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my beloved child as you worship remember

that my love will always be there for

you a happy heart can heal the soul very

well there is every reason for you to be

happy because I won over the world on

the cross the world can no longer hurt

you because I took away its power also

nothing that happens to you in life can

separate you from my love as you think

about these wonderful truths truths and

what I have done for you let Joy fill

your heart and fill the whole world your

spiritual emotional and physical health

are all better when you have a happy

heart so think about being thankful all

the time until your heart is full of

Happiness honor me for everything I am I

am the source of all good things let me

fill you with my life and light because

I made you to be full of heavenly riches

these Divine nutrients will strengthen

you and improve your health as a the

whole as they reach your core feel

better I came into your life to free you

the longer you stay with me the more

free you feel when you spend time by

yourself with me you become more aware

of my constant presence when you are

close to me there is healing my healing

presence binds up the wounds from your

past and stops them from bleeding all

the time the healing process goes faster

when my spirit touches you in my Holy

Light you see things from a different

angle which frees you from old useless

ways of thinking you feel more free as

you let go of the things that hold you

back from the past I Set You Free by

telling you the truth about who I am and

what I’ve done for you I also help you

face the truth about the people in your

life and about yourself for those of you

who are stuck in relationships that hurt

you I will help you change or get out of

them if you are trapped by addiction I

will give you the strength to take the

first step toward freedom

being honest about the truth at all

times the truth will set you free hope

is the rock that keeps your soul steady

and safe just like a ship in rough Seas

drops anchor in a safe harbor hope gives

your soul safety in the midst of Life

storms having hope in me the Savior God

who willingly took on your sins is the

only way for it to really work after

being put to death on the cross my

miraculous Resurrection made me a Living

Hope in fact I’m more fully alive than

you can imagine when you put your hope

in me you share in my full and happy

eternal life you will have a beautiful

body like mine one day in the meantime

know that your anchor will keep you safe

even in life’s worst storms Hold On

Tight to this anchor of Hope because it

will keep you steady as life throws you

curveballs and unknowns let Hope be the

light that guides you through the

darkest nights showing you the way with

the promise that I will be with you and

my promise to be true ancher yourself in

the seret of my love and the

steadfastness of my promises when life’s

storms seem like they might swallow you

whole you can trust me because I am

Sovereign and I am in charge everything

works out for your good I Am with You

guiding you and giving you the strength

to keep going even when things are hard

though life can be hard at times

remember that hope is not passive it is

active you have to have strong faith and

trust that I will always be good and


so hold on to Hope let it be the base on

which you build your life and let it be

the thing that drives you forward with

confidence and bravery hold on to hope

no matter what the season or situation

is it is the anchor of your soul and

keeps you steady and safe in life’s

storms you can handle anything that

comes your way with unwavering faith and

confidence if you have hope and my love

by your side so be glad in Hope because

it is the rock that holds your soul

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