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my child why do you strive so

desperately to mend the fragments of

your being do you believe yourself a

broken vessel a shattered sculpture in

need of


reconstruction let go of this notion for

it is a misconception that binds you to

a limited view of


yourself he heing was never intended to

be a mere Act of repair it is a

transformative Journey a peeling back of

layers to reveal the Magnificent being

you are at your

core the cracks and Imperfections you

see are not signs of weakness but

Testaments to your strength you have

weathered storms endured hardships and

felt the full spectrum of human

emotions these experiences both joyful

and sorrowful have shaped you into the

unique individual you are

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God look around you child feel the

warmth radiating from those who care for

you is this not a sign of your

wholeness the ability to connect to love

and be loved is a fundamental part of

your Human Experience fear not the Power

of Love even if it seems overwhelming

in for within that Embrace lies the

potential for profound growth and

understanding worrying about the future

is a natural human tendency but it need


you instead use it as a catalyst for

thoughtful action prepare for what may

come but do not let it overshadow the

present moment


embrace the anxieties and the

uncertainties for they too are part of

the tapestry of your


being craving connection is not a flaw

but a fundamental human need seek out

those who resonate with your soul who

Challenge and nurture

you in these genuine connections you

will find a reflection of your own

strength and resilience You are not

alone in this journey my child

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ready my child true healing is not about

patching up the past it’s about building

upon the experiences that have shaped

you the lessons learned from hardship

become the foundation upon which you

construct your self-reliance


you emerge from The Crucible of life’s

challenges stronger wiser and more

adaptable healing is a process of

remembrance it is about reconnecting

with the wholeness you may have

forgotten the love that resides within

you the capacity for joy and resilience

these are inherent parts of your

being like trials may have obscured this

truth but it was never truly

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creator my child think of a seed buried

beneath the Earth it endures darkness

and pressure yet within it lies the

promise of

Life healing is like that seed it is the

Awakening of your true potential the

blossoming of the Magnificent being you

were always meant to

be this journey of self-discovery is not

a destination but a continuous process

you will face new challenges encounter

new heartbreaks and experience New

Joys embrace them all for they are the

brush Strokes that paint the Masterpiece

of your

life I am with you my my child every

step of the way you are not broken but

becoming heal to adapt to embrace the

fullness of your being and to awaken to

the incredible power that resides within


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God my child fear not the twists and

turns in your story for even chapters

filled with hardship can contribute to a

magnificent Tale

like a grand Adventure your journey may

take unexpected detours wrong turns and

failed dreams may seem like setbacks but

trust that they too hold

purpose they shape your perspective

build resilience and ultimately guide

you towards your true

destination sometimes losing yourself in

the Maze of life is a necessary step it

allows you to explore exp hidden Corners

discover unexpected strengths and

ultimately ReDiscover who you truly

are these experiences though challenging

weave a richer tapestry one filled with

vibrant colors and profound

lessons so take heart my child embrace

the unexpected chapters the wrong turns

and the dreams that seem to

fade for within them lies the potential

for immense growth in a story far more

magnificent than you can yet

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my child as you ascend the path

toward your highest self a curious

phenomenon will

occur figures from your past like

forgotten Whispers on the Wind may

attempt to re-enter your life

some may arrive bearing false gifts and

Hollow Smiles their intentions cloaked

in a shroud of feigned

affection remember child the journey to

becoming your most magnificent self is a

solo trick through a bustling

Marketplace countless voices Vie for

your attention each pedaling their Wares

their opinions expectations and desires

but be Discerning for not all offerings

are created

equal some who approach you may be those

who once cast Long Shadows of Doubt upon


path their words laced with malice may

have sought to tarnish your image to dim

the light that Shone within

you others may have sought to manipulate

you for their own gain using your

kindness as a stepping stone to their



do not be surprised by their

reappearance for it is a natural

consequence of your growth as you climb

higher your Brilliance becomes

undeniable attracting attention both

positive and

negative on this path boundaries Are Not

Mere lines drawn in the sand they are

fortresses that Shield your energy and

protect your Sacred Space

to attract positivity from the universe

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my child there is a wisdom in the

selective nature of those who reach the

Pinnacle a small trusted Circle offers

fertile ground for genuine connection

while a life teeming with acquaintances

can be a treacherous

landscape this is not a reflection of

isolation but of discernment


the world my child is a tapestry woven

with intricate threads some threads

represent genuine connection a beautiful

Synergy of

souls others however are woven from

self-interest where individuals view

others as tools instruments to serve

their own agendas

these individuals may attempt to

rekindle relationships long since

withered they may weave Tales of shared

history feigning a bond that no longer


exists be wary of their attempts to

manipulate your emotions to trigger the

people pleaser within

you they may use guilt as a weapon

Whispering Tales of perceived

obligations of debts you never


incurred but remember child your worth

is not measured by the burdens others

Place upon you you are a radiant being

deserving of respect and healthy

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creator stand firm my child do not be

swayed by their emotional barbs

discernment is your Shield a Keen Eye

that sees through the facade of


affection blind trust a virtue in its

Essence can become a liability in this

context trust must be earned nurtured

and proven over time listen to your

intuition that quiet voice within that

Whispers warnings and guides you towards


protect your energy child it is the

lifeblood of your


journey do not allow yourself to be

drained by those who seek to use you for

their own

benefit be a lighthouse radiating your

light but Discerning who receives its

warmth like this video and type to


my child this path towards your highest

self is a solo Trek yes but not a

solitary one I walk beside you unseen

but everpresent

trust in your intuition for it is the

compass that guides you towards genuine

connections and shields you from those

who seek to exploit your

kindness remember boundaries are not not

walls but filters that allow only the

purest energy to nourish your growth

Ascend my child with wisdom and

discernment as your

companions to attract positivity from

the universe like this video in type

my precious child look out upon the

Horizon do you see it the storm that

raged around you the one that threatened

to extinguish your light is starting to

dissipate perhaps a few wispy tendrils

remain remnants of the Tempest but the

worst has

ped you may find yourself questioning


reprieve there’s a weariness in your

cell a deep exhaustion that transcends

mere sleep

it’s the ftigy of navigating heartbreaks

treacherous terrain the toll of holding

on to love when the world seem

determined to tear it


away but within you my child resides a

magnificent chamber it’s the source of

Your Love a sanctuary where your deepest


dwell you have guarded it fiercely

keeping it locked away until you are

certain that the one pursuing its

entrance is

worthy this cautiousness is not a

weakness but a testament to the strength

of your heart you’ve witnessed the harsh

realities of the world yet held fast to

kindness you’ve encountered cruelty yet

found your voice when necessary refusing

to be silenced by

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my child in a world that often

feels shrouded in darkness you choose to

be a beacon of Love even in the face of

doubt you cling to Hope a radiant Ember

that refuses to be

extinguished there were moments you felt

unseen lost in the sea of

humanity but no this my child you are


seen I see you in your quiet strength in

your unwavering compassion in your

refusal to let hardship extinguish your

light I see the battles you’ve fought

the tears you’ve shed the resilience


cultivated perhaps you haven’t reached

the other side of the storm just yet

there may be lingering Shadows moments


uncertainty but you are no longer lost

in the heart of it you are emerging

blinking at the returning Sunshine the

weariness a badge of honor earned in the

trenches of love and

loss like this video and type if you

are ready

my child this new found Clarity allows

you to discern with greater purpose

trust your intuition child for it guides

you towards genuine


connections the Chamber Of Love within

you awaits someone worthy someone who

will cherish and nurture the precious

gift you have to

offer do not be discouraged by the past

the scars you bear are Testaments to

your courage proof of the battles You’ve


Won they are not burdens to hold you

back but Stepping Stones leading you

towards a love that is deserving of your



heart as you step out of the storm my

child know that I walk beside you feel

the warmth of my presence a constant

source of strength and


solace you are a Survivor a warrior of

love and your future holds the promise

of an extraordinary connection a love

that reflects the beauty and strength

that resides within

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God my child you seek understanding in

the tapestry of your life a tapestry

woven with threads of joy and sorrow

Triumph and hardship

it is natural to yearn for answers to

question the path that unfolds before

you look at the Grand Weaver at his loom

for that is how I see you navigating the

threads of your

life each experience each encounter good

or bad is a strand carefully chosen some

may seem coarse and harsh their purpose

obscured in the moment

but trust that I the master Weaver have

a design in mind a masterpiece that is

far grander than you can yet

comprehend yes there will be moments of

Darkness times when suffering seems an

unwelcome guest at your door these

experiences though painful serve a

purpose they refine you child like fire

purifies gold they etch lines of empathy

upon your heart allowing you to connect

with others who have walked similar

paths like this video And subscribe if

you believe in your

creator my child do not doubt my

presence in the midst of your struggles

just as a skilled Weaver strengthens the

back of the tapestry to hold the vibrant

threads I am the Unseen force that


you you may not always feel my hand but

know that I am there guiding you through

the valley valys and celebrating with

you on the

mountaintops the human mind craves

certainty a road mapap to the future but

true growth often lies in the unknown in

the fertile ground of

uncertainty trust that your journey with

all its twists and turns is leading you

towards a magnificent

destination it is a destination you

cannot yet fathom for it is painted with

the colors of your experience

both joyful and

sorrowful do not despair child when you

question the why behind your hardships

these experiences though seemingly

random weave a deeper narrative into the

fabric of your

being they cultivate resilience teach

you compassion and reveal hidden depths

of your

strength like this video and type

if you are

ready my child in time with a patient

heart you will begin to see the threads

connect the patterns emerge like a

magnificent tapestry unveiled the

purpose behind your struggles will


clear you will see how the seemingly

random threads of your life have woven

together to create a masterpiece a

testament to your unwavering spirit and

boundless capacity for love

have faith my child though the path may

seem long and arduous I am with you

every step of the

way trust not only in my presence but in

the perfect timing of my design the

tapestry of your life is not yet

finished but know this the final image

will be a breathtaking work of art a

reflection of your courage Your

resilience and the unwavering love that

resides within you

like this video and type Amen to claim


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