God Says – Give Me Your 2 Minutes If You Believe Me | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child always and today trust

me rest in my goodness my grace is

enough for all of your flaws come to me

with confidence if you need help getting

over what scares you that’s where I’ll

be your strength you don’t have to

figure everything out on your own just

rely on me in fact Pride makes

self-reliance grow instead put your

pride aside and trust me fully my ways

are better I have set you up in truth

and righteousness you have everything

you need to walk straight without

stumbling believe that you are truly

free in me my beloved child keep your

head up this world will give you trouble

but my peace is even better don’t

believe the lies of the Liars you have

beaten me I know what it’s like to carry

heavy loads please let me carry them for

you dear I don’t get tired or faint

people who trust me feel strong because

of me that’s how far my love for you

goes further than the East is from the

West trust that I will always be devoted

to you you are safe in my care during

the hard times of this age do not give

in to worry or distress hold your Gaze

on me I have beaten the world trust this

when anxiety tries to take over your

thoughts take them back for God’s sake

as a way to obey Christ take every

thought captive cleanse your mind with

the truth to my child if you want to

help our ministry spread the word about

Jesus please think about giving giving

us money through the link in the

description and pinned comment that’s

not what I gave you a spirit of fear or

alarm what I gave you was power and good

sense the mind of Christ in you can help

you think straight no matter how things

look have faith in this trust that I am

putting everything together to help you

you are safe in my sovereign plan take

it easy with this please don’t worry

about anything instead please bring your

requests to me with thanks say thank you

for the answer as you hand it to me I’m

close to everyone who calls on me in

faith come close today if you really

want to trust me more than your fears I

will come close to you don’t stress out

and ring your hands trust that your

father in Heaven knows what you need

before you even ask I really care about

you and will help you talk to me when

you’re scared tired and down on your

luck tell me everything that’s bothering

you and watch as my presence and power

help you life storms show who is built

on rock and who is built on Sand you can

build on me the rock I can’t be moved

structures that are based on me will

last when your eyes are on me not even

huge waves of fear and doubt can get to

you look to me your compass to help you

get through the storm and get home when

people insult and hurt you don’t fight

back out of fear have faith in my plans

and purposes everything I do is for your

good I will get revenge on you my child

take comfort in being here with me the

noise around you can’t disturb the peace

I have inside you you win because of the

blood of the lamb and your testimony be

patient when you are in pain and hold on

to me I am a shield for those whose

hearts are true to me ask the Lord to

help you get stronger have faith don’t

worry about bad people in their plans I

laugh at those who are against me and my

people don’t move and know that I am God

in this world full of noise and Chaos I

extend my hand to you do not pass by

hastily for I have a message crafted

just for you I invite you to linger to

listen intently for within these words

lies the key to unlocking the mysteries

of your journey do not let distractions

steal this moment from you for what I

offer is a treasure beyond measure trust

in me as I guide you through the shadows

of uncertainty and into the light of

truth allow my presence to envelop you

for in this Sacred Space Miracles unfold

and hearts are transformed so my beloved

I implore you do not turn away embrace

the gift that awaits you and let it

illuminate your path with Clarity and

purpose in the last moments of this

encounter I promise to answer your

deepest questions and provide Solace for

your weary Soul But first you must join

me in this journey of Revelation

are you ready my

child the time has come to embark on a

Divine adventure together within the

depths of your soul let the Assurance of

my promises resonate echoing through the

chambers of your being embrace the

sanctity of my words for they are the

Elixir that empowers you your resolve to

reignite your faith Heralds a profound

transformation a return to the ancient

path where the Flames of your conviction

burn bright as you turn the page PES of

your Bible know that each syllab

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