God Says, I AM Crying Because You Skipped Me Again


in a world shrouded and uncertainty your

joy shines brightly captivating the

hearts of others and drawing them closer

to me be prepared to share the source of

your hope at all times for your

steadfast Faith as the power to inspire


uplift know that I am intimately

acquainted with your weaknesses and pH

abilities even as you journey toward

growth and Grace you remain susceptible

to the struggles of this phone world yet

fear not for I am your steadfast

companion guiding you with unwavering

love and

protection clothe yourself in the

righteousness that I provide trusting in

my unfailing love and mercy no that you

stand blameless in my sight adorn with

the garments of Salvation rejoice in the

promise of Eternal happiness a Priceless

inheritance that awaits you in my


presence in moments of sorrow and

despair remember that I am intimately

acquainted with your pain your tears are

not shed alone for I weep alongside you

offering Solace and strength to endure

trust in my steadfast love knowing that

I am ever present ready to intervene on



behalf though unseen my heavenly host

stand guard over you shielding you from

unseen dangers and spiritual adversaries

even in your moments of weakness I am

your Defender fighting fiercely on your

behalf embrace the peace that surpasses

all understanding finding solace in the

quietude of my presence speak my word

aloud allowing its power to dispel fear

and anxiety release the burdens that

weigh heavy on your heart for I am the

lifter of your soul


remain steadfast in your faith for I Am

The Anchor of your hope though trials

may assail you stand firm in the

knowledge that I am with you always

guiding you toward a future filled with

blessings beyond

measure with each passing day cultivate

a heart of gratitude acknowledging my

goodness amidst both both Joy and

adversity Miracles abound for those who

praise me unceasingly their hearts

overflowing with


Thanksgiving beloved one trust in my

unwavering love and provision release

your worries into my care knowing that I

am the god of abundance teager to Lavish

blessings upon you as you relinquish

control and embrace my promises behold

the Limitless possibilities that await


you my cherished child I come to you

with a perspective that illuminates the

path ahead as you prepare to take action

remember not to let the burdens of Life

consume your focus and trust your

worries to me for I am more than capable

of bearing them shift your attention

away from problems and instead embrace

the assurance that I have promised to

sustain you and meet all your


needs know that I am your unwavering

source of provision drawing from

boundless resources to support you in

moments un self-doubt CLA your mind

remind yourself that my grace is ever

sufficient rejoice in the realization of

your deep dependency upon me for in

acknowledging your need you open the

floodgates of my Limitless sufficiency


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