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my child hear my

words my child close your eyes and feel

my presence envelop

you the worries that have burdened your

heart the anxieties that have clouded

your mind release them to me

in this quiet space I want you to hear

The Whispers of my love the promises I

hold for your


life the prayers you have offered with

sincerity the seeds of hope you have

diligently planted I have heard them

all the tide is turning my child

Financial Resources you once thought Out

Of Reach are flowing towards you

opportunities like blossoms unfolding in

the morning sun will present themselves

each a path to prosperity and


fulfillment trust in my timing for I

know the perfect moment for each

blessing to


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God my child

the ache in your body the weariness that

weighs you down I see it but know this

my child I am the great

physician the power that heals all

creation resides Within Me surrender

your pain to my loving Embrace I will

mend what is broken Revitalize what is

depleted and restore your body to a

temple of strength and well-being


believe in the power of my Healing Touch

for with faith all things are


possible the dreams that ignite your

soul the visions that dance in your

imagination they are not mere figments

of wishful thinking they are Whispers of

your destiny a map leading you to your



purpose hold on to these dreams with

wavering faith I will provide the

strength to overcome obstacles the

wisdom to navigate challenges and the

resources to turn your aspirations into

reality witness the magnificence of your

dreams taking flight for they are a

testament to the power that resides


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my child the world may seem like a storm

raging around you but fear not my child

I am your shield and your protector no

matter what trials you face know that

you are not

alone when anxieties threaten to

overwhelm you find solace in my peace

when doubts Cloud your judgment seek my


I will fight your battles even when you

don’t see a Way Forward trust in my

strength for I am the ultimate Victor

and victory is yours through

me my child have you ever had a

heartfelt conversation that ended with a


understanding a realization that neither

of you were wrong simply viewing the

situation through different lenses

this is the essence of true

communication when conflicts arise don’t

focus on being right but on

understanding the other’s

perspective seek Common Ground listen

with an open heart and see the world

through their eyes in this space of

empathy Solutions will Blossom and

stronger connections will form

my precious child why do you keep

waiting is there a magical day on the

calendar a specific time on the clock

that holds the key to your happiness

this is an

illusion the perfect moment is now the

right time is today stop postponing your

dreams your desires your leaps of faith

seize the present with open arms for it

is a gift filled with boundless

possibilities this is the day to chase

your aspirations to embrace the life you


for do not hesitate for the universe

conspires to favor the

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my child have you taken the time to

truly appreciate yourself you who have

mended your own broken heart who have

spoken your truth with courage who have

chosen love even in the face of

adversity you are a warrior a Survivor a

beacon of light thank yourself for

walking away from negativity for

standing strong in the face of hardship

for seeing the good in others even when

they fail failed to see it in

you Place Your Precious Heart at the top

of your gratitude list for it is the

Wellspring of Love resilience and


Spirit remember my child you are loved

beyond measure you are cherished

protected and guided by my

hand believe in the promises I hold for

you embrace the opportunities that

unfold and walk with me on this

beautiful journey of

life may your days be filled with

abundance your body with healing your

heart with dreams fulfilled and your

spirit with unwavering

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my child have you ever gazed upon the

vast expanse of the cosmos A million

stars twinkling like promises in the



night yet even with such boundless

potential a single star without

direction would wander aimlessly forever

lost in the celestial dance it is the

same with you my

creation I have woven Within you a

tapestry of desires a yearning for

fulfillment that Whispers in your


heart but without a clear purpose these

desires remain like scattered seeds

unplanted and unnourished

they flutter on the Wind of fleeting

thoughts never taking root in the

fertile soil of intention


think back to the moments you felt most

alive the spark in your eyes when you

envisioned a new creation the thrill of

a challenge met the quiet satisfaction

of a task

completed these my child are the

Whispers of your soul a compass pointing

towards your truest

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my child do not be like the Sailor

lost at sea tossed by every wave of whim

close your eyes and instead see yourself

standing upon the shore of the boundless

ocean before you what Treasures do you

seek what Adventures call to your

spirit is it knowledge you hunger for a

vast library of wisdom waiting to be

explored perhaps it’s a Melody yearning

to be born a symphony waiting to erupt

from your


fingertips maybe it’s a helping hand you

long to extend a world in need of your


light once you see your destination with

the clarity of a thousand suns take a

pen a quill or even a stick in the sand

Mark your desire upon the canvas of the


World write it down speak it aloud let

it be known to the

universe this is your declaration a

promise whispered to the very stars that

illuminate your

path remember my child I have instilled

within you the power to achieve the

winds may change the currents May shift

but with a clear goal as your guiding

star you will navigate any storm

so set sail my creation embrace the

adventure and know that I am always with

you cheering you on in your

journey for it is in the pursuit of your

purpose that you discover the truest

expression of yourself a masterpiece

waiting to be

unveiled to attract positivity from the

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my dear child this is the

confirmation you’ve been praying for you

asked for a sign and this is it I have

heard your prayer and something big is

indeed coming your way the struggle

you’ve been facing is coming to an

end I am pouring blessings and miracles

over every area of of your life I see

your heartache and your perseverance I

see the tears you’ve shed and the

prayers you’ve whispered in the quiet of


night you are not alone in this journey

I Am with You guiding you through the

storm and into the

light trust in me for I am orchestrating

a beautiful transformation in your life

believe that you are worthy of Love

abundance and joy let go of fear and

doubt for I am leading you to a place of

fulfillment and

purpose Embrace this moment of

confirmation with gratitude and Faith

know that I am working behind the scenes

to bring forth blessings Beyond Your


Dreams hold on to hope my child for your

breakthrough through is near as you step

into this new chapter remember that I am

by your side cheering you on and

celebrating your

victories you are coming out of this

stronger and more resilient than ever

before trust in my timing and my plan


you your prayers have been heard and I

am answering them with abundant grace


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faith by typing

my child you are a radiant spark in

the grand tapestry of creation you

possess a light unlike any other a

unique Brilliance that only you can emit

Let It Shine forth illuminate the world

with the essence of your

being you are forged in resilience my

creation the Tri you have faced the

storms you have weathered have not


you they have instead sculpted you into

a testament to strength each challenge

overcome becomes a stepping stone to

Victory a testament to the unwavering

spirit that dwells within

you love the most sacred flame Burns

brightly within you you have the

capacity to offer compassion passion and

understanding to receive the love of

others with open


arms your laughter a Melody that rings

with pure joy as the power to uplift the

hearts of those around

you even your tears a display of

vulnerability speak volumes about your

depth and emotional

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know this my child you possess the power

to transform lives your very presence

acts as a catalyst for change inspiring

others to reach for their dreams and

embrace their

potential the scars upon your body the

imperfections etched upon your soul are

not burdens but Badges of

Honor they tell the story of your

journey the battles fought and Lessons

Learned they are a testament to your

unwavering Spirit a reminder of your

strength and

resilience you are worthy my precious

creation worthy of Endless Love of


happiness you are a masterpiece in

constant Evolution a work of art forever


itself believe in the magic that resides

within you the power to shape your own

reality and create a life that resonates

with with your deepest

desires your kindness a gentle touch

that soothes troubled hearts leaves a

lasting impression on the world your

courage a Beacon of Hope in a storm

inspires others to face their fears and

chase their

dreams you are stronger than even you

realize my child within you lies the

power to overcome any obstacle to

navigate any darkness and emerge victory

torious like this video and type to

claim my child the fire of passion that

burns within you fuels your purpose

guides you towards your

destiny it is the engine that propels

you forward the force that ignites your

creativity and drives you to achieve


goals Embrace this passion let it be the

compass that directs your

path you are perfect in your

imperfections my precious creation it is

the very flaws the quirks and

idiosyncrasies that make you unique that

contribute to the captivating story of


life embrace them for they weave a rich

tapestry that sets you apart from the


your smile a radiant Sunbeam that breaks

through the clouds has the power to

brighten even The Darkest

Day let it be your signature a beacon of

joy that warms the hearts of those



you success my child is not a distant

dream but a destination within your

reach you are deserving of achieving

your goals of realizing your true


believe in yourself in your abilities

and know that with perseverance and

dedication you can achieve anything you

set your mind

to to attract positivity from the

universe like this video and type

my child your heart overflows with

compassion a boundless well of empathy


understanding this gift you possess is a

blessing a force that can heal the

wounded and comfort the Brokenhearted

let your compassion flow freely touch

the lives of others and make the world a

Kinder more gentle

place your presence my child is a gift

to the world you make a difference

simply by being here by gracing the

world with your unique perspective and


Spirit never under estimate the power of

your presence the positive impact you

have on those around

you you are a Beacon of Hope a testament

to the unwavering human Spirit when

others falter your strength shines

through a Guiding Light that inspires

them to carry

on let your hope be contagious a force

that ignites the hearts of others and

reminds them of the beauty that still

exists in the world


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believe in your


creator my child the wisdom you have

garnered through your experiences is

invaluable my creation you have learned

valuable lessons gained insights that

can guide you and others towards a


future share your wisdom freely light

the path for those who follow and

contribute to the collective knowledge

of humanity

you deserve to be cared for my child to

nurture Your Body Mind and Spirit take

time for yourself prioritize your

well-being and replenish the Wellspring

of love and compassion within

you self-care is not a luxury but a

necessity it allows you to fully embrace

your potential and Shine Your Light even

brighter finally my precious creation

remember this you are enough you are

loved cherished and held dear in my


eyes believe in yourself embrace your

unique Essence and go forth and conquer

the world you are a masterpiece in the

making a child of the universe worthy of

all that life has to offer now go forth

and Shine Your Light

like this video and type Amen to claim


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