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my beloved child in the vastness of creation where galaxies swirl and atams

dance I have woven a tapestry of existence with you at its heart you my

precious one are the embodiment of my love a being crafted in my image not in

form but in the boundless capacity to love create and understand today I reach

out to you not in thunder or lightning but in the gentle whisper that Echoes

through the chambers of your soul listen closely for in every moment in every

breath I am showing you something you walk through life sometimes with sure

steps other times stumbling on the path there are days when the sun warms your

face and you feel the world embracing you then there are nights when Shadows creep in and the silence is

deafening in both light and darkness I am there and in each experience I am

revealing to you the facets of existence the depth of your being and the expanse

of my love when Joy bubbles up within you so pure and unbidden that it spills

out in laughter or tears do you see what I’m showing you it is the echo of the joy I felt when I first breathed life

into you it is a glimpse of the Eternal Bliss that awaits you a foretaste of the

communion we will share when you return to me in your happiness I am teaching you that

at the core of all creation is an ineffable Joy a joy that persists even when the world would have you believe

otherwise and when sorrow visits you when loss carves Hollows in your heart

and you feel a drift in an ocean of grief even then especially then I am

showing you something precious in the depth of your pain you are touching the

profundity of Love For What is grief but love persisting Beyond separation in

your tears I show you the value of Every Soul the sanctity of every

Bond I whisper to you that in me no love is ever lost no connection truly

severed Your Capacity to mourn is a reflection of your capacity to cherish

and in this you are most like me look at the world around you child in

the Relentless cycle of Seasons I am showing you the Rhythm of Life Death and

rebirth the seed that falls into the Earth does not end it transforms bursting forth in a vibrant

green a testament to the resilience I have placed within all life when autumn Paints the leaves in

Sunset Hues and they drift to the ground it is not an ending but a preparation for Renewal so it is with you every

ending in your life makes way for a new beginning every challenge you face is not a

punishment but an opportunity for growth for you to unfurl new strengths like the

tightly curled Fern frond unfurling in spring in the faces of those around you

I am showing you the Myriad ways my love can be expressed in the kindness of a stranger the Loyalty of a friend the

sacrifice of a parent you see fragments of my nature for I am not just the

Transcendent power that flung Stars into being I am also the imminent love that pulses through every compassionate act

when you extend your hand to someone in need when you offer forgiveness to one who has wronged you you are not just

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