today I’ve come here to speak directly

to your heart I am here by your side

always present in Every Beat of your

heart and in Every Breath You Take I

know the challenges you face the battles

you fight daily and I want you to know

that you are not alone son don’t give up

I chose you with a grand purpose for

this journey is reserved for the

courageous I am revealing my clear plan

to you walking with you every step of

the way together we will overcome tough

times sleep over obstacles and conquer

the challenges that arise Never

Surrender for you are destined for Great

accomplishments your presence here is

not mere coincidence even before your

birth I already loved you and had your

name written in my book I yearn for the

moment when you will see my Guiding

Light and understand the Mysteries that

surround your life in the midst of

afflictions sometimes you may wonder

where I was when you were suffering know

that I have always been by your side

ready to heal your pain and erase the

painful memories of the past my love is

so deep that it forgave all your

mistakes and now I wish to help you

forget the Sorrows that afflict you do

not let the past hold you back for there

is a radiant future awaiting you prepare

yourself for a new chapter in your life

where dreams will come true and

blessings will flow abundantly forget

the old grievances they are gone and I

have forgiven

them if some people do not accept or

forgive you it is time to find new

companion companions who recognize your

true value be free to seek happiness and

protect your family from those who do

not treat you with respect listen to my

inner voice and stay away from

situations that imprison

you if you wish ask me anything and I

will respond with wonders beyond your

understanding you are special in my eyes

and I am eager to guide you to the

promised land where peace and abundance

are infinite break free from the chains

that bind you for you possess the

courage necessary to face any challenge

trust in me my beloved Son and together

we will reach Heights you never imagined

you are a being of light endowed with

infinite potential within you resides a

Divine flame that never Fades an

unshakable force that can move mountains

do not let life’s circumstances steer

you off course instead allow each

challenge to be an opportunity for you

to rise to Showcase to the world your

resilience and Det termination remember

all the times you’ve overcome

adversities when you faced The

Impossible head-on and emerged stronger

than ever that same courage and

determination lie within you at this

very moment waiting to be awakened once

again believe in yourself for I believe

in you you are part of a greater plan a

web of connections that spans the entire

universe every person you meet every

experience you live is part of the

fabric of your journey

do not underestimate the impact you can

have on the world around you your

actions however small they may seem have

the power to transform lives and spread

light where there is Darkness even in

the darkest moments when all seems lost

remember that I am always present

Illuminating the path ahead of you trust

in the process of Life trust in yourself

and know that the best is yet to come do

not give up for the journey you are

embarking on is more extraordinary than

you could ever imagine you are loved

beyond words Beyond human understanding

Feel My Love enveloping You In This

Moment Like a warm embrace that Comforts

your soul let this love guide your steps

and light your way for within it you

will find the strength to overcome any

Challenge and achieve your boldest

dreams rise with determination with

unwavering faith in your heart you are

stronger than you imagine braver than

you think the world is waiting for you

eager to witness the light you r iate do

not give up for The Best Is Yet To Come

I am with you today and always close

your eyes for a moment and feel the

energy pulsating within you like a

mighty river flowing towards the ocean


possibility Every Beat of your heart is

a note in the Symphony of Life a song

that only you can sing with the

intensity of your being now imagine

yourself before a vast Horizon where

dreams stretch beyond the reach of sight

you are the architect of your destiny

the master of your own steps let the

flame of your passion burn brightly

Illuminating the path ahead with a

radiant light that no obstacle can

extinguish do not let the Echoes of

Doubt prevent you from dancing to the

rhythm of your own Melody every

challenge you face is a disguised

opportunity an invitation to discover

the strength that lies within you rise

up with the determination of a thousand

sons and embrace the unknown with the

confidence of one who knows they are

Guided by a Divine hand

fear not the storms that assail your

path for they are but passing clouds

that Herald the arrival of a new dawn

believe in the magic that dwells in

every breath in the faith that fuels

your journey and in the certainty that

nothing is impossible for those who

believe so my son let the world witness

the spectacle of your existence you are

the embodiment of divine grace a miracle

in motion and I am here always by your

side Whispering words of love and

encouragement into the wind do not give

up for The Best Is Yet To Come and

together we will tread the paths of

Eternity with the certainty that we are

infinitely loved and guided by the hand

of God In This Moment of divine

connection I want to reveal to you the

greatness of the plan I have laid out

for you since the beginning of time I

have envisioned your journey a path

intertwined with Destiny and permeated

by the noblest purpose you are a unique

piece in the puzzle puzzle of existence

a singular expression of my creation

every fiber of your being is imbued with

the essence of my light and every beat

of your heart resonates with the melody

of my

grace throughout your life you will face

storms and challenges that will test

your courage and determination but know

that in every turbulence I will be

present enveloping you with the cloak of

my unwavering love you are never alone

for I am your constant guide the beacon

that illuminates the darkest corners of

your path when you feel lost look within

yourself and find the Divine spark that

resides within your being you are

endowed with unique talents and

abilities destined to leave an indelible

mark on the world around you believe in

the power that resides within you for it

is the manifestation of my love and

wisdom in action even in moments of pain

and suffering do not fear for every tear

shed is a tribute to your humanity and a

reminder of your Capac capity to feel

and love allow yourself to heal allow

yourself to forgive for forgiveness is

the key that opens the doors to

Liberation and inner peace as you

Journey along the road of life always

remember your worth and importance in

the Divine scheme of things you are

loved beyond words and more precious

than all the jewels of this world hold

fast to your faith for it is the anchor

that keeps you secure in the tumultuous

Seas of existence and when the the sun

sets on the horizon of your journey and

Twilight turns into Dawn know that I

will be there waiting for you with open

arms and a heart overflowing with love

for you are my child and nothing in this

universe can change that fact with all

my love Infinite blessings will come to

you amen if you believe in these words

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always be with you thank you and see you


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