sense of purpose a Divine Sensation that

changes your soul inspires you and gets you out of bed you Channel all your

energy into your paintings create new new people and discover opportunities that align with your path watch the

glimmer in your eyes as you reap the rewards of my efforts it will Delight me

I love the way you SOB when you express your thanks find comfort in your hands and think about that crucial moment when

I faced a release and Peter in his Zeal pulled out his sword the natural

response he had was to take Swift and decisive action in the face of danger

but he failed to see that the father was using this trial for a greater purpose

one that was essential not only to his own Redemption but to the Redemption of all people Peter’s response is typical

of the human tendency to seek quick fixes often on an individual level and

to quickly distance oneself from ESC hard challenges travel the father’s goal

shifted from evading the trial to enduring it this tenacity was wasn’t a surrender to the father’s will but

rather an active and fruitful engagement in that plan although your natural inclination is to find quick Solutions

remember that the father’s true goals often go beyond simple problem solving he may be enacting something much larger

and more eternal even if it isn’t Apparent at first as you walk side by side with me know that we will win in

the end this Victory isn’t about avoiding challenges it’s about surmounting them through faith

perseverance and focusing on my plan even when lives are at stake in times of

difficulty instead of giving into despair seek me out and place your worries on my shoulders via fasting and

prayer my words are a source of strength and comfort dwell in them listen

carefully to the holy spirit’s nuanced advice I shaped you your miraculous

power is a gift from me I inhaled my own being into you my remarks rest on the

flawed premise of pretend allies this is an entirely different matter I hope your unfaltering faith becomes even

stronger my affection my reality and my will to bestow love and blessings on you

are all things in which I deeply believe just by touching you I can feel your

presence I beg you to tell me what you think today because I like you I

understand that you may have a lot on your plate throughout the day but I’d like to suggest we take a precious

moment to pray together nonetheless I would want to gently prod your coronary

heart a subtle reminder to remember whence your blessings come even while

you juggle the many demands placed upon you my goal is to prevent you from

losing your stride and to save you the exhaustion and anxiety that may often remain after a long day I desire to fill

you with the fire that will Propel you to fearlessly meet every obstacle that comes your way rest certain that I will

always be by your side and may the light of your faith shine through your eyes I pray you accept this

as true if you try to deny it it will still be obvious although you will still

be able to open up your ideas a moment of Doubt might let someone else in it is

important if you want to reawaken the fire inside you and the enthusiasm that drives you to dream big and work hard

following the teachings of your faith will lead you to a better place you must remain committed to your your principles

and keep going on this path but watch out your enemy is a roaring lion and he

hunts down those who aren’t sure of themselves or who let their guard down

despite the fact that you are seeking and loving me in prosperity by Rising positive remember to keep your path in

prayer even when you experience turmoil and difficulty stay strong in the face

of adversity I will still see the storms and the waves if you do I will put an

end to your disputes and ease your hardships but all I ask is that you love

and seek me without wavering and that you always put me first in whatever you do feel the Supernatural and spiritual

Force flowing into your life as your faith becomes a formidable sword that overcomes evil weaknesses Temptations

fears and difficulties pray for your family bend your head for a few seconds and dedicate

your plans and Affairs to me before you leave your Dwelling Place consider

religion in relation to peace enjoy yourselves as your Shepherd I will

provide for you you are my cherished Offspring my charming herd in your life

I shall lead you to Lush Meadows and Placid streams the problems that have been bothering you will fade away and

there will be no more upheaval I will send my armies to drive out the enemies who seow Discord and Destroy Harmony in

your household we will cleanse your faith and enjoyment of any lingering sin

you will see no more suffering or poverty at your table your burdens will disappear when the time comes bread will

be there to Adorn your table the heavens will open their Windows wide showering your Unity with blessings and

opportunities for fresh development if there are any vices or bad habits in your life that compromise

your honesty and faith I will remove them nobody else else can take ownership of your mission your project or your vow

to me face the accountability when things are tough you can’t sit around

and wait for other people to return to your resource getting the chorus of no one ever tries to help you out from your

gripes being by your side is sufficient some people may attempt to bring you down by criticizing and rejecting you

but there’s no need to seek approval from those who have joined forces with your enemies my love has no no bounds

and my grace is strong enough to carry you through any obstacle blessings from above will flood your home bringing

success and good fortune you’ve got a task and a call waiting for you I’m

standing firm by my word affluence Tranquility health and provision will surround you keep your end of the

bargain be honest whenever you engage with me behold the portals of Heaven

starting with plenty of support for your life and family with each passing day my

love for you grows stronger and you in turn Proclaim that the storm has passed and your trials are over with a holy

breath I disperse the clouds that have encircled you and cleanse your Sky A New

Day Has dawned for you and my light has brought it my blessings will bring you to a place of deep calm and contentment

and from now on you will walk gently on a firm foundation because I care about

others who would rather hear your voice I listen carefully when you speak and and I remain silent when you speak to me

your prayer is as beautiful as Sacred Music a moment of pain will transition into a moment of delight and your tears

will transform into Joy your thoughts will remain clear because I will always be a blessing in your life bringing you

wonderful Eternal joy as I engulf you in my holy spirit’s gentle embrace the

world May challenge you yet it Shields you from harm you are at peace inside

your identity is defined by your faltering agreement with my message and you have strong faith that you can

overcome any obstacle the culmination of many painful years is here today and I

want to release any lingering resentment sadness remorse and regret by channeling

them into faint Whispers your immense value to me is clear if you could fully

understand it your happiness would be overflowing I will instill this truth in your heart protecting you from

discouragement and fail Faith loss every day you really appreciate the oxygen you

breathe your way of life your loved ones and the supplies you have at your desk

gain a broader perspective and see more benefits all around you with time and

persistence you will discover seemingly small but significant blessings and you

will be able to raise your fingers to the sky in gratitude for the time and place you are in with each passing day

you will find more reasons to remain and prosper and you will be empowered to choose happiness over misery embrace

your happiness and let no one dampen it the Everlasting God is your helper and

assistance from above will refresh you like a refreshing waterfall your body will feel

revitalized your mind will be energized and your spirit will be at ease After

experiencing it perhaps God will grant and bring to fruition new hopes and

aspirations open your Bible and immerse yourself in my message come and listen

every day my Holy Spirit Will present the evidence to you if someone tries to

control your life with threats or false forecasts ignore them when you pray my

holy spirit will be with you and you will not be afraid he will gently guide you to a state of deep relaxation

assuring you that your heavenly father is watching over you and that you are safe from harm my heavenly father is

with me declare it loudly and believe it to be true true no foe can stand a chance against me I want the Simplicity

of your faith the humility of your spirit and the dependability that comes from committing to entrusting me with

your plans every morning rather than from your inherent caution in this Haven

where my presence is Paramount and eclipses your emotions I will be your Shepherd leading you to The Verdant

Uncharted postures you seek stress has nowhere to hide and your heart is at

peace you remain unfiled Ed by bad days or sad news you take charge of the day

as you learn more about me embrace my loving forgiveness and fully embrace yourself this gentle tenderness will

change you and I love you deeply and without condition you will Embrace each

day with confidence secure in the knowledge of your love you are strong and courageous not weak and frail you

are not afraid you are not a prisoner of Despair I have given you a loving spirit and a strong Spirit concern and anxiety

will submit to my authority in this area even if it involves unsafe emotions that

stray my presence will energize your heart today you fulfill both your true

identity and the gift of Freedom my grace envelops you and wherever you go

my truth tranquility and blessings are also yours to exude as I murmur kind

words to you they strengthen and soothe you and your spirit finds peace the

storms in your mind don’t have to be with you all the time suffering at the hands of others may not be worth it when

I say that you are at peace inside take it as fact those powerful words will

continue to heal you even as you navigate this day in your worship May

recompense be your constant companion boosting your soul and firmly establishing your heart in the knowledge

of my presence here the constraints of time and hardship dissolve as we dance

together in a holy symphony of love and adoration imagine a place where the

weight of sadness the darkness of dread and the shackles of self-pity just melt

away even the most malevolent powers are powerless against genuine adorations

gentle electricity remember people are always praying for me in such times of pure

devotion I feel a pull into my core and I see glimmers of my radiant Beauty and

the Majesty of my energy this is the place where your spirit finds true Liberation and where you

primarily adore me because I am deserving of the scriptures a tapestry of heavenly Consciousness Proclaim your

determination to respect me and give me the glory that is properly mine a deep

truth reverberating through the sky and the Earth this is more than just an act of devotion no matter how thick the

cloud covering your day may be my gentle presence is ready to break through via worship ship and This brilliant light

will honor me and enable you to rise above your circumstances and not just survive but Thrive if my spirit were to

guide you you could learn the art of Life by keeping your full attention on me and letting go of your worries that

is the key to a fulfilled life not one devoid of challenges but one characterized by the dominating

influence of my love and vitality currently I bring you happiness and reignite your passion for life sparking

your desire to be of service accepting my kind words expanding your knowledge

and nurturing Your Love there is no need for you to go through pain hold yourself

responsible or carry the weight of your mistakes let my forgiveness open your

coronary heart no matter what time of day or night it is my prayers will be

with you you don’t have to say a million things I understand your emotional cause language I am available to assist you at

any time as you screamed I was stuck I can run to you and embrace you tightly I

grant you unfettered entrance to my throne with a gentle murmur of my profound affection for you please talk

to me about what you want paying attention to you is a source of delight for me I long for a method to be calm no

matter what challenges I face keep your worries at Bay I’m not alone no matter

what happens I am always here to help you I can always pay close attention to what you say value your your lives

respect the seed I’ve placed in you spend time with your family and be aware of the people you hold in your care give

them the attention they deserve be reliable with your artwork stay out of pointless arguments and stay away from

hazardous people jog gleefully raise your arms in Praise of the blue sky and

thank God that he’s blessed you with your very being I am the one and only miraculous and Heavenly remedy for all

your troubles your family’s fate and the road ahead are safe in my skilled hands

I will never leave you so please don’t forget that no amount of self-doubt or despair will ever dissuade me from

standing by you as you triumph over the obstacles that life throws at you on your

journey I can give you strength and clear your mind of any confusion I will

be here patiently to assist you in keeping your focus on the things that really matter to you because I am

protecting you and your family the views of others don’t matter regardless of the

difficulty of the road I’m leading you on I will always be at the top of your heart’s priority list with all your mind

soul and heart you may love Revere praise and obey me there is no desire to

walk lethargically discouragingly or mournfully inside the depths of my love for you you are the Center of My

Universe and I can express my love for you in a multitude of ways today I can

convey it clearly and powerfully to you whenever difficulties arise you will

feel the overwhelming presence of this heavenly love around you despair should

attempt to ensnare You My Embrace will be a Haven relieving any pain and

filling your heart to overflow with joy your unexpected happiness will surprise your loved ones your enemies will flee

in panic as you no longer succumb to your fears and allow them to control you

and your friends and family will one wonder what has overtaken you envision a

divinely ordained barrier around your outside dwelling a legion of angels will

protect your family no matter the hour of day or night Embrace this truth with

steadfast Faith as real as the oxygen you breathe it is beyond your wildest

imagination you are the best gift anybody could ask for I see my reflection in your thankful attitude as

you greet each day giving thanks for your existence and placing your destiny in my hands you

personify the ideal of piety I am here I am a Vigilant ruler over you and I am

sensitive to attending to your wants yet Others May mock your faith in an invisible all powerful God there are

many blessings in your life I hope you take full advantage of them share them with your loved ones and treat everyone

with kindness and respect no matter how little they may seem now is the time

time to judge based on character and compassion rather than outward looks

keep this in mind when you encounter many people on your travels smile kindly and greet them with awe never discount

my advice you never know when you may run across it again in a realm far apart from your present imagination your

incredible generosity and the joy you provide to others now will pave the way for you to reach your ultimate Destiny

do not reject dis miss or disdain well-off people those in positions of

power or even those who are humble despite facing adversity whenever you are in a position

to lend a hand do so cheerfully as you go you will be greatly fortunate if you

listen to my teachings and remain Vigilant you will encounter people who are angels your heart will be filled

with immense Delight Walking Tall in your Victory leading others in my lessons and simply accepting the triumph

that is properly yours that is my desire for you your heavenly father is

omnipotent he hears and answers your petitions so you are victorious an army

of heavenly Warriors stands ready to defend you at all times what more do you need to realize that you’re a true

champion embrace the security that comes with it and recognize your intrinsic

cost I chose you before your birth placing you at a pivotal point in history I am anxiously awaiting your

rise and I’m pleading with you to choose your cause and challenge now in spite of difficulties disputes diseases and

enemies you will succeed sadness and despair will not hold you captive

failure will not be your fate and vitality will Infuse your entire body

rest assured I will provide you with an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity

do not be worried any longer I am here to ease your mind know that despite the

hardships you’re going through the quality of everything will be exceptional Embrace this sacred innocent

potent and life affirming statement instead of the anxieties that tormented you the day before and Stole Your

Serenity Seize the Day write down your aspirations in Bold characters and set

them next to your Bible so you can open it every morning before diving into its passages show your appreciation by

saying it out loud my anxieties have subsided Ed now I will not pass out the

Lord is with me fear will have no place in your life when you ReDiscover your

strength and find solace in the possibility of a better future for I am

Unstoppable keep your guard up against enemies who can’t hurt you participate

in meaningful activities with your loved ones and devote time and energy to them

love the people in your life since their happiness is more important than any award title or piece of paper you may

have you should not waste your time or energy on people who aren’t good just

give me a second and give me the chance to improve your person chorus is derived

from Quick replies while you answer let your response be filled with love

whether religion takes offense or tries to interrupt your Tranquility a love

infused response can soften even the hardest heart in a world where so many

people are confused and unhappy all the time may my Holy Spirit speak to you through your words their demeanor is

noticeable they could try to start you off and lure you into a loss of control

but they might not succeed in your eyes I am God the sovereignty of your heart

dictates your response see how amazed everyone is by your remarkable

metamorphosis no one will ever again see you as sad angry depressed or annoyed

even if your own family doesn’t acknowledge your efforts being cognizant of the purpose metal has no power

compared to the power of your faith and your conviction in your choices put your heart into it be courageous abandon

their cause and mourn their times yet a fantastic future is waiting for you you

are embraced by my presence it fills your house with excitement as the windows of Heaven open showering you

with blessings and Gifts even those who left will return if their hearts have become guilty now now is the time to be

forgiving and United as a team you should not worry since I am by your side

you should not let discouragement deter you for I am your God with my triumphant

right hand I will strengthen you uplift you and bring you to a Heavenly level of

prosperity so that my glory May shine through your family and friends leaving an everlasting impression on their homes

and lives you will play a crucial role in helping several recognized ible

people recover here is where all this great work begins I want you to join me

first thing in the morning so that you may remember the Marvels I’ve done for you and how this word has come to pass

despite the terrible odds that led you here your best buddy has been me retrace

your steps retain everything that you have accomplished from this point on

enormous advantages are imminent nevertheless I want to greet each

morning with a heart full of gratitude as I embrace this statement emergencies

are not anything to be concerned about you do not have any power the hazards in

the arena may attempt to trick you into thinking there is no way out of the course however I have come to give you

life strengthening your faith while casting off your nonsecular vision and

predictions your choice brings Joy To Heaven if you let me into your lives so

that you may listen to my word and do what I say I will return all that you have lost achieve your Ambitions with

courage feel safe and protected in my hands every enemy is vanquished come to

me now pray fervently and I will provide you with all the beautiful fantasies you can imagine I have a good grasp on your

heart you are helpless in my situation have faith in me whenever you want let

your current situation and feelings dictate the percentage the obviousness of my affection for you in the context

of your rest and gift of a new life is that I am sensitive to your feelings and needs it’s unrealistic to expect love or

Knowledge from the arena but with me you have everything you need to find peace

my love enveloping your lives and the powerful Sensation that comes from genuine love even when faced with

challenges my love for you remains steadfast love from me is unwavering do

not emphasize those who cause you to cry they do not Merit the pr primary area of your heart I like you love you and will

keep liking you I am perfectly entitled to that spot understand and respect who

I am keep alive the respect that is rightfully mine for your life you must submit to me Lord God and ruler not a

soul one possible explanation for your current illness might be that someone else has claimed my

territory if you turn your back on my love an enigmatic emptiness will grow

within you if you’re unhappy cry at night and want to feel loved it’s because you’re

looking for love in the wrong places because I shall seek Solace love and Tranquility inside myself no one on this

planet can love you what are you waiting for who needs to be alive and loved when

they cause so much pain do not leave me until you have dried your eyes I promise

that we will walk hand in hand and that my grip on your hand will be firm and

unyielding pay heed to Virtue avoid unsatisfactory friendships and refrain

from reuniting with those who are hopeless instead let innocence and unexpected experiences permeate your

lives there is enough since I am your issuer and can provide you with joy you

no longer desire to seek the favor of others in order to love and serve me after all I don’t need anyone’s

permission to bless you and neither do you the answer is is obvious you can

find the most effective source of pure and unwavering love in me it will comfort and heal you salvation and

eternal Joy are mine because I am the sole sentient person in this vast Cosmos

who died and rose again to save you I implore you now my beloved to shower you

with this Everlasting Love you’ll experience the miracle you’ve been waiting for and the issue that’s been

troubling you will find resolution you will soon receive a response to your

petition which has resonated on my heavenly Throne although it discourages

pursuing the path of dreamers who forget the giver I beg you to let the hardships you faced bring awareness to your heart

as you see everything brought to a close get yourself ready to live a life of

daily prayer and thankfulness a simple Act of opening your eyes and expressing

gratitude to God will not cost you a dime occasionally the task isn’t too

heavy no one is looking for your clothing anymore no gift is acceptable

unless it comes from a place of genuine gratitude and appreciation this way when you find an

answer to your prayer the advantages to your life will just increase recognize

and incorporate them your vulnerability to need in the face of inadequate resources connects you to my boundless

abundance the easiest thing to do is give in to your fears but the best way to overcome them is to be honest about

your weaknesses and be thankful for them by offering thanks in this way you break

free from the shackle of thinking you need to rescue and issue salvation to

yourself because of your fallibility you need a savior who is both very strong

and ideal a provider who can grant all your desires your weakness becomes my

strength your hes are filled with my sufficiency and you use your weakness as an opportunity Unity to place your trust

in me more fully and see how I convert your worries into a living testimony of

my steadfast constancy embrace your faith in my infinite power and sustenance not in your own talents every

time you feel longing it’s a sign that I want to pour my Limitless love and energy into your life in light of your

need may you know the boundless mercy of God and the sure Assurance of his constant presence amen

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