God Says- Don’t Skip Me Again This is Last Day | God message today for you | God Saying

my precious children I know the pressure

you feel to measure up to succeed to

achieve greatness in the world’s eyes

the voice of comparison Whispers

constant lies that you are not smart

enough gifted enough experienced enough

to truly make an impact you see others

excelling and feel the sting of

inadequacy if only I was as talented as

them as eloquent as accomplished you

think then I could finally live out my

purpose but I’m here to to free you from

that toxic mindset those un Christlike

standards of self- judgment for I do not

Define your worth by how you measure up

against others or by the accolades this

world bestows my way is different my

definition of success is rooted not in

competition but in continual growth in

becoming more like my son with each

passing day affirm your desire for God’s

blessings comment yes I need below and

welcome his Divine favor into your life

true greatness the kind that

reverberates in eternity is forged

through the painstaking unglamorous work


sanctification it blossoms not from

defeating others but from defeating the

enemy within your fears doubts and

fleshly desires that wage war against my

purposes when you focus on being better

than you were yesterday removing layer

upon layer of impurity and doubt you

position yourself for explosive

spiritual growth and impact my child you

are a work of my hands a masterpiece and

glor glorious progress I’m not nearly as

concerned with how you compare to others

as I am with watching you become more

like Jesus each morning do you love me

more passionately than yesterday have

you died a little more to your own

selfish Ambitions are you walking in

Greater Faith wisdom and obedience to my

spirit’s leading these are the marks of

true Eternal success in My Kingdom the

race you run is not against your

brothers and sisters but against

complacency spiritual stagnation and the

temptation to settle for less than my

absolute best I have planted greatness

inside you seeds of influence power and

world changing impact but those seeds

can only take root and grow when you

commit to the day-by-day process of

spiritual cultivation of being

perpetually unsatisfied with your

current spiritual state it does not

matter if others outpace you in Talent

opportunity or visibility those are

human standards that will fade away what

matters is that you run your race with

diligence and wholehearted devotion

keeping your eyes fixed on the author

and perfector of your faith as you

humbly submit to my transformative work

old mindsets and habits will fall away

and you will become rugged anchored

Resolute in your commitment to me do not

be so quick to chase the temporal

accolades of this world and measure

yourself against others that is like

chasing the wind it will leave you

constantly anxious exhausted and feeling

like a

failure instead tend to your own field

and focus on producing spiritual fruit

that will last abide in me and watch as

I chisel you mature you equip you for

the unique assignment I have prepared

when you wake each morning committed to

being just a little more like Jesus you

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