God Says- “I AM NOT ALLOWING YOU TO SKIP THIS VIDEO” Message of God | God’s Message Today |

my dear Brothers and Sisters in

Christ you are not allowed by

God to skip this

message can you feel it in the midst of

all the chaos swirling around us there’s

a Divine Rhythm a Heavenly Melody

cutting through the

noise guiding us to something

extraordinary as we step into the year

I couldn’t shap the feeling that God

was speaking to me Whispering his plans


us it was like he was

saying this is your ear of

breakthrough your ear of open

doors and it’s not just a random

coincidence in Isaiah

God talks about keys and doors symbols

of his authority and the fever he’s

saying I hold the keys to your

future and I am unlocking doors of

opportunity that no one can

shut from the starting of this year many

unexpected things have started to

unfold this is just the four month of

this year and we have already witnessed


signs the chaos in the world is

increasing day by day and the devil is

at play producing fear in the hurs of


believer this is the reason God is

commanding each and every one of us not

to skip the word of God or anything

related to his

kingdom you might live in fear by seeing

the end time signs around you but let us


real life can be messy confusing

downright chaotic at

times yet in the midst of it all God’s

timing is

perfect he not just guiding us he’s

firmly planting us where we need to be

like a master architect laying the

foundation for something

magnificent an Amos ver God

promises abundance blessings overflowing

like a NeverEnding

Harvest it’s a reminder that even when

we cannot see it God is at work behind

the scenes orchestrating Something

Beautiful Just For Us

so my dear friends let us step forward

with boldness and

courage let us Embrace this new season

with hearts full of faith knowing that

God is leading us to something beyond

our wildest dreams and as we walk

through these open doors let’s do it

with joy and expectancy for we serve a


who Delights in blessing his children

abundantly may you be filled with hope

and anticipation for The Incredible

Journey that lies ahead with the love


blessings your brother in Christ

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