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my beloved child I like the way you are

you’ve been hurt so many times by

attacks that you didn’t deserve that

being said I will keep blessing you take

them in and don’t worry about the people

who want to scare you you are lucky

because you are hearing things and

hearing words that other people have

never heard do not give up stay on the

path people who are jealous of you have

tried to get you into trouble bring you

down steal from you and say bad things

about you you are still strong though

you still believe in God I’m glad you’ve

learned to Value what’s important and

get rid of the hurtful things your

enemies said and did to you they can’t

see because of the light you give off

and my favor in your home makes them so

mad that they can’t sleep you can sleep

soundly while they sleep though knowing

that I am watching over your life your

family your home and your job I’ll take

care of them and get their attention off

of it they know that no matter what they

do they can’t make you worry in the

least their families are in a lot of

trouble because they turn down my love

and word I tried to help them by giving

them good advice but they ignored it all

and grew apart from me you chose to

follow me though it was clear to you

that I was the answer to all your

problems and you gave in completely to

my will you had no doubts about

believing what I said said you know that

not everyone is like you take a look

around many people could feel my love

but their hearts have grown hard they

blame me because things haven’t gone

their way you are not like everyone else

you now know that someone else can’t

make you happy or change your future

only I can do not change it you’ll get

better and luckier every day and even

people who hate you will come to see you

and ask you to tell them about me you’ll

be blessed even more in the future keep

your faith and your unwavering devotion

please don’t give up and please wait a

minute feel the softness of my words the

love and strength that come from them

I’m here because you’ve called out to me

in your mind because you need something

very much to love you more than anything

else my love for you doesn’t fade over

time and I’ll always be there for you

even when things are bad don’t put too

much stock in your feelings they can

fool you like the wind can fool wheat

they want you to lose faith in yourself

because you’ve been with me through so

many Winters and springs you might feel

like your faith isn’t strong enough that

years have gone by and you haven’t

accomplished anything that you’re losing

your way and that you failed you cried

because you thought I had left you today

though I’m here to remind you that I’ve

always been here I’m here to make you

feel better and show you how much I love

you allow your tears to come out don’t

try to carry the guilt that other people

have put on you I want my word to

strengthen your faith and my promises to

keep you at peace you can be sure that I

will always be with you to remind you

that you’re still alive your pain is

here after pain comes healing and after

Trouble Comes Victory feel my touch on

your heart and let go of the negativity

that’s getting in the way of your vision

the flame in your soul drives you to

keep fighting for your dreams and the

people you care about you are loved and

important and you are not alone give me

your weight to carry let go of the

painful thoughts that are trying to make

you believe that I’ve left you and that

no one loves you it’s not true take in

my words and my warm comforting hug

right now you will not fail or give up

when things go wrong or when you suffer

trust have faith and give me your pain

no matter what let me Comfort you I’m

here to listen if you need to cry give

me your feelings of failure and defeat

eat I’ll be by your side all day every

morning every evening and every night to

comfort and help you I’m going to tell

you how much I appreciate you my love

will wrap around you and my strong hand

will watch over you today you go from

winning to winning do not be afraid of

enemy armies or conflict walls instead

put your faith in this word that gives

you strength and beats the forces of

evil come to me and put your fears and

weaknesses back in my hands while you’re

on your knees with my love I will be

ready to heal you today you will raise

your arms in Victory and be happy about

your wins I will put a crown on your

head full of life and strength to get

you ready for the next Day’s Journey and

when you think you’ve reached the top of

the mountain I’ll be there to share your

joy and celebrate with you my love for

you will never end no matter where you

are in life I am always ready to help

you with anything you need I will find

new ways to encourage you to keep

fighting and I will give you lots of

good things negative people have lost

hope because of the problems in the

world so don’t listen to what they have

to say but I will look out for you your

family and the people you love don’t be

scared if you lose things or run into

problems remember that they will go away

soon there’s a reason for every event I

keep a close eye on the people I love

every problem you have will be turned

around for the better someone who works

with evil and wants to ruin your future

and stop my plan will be taken out of

your life they live in delusion thinking

they are stronger than your heavenly

father who loves you so much you know

what’s coming for them don’t give up on

your faith stay strong pay attention to

me and get ready for all the good things

I have planned for you I love you and am

your true feather tell me you think this

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