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[Music] my child I see the ache in your heart the yearning for love that resonates

within your soul it is a beautiful desire a reflection of the love I myself

have poured into creation yet sometimes the path to love can be fraught with its

own challenges [Music]

you speak of those who walk with hearts closed their emotional Wellsprings damned you see their distance and feel

the urge to bridge the gap to win them over with your

[Music] devotion but child understand love is

not a conquest nor a prize to be claimed it is a dance of two willing Souls a

meeting of hearts open and

[Music] free the love you seek the love you deserve does not require a fight true

love like a gentle breeze carries you forward on its wings it does not demand

proof of worth for your worth is inherent a gift bestowed upon you at your very creation you are loved my

child for simply being you

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God those who tell you they are unavailable believe them they are on a different path a journey not yet aligned

with yours it is not a reflection on you on your capacity to love or be loved it

is simply a matter of timing of hearts on different frequencies

do not waste precious energy trying to rewrite past narratives those stories that painted you with the colors of

doubt you are not defined by those experiences you are a tapestry woven

with experiences both joyous and sorrowful yet ultimately your

own the love you seek will not heal the wounds of the past for I have already

equipped you with the strength to do so true love will be built upon a foundation of self-love a deep

appreciation for the Magnificent being you [Music]

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[Music] this so let go my child of the ones who

cannot meet you halfway their journey is not yours to control instead turn your

gaze inwards nurture the love that already resides within you let it Bloom

and flourish a beacon of light that attracts those who vibrate on the same


frequency love that is real love that is meant to be will find you

effortlessly it will flow freely a source of joy and fulfillment a partnership built on mutual respect and

understanding this love will not require manipulation force or endless attempts


persuasion hold on to this truth my child you are worthy of Love A Love that

celebrates your essence a love that empowers you to reach your full

potential don’t settle for anything less don’t dim your light to fit into the Shadows of someone else’s

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this open yourself to the possibilities to the universe conspiring to bring you

the love that aligns with your spirit trust in my design for I have woven love

into the very fabric of creation

it surrounds you awaits you and will find you when the time is right in the

meantime cherish yourself nurture your inner light and know that you are deeply

loved by me and by the perfect love that awaits

you my child on this new path you Embark upon know that the first steps are

always the most demanding it’s like learning to walk your legs Wobble the ground feels uneven and the destination

seems miles away but fret not for every tentative Shuffle forward is a victory


itself remember the greatest Creations the most magnificent Journeys all began

with a single hesitant step even the grandest oak sprouted from a tiny Acorn

weathering the elements pushing its roots deep into the Earth before reaching for the

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this trust that every effort you make no matter how small contributes to The Grand Design each hurdle overcome

strengthens your spirit each lesson learned becomes a stepping stone on your path don’t be discouraged by the initial

difficulties for they are merely The Growing Pains of a beautiful [Music]

transformation look ahead with the unwavering faith of a seed breaking through the soil towards the sun within

a week you will begin to see the first tender shoots of progress the seats of

your dedication will start to sprout a testament to your unwavering

Spirit fast forward a month and the once blurry path will begin to take shape

your commitment to growth will paint a clearer picture guiding you towards your aspirations the initial fog of

uncertainty will lift replaced by the reassuring glow of steady

advancement and a year from now when you turn back to reflect upon your Journey’s beginning a proud smile will Grace your

lips you will Marvel at the distance you’ve traveled the mountains you’ve climbed The Valleys you’ve traversed

your heart will brim with a newfound appreciation for the challenges faced and

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this remember my child the hardest part is often the very beginning it’s in

those first moments when doubt Whispers And fear threatens to paralyze that your true strength shines

brightest so push forward with courage for your future self the version of you

that has blossomed through perseverance will one day look back with gratitude for the seeds you seow today

[Music] have faith in your journey trust in the

process and never lose sight of The Magnificent potential that lies within you for with each step you take with

each hurdle overcome you become a testament to the enduring power of faith and the Limitless possibilities that

bloom from dedication go forth my child and paint your own Masterpiece on the canvas of

life if you believe in the strength of

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my child I see you and in those moments of doubt I see the strength it

takes to keep going it’s easy to get wrapped in negativity to believe the Whispers of fear but know this that path

holds no light for you

you are your own greatest champion you have fought battles emerged Victorious

and accomplished much see yourself clearly not through a clouded lens of

self-doubt there’s no need to carry the weight of unnecessary worries release the past for it only hinders your

journey make space for new experiences for the dreams that ignite your soul

breathe deeply let go of tension and Trust in the power you hold


within this year is a beautiful transformation waiting to unfold you stand on the precipice of becoming a

version of yourself even you haven’t met yet A New You blossoming with wisdom

radiating with [Music]

healing a being of Health discipline focus and unwavering confidence your

intuition will become a keen Compass your patience a boundless well Grace

will be your movement Faith your foundation you are moving towards your

highest self and with every step your light shin shines

brighter if you believe in the strength of God like this video in type

[Music] love freely my dear never regret the

love you give even if it seems to disappear love is a boomerang circling

back in unexpected ways bringing unexpected Joy keep offering love to the world for it

will return to you overflowing and

enriched look at you you have faced trials and emerged stronger your

strength isn’t just physical it courses through your very Spirit you are hardworking ambitious and possess a

resilience that is admirable your loyalty and authenticity are precious gifts anyone who fails to see your worth

is simply blind to the radiance you bring to the

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[Music] life patience my child is not about

simply waiting it’s about understanding how your thoughts and actions shape your reality

it’s about choosing the right paths and letting go of the wrong ones impatience breeds disharmony and frustration

pulling you away from the peace you deserve release the need to control everything life like the vast sea is

full of unpredictable currents true strength lies not in Brute Force but in the ability to adapt to navigate these

currents with Grace and confidence

remember I am always with you you are never alone on this journey trust your

inner voice lean on your strength and embrace the Magnificent transformation unfolding within you this year and every

year to come you will continue to discover the vast beautiful Limitless being that is your true self

my child I see you sharing your vibrant energy with those around you a radiant light reaching out and connecting with

others remember this exchange flows both ways as you give of yourself you receive

in return it’s a beautiful dance this energy we [Music]

share but be mindful my love every connection forms a a bridge a link

between Souls be aware of who you allow into your energetic field for within

each person lies a tapestry of experiences woven with beliefs and emotions both light and

Shadow unknowingly you can absorb these threads these programs that run beneath

the surface so choose your companions wisely true maturity lies in Discerning

these connections and safeguarding your own energetic space not everyone needs to be part of your inner

[Music] circle like this video and type

banish the negativity from your life

[Music] honor your energy for it is a precious

gift feel the subtle shifts when you’re around certain people does their

presence lift you or leave you feeling drained trust your


intuition and sometimes deep within your soul a knowing will bloom a quiet

certainty that it’s time to move on to shed unhealthy habits to break free from

situations that no longer serve you to reach for something more something that

resonates with your truest self you will feel it this gentle nudge towards


change don’t be afraid my child though the path ahead may seem shrouded in Mist

I Am with You guiding your steps even when you cannot see the way doors will open when the time is right doors you

could never have unlocked on your own this period of uncertainty is strengthening your faith not diminishing

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creator each day is a blessing ing even the difficult ones embrace the

challenges for they shape you and make you stronger and owe the light you carry

within it is a beacon in this world a testament to the beauty of your

soul your caring nature is not a weakness but a strength a gift to be

cherished everyone you encounter has in some way been touched by your light they

have needed your kindness your unwavering

love never doubt your worth there is a unique truth within you a beautiful

tapestry woven from your experiences and your love don’t let anyone dim your light keep shining brightly keep

spreading kindness keep radiating love in all you


do the world needs more souls like yours don’t you ever forget it you are

precious you are loved and you are a vital part of the grand tapestry of existence embrace your dope soul my

child Let It Shine [Music]

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creator my dear child it seems like everything you planned in these past days has fallen apart trips work studies

love each aspect feels like it’s gone arai balancing work in life has been

challenging leaving you overwhelmed and lacking time for yourself you’ve sacrificed so much feeling like time is


away but now you’re reaching a turning point time will become abundant and

financial worries will ease I sense a positive shift in the health of a family member or in your own health if you’ve

been unwell relief is on the horizon


there’s no rush to juggle everything at once take this new found time to work without stress let go of the need to

control and instead seek understanding sometimes we must Embrace others paths and choose the energies we allow into

our lives by letting go of persuasion we invite wisdom for our own healing

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creator all your struggles are shaping you making you wiser and stronger deep

within change is stirring a realization that transforms you this transformation

is profound and long awaited emerging from the depths of your heart


realization doesn’t happen overnight it’s a journey that unfolds over time

through it you’ll understand your true worth and find happiness within

yourself when someone truly loves you treat them with tenderness respond to

your friends notice your mother’s efforts and appreciate your grandfather’s

craftsmanship be kind to those who cherish you it’s the least you can [Music]

do remember dormant forces within you are Awakening you possess immense power

to create positive change and leave a lasting impact Embrace this purpose share your gifts and enrich the world

with beauty and

joy you are here to live a purposeful extraordinary life not small or

predictable let your actions create ripples of positivity that echo through

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my child you have grasped a profound truth about The Human Experience complex

traumas often unnoticed by others can quietly accumulate within you like

layers of sediment weighing down your soul each Injustice disappointment and

unspoken pain adds to the growing pressure within your heart

yet Society often overlooks these silent struggles until the breaking point is reached snapping isn’t a sudden event

but the culmination of years of internalized turmoil and suppressed emotions it’s like the final release of

a pressure cooker reaching its boiling point

[Music] understanding this truth can foster empathy and compassion for those who reach their Breaking Point let us strive

together to create a world where individuals are supported heard and understood long before they ever reach

that critical juncture You are not alone in this

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my precious child don’t you forget for a single moment that within you lies

everything you’ll ever need yes the world can be a whirlwind and sometimes you get caught up in its harsh winds

questioning your worth and doubting your abilities it’s easy to fall into the Trap of self-criticism becoming Your Own

Worst Enemy [Music]

but listen closely my love you’re not defined by your fears or your insecurities those are Whispers from the

Shadows meant to keep you from embracing the radiant light that resides at your


core why settle for believing the worst when you have the capacity for such magnificent faith faith in yourself in

your strength in your ability to navigate through life storms and emerge even stronger don’t you see you are a

masterpiece in creation woven with threads of resilience and [Music]

hope instead of expecting the worst cultivate a garden of self-compassion within you give yourself the credit you

deserve acknowledge your efforts celebrate your victories and learn from your mistakes you are constantly

evolving my my child and that’s a beautiful

thing like this video and type if you needed

this don’t let your mind become a battleground of negativity release the distorted versions of reality that

you’ve conjured up see the world and yourself with Clear Eyes embrace the

beauty that surrounds you the potential that lies within you give your mind a rest a chance to breathe let go of the

anxieties that clutter your thoughts there’s a whole world waiting to be explored new ideas waiting to be born

save that precious mental space for the things that truly matter the passions that ignite your spirit the people who

bring you Joy the adventures that make your heart sore

remember you are allowed change your mind growth is a constant dance and your

thoughts and desires May evolve over time Embrace this fluidity for it shows

a vibrant Spirit ever seeking New Horizons take space Retreat from the

world’s noise to reconnect with your inner voice in the quietude you’ll find

Clarity and the strength to forge your own path

[Music] create your version of normal there’s no one siiz fits-all

mold Define what normaly means to you a symphony of passions and Pursuits that

resonate with your soul go at your own pace the world may rush around you but

your journey is not a race move with intention Savor the moments and Trust

the timing of your own unfolding [Music]

ask for help you are not meant to walk this path alone lean on the love and

support of those who cherish you for in their strength you will discover your

own and beyond

that like this video and type to claim this

[Music] reject the status quo question the

established Norms challenge the limitations and Dare To Dream beyond the confines of what is deemed

acceptable be a weaver of your own [Music]

reality leave early if need be there is no shame in departing from from

situations that drain your spirit or no longer serve your purpose guard your energy fiercely for it is the fuel for


journey walk away from people who do not uplift you your heart is a Sacred Space

and those who enter it should bring joy not burdens surround yourself with those who

inspire you to be your best self embrace the power of

transformation like this video and type Amen to claim [Music]

this make new friends my child the world is brimming with Kindred Spirits waiting

to be discovered embrace the richness of diverse connections for they will broaden your perspective and enrich your

life [Music]

fall in love again and again love is a boundless gift meant to be cherished and

experienced throughout your life open your heart to new possibilities for love

has the power to transform and Inspire in countless

ways change your career transform your life life your passions May evolve your

skills May expand never be afraid to redefine your path to pursue new challenges and

rewrite your narrative express yourself with

courage like this video And subscribe if you trust

[Music] God challenge the narrow definitions of

beauty true beauty lies within the depths of your spirit in your kinnesswood



speak with conviction for authenticity is a form of [Music]

courage fight for what you believe in do not be a bystander in the face of Injustice Raise Your Voice for the

voiceless and stand firm in your commitment to a better

world State your needs boldly and clearly you deserve to be heard

respected and supported communicate your desires with confidence for self-

advocacy like this video and type Amen to claim


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