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my beloved child you can find peace and

safety in me always remember that you

are the light of the world even when it

gets dark don’t waste your time and

energy complaining about things you

can’t change instead pray about them and

try not to let them take over your

thoughts instead put your energy into

making the place where I put you look

better shine my light into the world and

use your time skills and res ources to

fight back against the darkness I am the

real light that shines even when things

are dark your light comes from me and

bounces off of you I have called you to

show how greed I am the best way for you

to do this is to become more fully the

person I made you to be loved ones spend

a lot of time seeking my face focus on

my presence and my words to grow in

Grace and know what I want your time

with me feeds your soul giving you

comfort and support I make you stronger

so that you can help other people get

stronger your prayers don’t sound like

cries in the dark they reach my kingdom

of Glorious light if you call out to me

I’ll answer and show you Great and

Powerful things most of the time people

miss the most important things in life

but I love people who are willing to

learn I’m happy when you come to me

wanting to learn amazing things you

don’t know because you want to learn

from me you can better understand the

hope I have called you to and the great

wealth you share are you excited to live

with me in the holy city the glory of

God gives it light forever while you

wait with me I’m freshening your mind my

presence shines into your mind driving

away darkness and revealing lies old

thought patterns may try to hide in a

lot of places but my spirit can find

them and Destroy them your help is very

important old ways of thinking are hard

to break you should write down a hurtful

thought when the light of my spirit

Shines on it and bring it to me so we

can talk about it I will help you find

the lies and replace them with the truth

from the Bible when you don’t feel like

having fun take a moment to remember

that I am with you I always keep an eye

on you love you perfectly and always and

have given you my spirit this holy

helper inside you has the power to make

your thoughts line up with what the

Bible says the Bible says that I will

always be with you so look for me in the

middle of your problems at first all you

may see are your problems but keep

looking until you see the light of my

presence shining on your problem and

sending you Joy I set rules for the

person I love rules are meant to train

you and help you reach a bigger goal

than just getting what you want right

now discipline that works can be

unpleasant or even painful and it’s

normal to feel unloved during these

times but if you see my rules as a sign

of my love you can get through hard

times with joy just like the first

disciples did when you’re being

disciplined you have to make a choice

either cling to me and depend on me or

you can try to go your own way when you

understand that my discipline is an act

of love come into my presence with

confidence let me show you what I want

you to learn and what you need to

change say what you need to hear to be

sure of my love take some time to enjoy

the light of my loving presence when you

look at my face the light of knowing my

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