God Says: I am Right Beside You | God Message for You Today | God Message Today

if you want God to always help you you

should carefully listen to this message

from God if you don’t do this God won’t

be able to assist you because you’ll be

blocking God’s

angels so listen to the full message

type Amen in the comments and share this

message with your close friends and on

your social media my precious child in

this tumultuous sea of life where trials

and tribulations crash upon you like

unrelenting waves I your Eternal Father

reach out my hand to steady you to guide

you through the

storm as the storms of life howl around

you fear not for I am your Refuge your

Shelter From The Tempest I know the

weight that burdens your heart the

anxieties that gnaw at your soul but be

not afraid for I am here ever present

ever loving ever

compassionate if you believe in the

power of God then type I believe when

the path ahead seems shrouded in

darkness and the weight of the world

seems unbearable remember my child that

I am your light in the darkness your

guiding star in the night I will lead

you step by step through the treacherous

terrain until you reach the safety of my

eternal kingdom do not allow the storms

of life to extinguish the flame of your

Faith trust in me D my precious one for

I Am The Anchor of your soul the

unshakable foundation upon which your

life is built when the waves of Doubt

threaten to capsize your faith cling to

me for I am the one who calms the Seas

and stills The Tempest I will speak

peace to your troubled heart and my

presence will dispel all fear and

anxiety do not be afraid to cast your

burdens upon me I Am The God Who carries

all things and I will gladly bear the

weight of your cares pour out your heart

to me and I will listen with unwavering

love and understanding when the storms

of Temptation assail you and the world

beckons with its alluring promises

remember bur my child that I am your

true treasure your Eternal

reward the fleeting pleasures of this

world cannot compare to the immeasurable

joy and peace that I alone can give stay

close to me my precious one and I will

protect you from the snares of the enemy

I will guide your path and keep you from

stumbling trust in my Providence and all

things will work together for your good

do not fear the trials and tribulations

of this life they are but passing storms

designed to test your faith and

strengthen your resolve if you need

God’s help then type nine

embrace them as opportunities for growth

for in The Crucible of suffering your

faith will be purified and your

character will be transformed remember

my child that I am always with you even

when you cannot feel my

presence I am your constant companion

your unwavering friend I will never

leave you nor forsake you when the

storms of life subside and the sun

breaks through the clouds you will know

that you have emerged from the fire

stronger more resilient and more deeply

rooted in my love for I am your God your

father and your Eternal friend I love

you with an everlasting love and I will

never let you fall so trust in me my

precious child let not your heart be

troubled I am here and I will guide you

through every storm until you reach the

safe haven of my eternal Kingdom peace

be with you my beloved child



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