God Says, I Am Crying Because You Skipped Me A Lot Lately | DMFY-830


I am your shield and strength watching

over you and your loved ones let them

open their hearts to my care as I am a

loving father who never fails regardless

of opposition My Love Remains

steadfast expect the opening of new

doors and a season of prosperity my

promises and Commandments are yours come

to me each morning for fresh messages

and maintain a Vigilant prayer

life be aware the enemy waits for

moments of distraction to weaken your

resolve but fear not for you are

victorious and strong markp a steadfast

desire to serve you are no longer a

victim but a conqueror prepare for a


transformation shedding worrying and

discouragement for wisdom power and the

ability to bless

others gratitude and trust in me will

transform your life offering endless

opportunities your faith and

perseverance through trials have proven

your trust in my Omni presence and power

leading to your Victory share the joy of

this message with us others and invite

them to join our community for


inspiration remember to offer a super

thanks for every blessing received and

consider becoming a member of our

channel for daily manifestations tailor

just for you together let’s embark on

this journey of Faith transforming lives

and spreading love

in the Embrace of my boundless love and

mercy know that you are cherished deeply

as we step into today my powerful

presence will ensure that the efforts

you’ve diligently swed will now start to

bloom splendidly both in your own life

and in the lives of those you

touch the moment has come for you to

witness the fruits of your unwavering

dedication what I am about to bless your

household with as far beyond your

wildest dreams you are deserving of the

utmost and then

some in the grand tapestry of the

universe woven with threads unseen your

every step is Guided by a purpose far

greater than what the eye perceives it

is within this Divine Design that every

action every pause Harbors a deeper

intent aimed at your protection from the

Myriad unseen dangers lurking in the

shadows of the


unknown let your stride Be steady Guided

by The Whispers of guidance for your

path shall then unfold with Clarity

easing your journey towards your

destined fulfillment today find yourself

at a Crossroads a momentary Stillness in


Voyage Embrace this pause with open arms

filled with gratitude and reminisce the

times of your petitions granted the

moments of distress where you weren’t

forsaken but Stood Beside unwavering let

these Reflections fortify your belief

for as before assistance shall be

extended once more

now is the moment to une Earth those

dreams and aspirations once concealed

dusting them off for now you shall

stride towards them hat to Dan bless all

for the glory of the

Divine my dear child your journey is

laed with patience of virtue to I

instill in you for reasons Beyond human

compr apprehension in the Realms unseen

countless events unfold and my foremost

aim is your safety heed my guidance your

steps will then be sure making your

journey to your desired

destination not just possible but serene

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