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God says my beloved

child understand that I must be your God

your lord your king and no one else have

you allowed someone else to take my

rightful place that might be one reason

for your recent troubles there’s a void

in your heart and it’ll grow if you keep

pushing away my

love that’s why you feel sad waking up

with tears on your

cheeks you want to be loved but you’re

looking for it in the wrong places no

one in this world can love you as deeply

as I do come to me and I’ll give you

peace love and

rest what are you waiting for do you

prefer giving your life to those who

cause you pain will you wait until you

suffer more before coming to me in

tears even then I’ll welcome you because

my love goes beyond your mistakes you

don’t have to wait for suffering to come

before seeking My Embrace come to me now

I’ll Hold You tenderly showing my

love don’t despair I’m here to help you

today even before you ask for it I love

you and I want to rescue you from the

trials you’re facing I’m pleased that

you’re standing strong in the face of

adversity keep believing and trusting

that you have a faithful and Powerful

God by your side avoid those who mock

you or say things that steal your joy

they’re not your real friends don’t

waste time trying to convince them I’ll

remove those who harm you and bring true

friends into your life throw away

despair don’t let worry settle in your

mind and refuse negative thoughts in

your soul guard your mind with faith

your heart with righteousness and hold

my holy word like a sword get ready for

a battle where Victory will be yours

even if you stumble I’ll lift you up

again accept the challenge fight against

despondency and fear and tell me that

you believe in me and are ready to

Triumph I will bless your

home Heal Your



emotions and family situation you’ll see

my special power listen listen closely I

love you and I want you to believe this

with Simplicity and sincerity I also ask

you to come to me each morning

nourishing yourself with my words let

your faith be strong and let it burn

away all the fears that stop you from


forward you can’t reach your promised

good things if you’re scared of false

problems and lies you can’t enjoy

success if you don’t take a brave step

trusting me with all your abilities

struggles and

mistakes right now don’t waste time

doubting the blessings I’m about to give

you remember on that cross your enemies

were put to shame and I took the

punishment for all your

mistakes your debt is paid you don’t

have burdens to carry

anymore now you’re with me in a special

place and I’ve already blessed you with

Heavenly goodness

you’re not weak or unimportant meant for

failure you don’t have to struggle to

attract good things into your life I

will give you blessings support your

work and provide for your needs open

your heart to receive and believe in the

great possibilities that lie ahead this

is your time to get everything back I

will bring back everything that the

enemy has taken from you including your

peace prosperity erity and purpose why

keep relying on what others say I

command you not to be a slave to

negative people who Envy you and want to

take away what I want to give you

believe in me and my

words stay away from those who wish you

harm because Victory is with me and with

me you’ll succeed I’ll give you strength

joy and peace every morning I’m here

waiting to say loving words and make you

strong and happy I’m blessing your life

and home believe accept and love me more

each day come my child today is a new

day full of great blessings remember I’m

your Shepherd and you won’t lack

anything I’ll provide everything you

need I’m your healer covering you in

love and giving you healing I’m your

protector keeping you safe Under My


my words are true my promises will

happen because I am God and I don’t lie

I’ll walk with you every day in every

season in circumstance I’m with you no

matter how tough things seem even when

you think a miracle is

impossible trust me with all your heart

make me the first in your plans every

day I’ll always be with you helping

you I’ve shown my love even in your

darkest days when you thought your

mistakes pushed me away I came close

with understanding Grace love

forgiveness and tenderness I lifted you

up from the depths of Despair so don’t

doubt don’t hesitate say with your lips

that you trust me no matter what you’ll

be victorious forever I love you if I

didn’t abandon you yesterday I won’t

today I’ve always been with you in good

and bad times enjy and sorrow stay

strong if your faith wavers say aloud

the promises I’ve given you tell those

who trouble you that I’m with you every

day until the end look to my grace and

don’t dwell on doubts about whether you

deserve the blessings you seek if you

believe me accept this blessing I

promise that when you have something

good in your hands it will grow into

even better things you’ll have

everything to make your family happy and

help those who need it you’ll get lots

of food good health strength and peace

but you need to use your faith and

accept these good things without

doubting don’t go back or hide from me

when things get tough I’m talking to you

because I want you to come and I want

you to come and I want to answer your

prayers I want to remove every bad thing

from you and your family I’m not taking

things away from you I’ll give you even

better things you’re at a very important

moment and you’re not the same as

yesterday you’re ready and you’ll make

decisions with confidence don’t listen

to negative people or try to please

those who don’t want you to succeed they

might discourage you but I’ll be with

you you’ll keep going and when the time

is right you’ll use your faith and I’ll

be with you people will hear about the

problems you faced but I’ll give you

amazing blessings I can change you I can

make hard Hearts tender and turn loud

voices into sweet words your family will

see my power even when the world

challenges them your home will shine

with my light and angels will be there

people will be amazed by the

supernatural things happening in your

home many will come come and when you

pray for them I’ll heal their problems

and wounds a spiritual Revival is

starting in your family signaling the

last days people want to know about my

coming but only those who sincerely

believe in me and share my message will

understand my love this strong message

is in you now so pay attention to where

you hear it remember the day and time in

your heart stand tall and look towards


horizon I’ll use your life to bring my

glory to far away lands and don’t lose

faith in the one who gave his life for

your Victory even if you feel unworthy

cling to me forget thoughts of

condemnation and accept my love and

forgiveness I chose you to be a blessing

to your family forget about old problems

and step into a new stage of Triumph and

renewal Let Me Guide You On A New Path

of blessings and wisdom I give you my

love and peace for your soul and mind

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