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God’s message for you today if you want

God blessings always upon you then watch

video till the end my beloved child let

the words I am about to share penetrate

the very core of your being for they

hold the key to unlocking the

transformative power of divine Love in

This World marred by hatred conflict and

resentment I call upon you to embrace a

higher path a path that transcends the

boundaries of human understanding and

reflects the boundless compassion of our

heavenly father look upon those who

oppose you who slander and persecute you

and see not enemies but lost souls in

desperate need of the light of love for

they are but vessels of misguided

passion acting out of ignorance and

wounded Hearts their actions though

hurtful stem from a place of Brokenness

and a lack of true

understanding I implore you do not

respond to their hostility with anger or


for such reactions only breed more

enmity and perpetuate the cycle of

violence instead let your heart be

filled with love a love that sees beyond

the surface of their actions and

recognizes the inherent worth and

dignity of every human soul rest in the

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his blessings be the pillow that cradles

you pray for those who persecute you not

out of a sense of Duty or obligation but

out of of a genuine desire for their

well-being and salvation lift them up in


supplication beseeching the father to

open their eyes to the truth to heal

their Wounded Spirits and to guide them

toward the path of reconciliation and

Redemption remember love is not a mere

sentiment or emotion it is a force that

has the power to transform lives to

break down barriers and to bridge even

the most formidable

divides When you pray for your persec

utter you unleash this Divine Force

allowing it to flow like a mighty River

washing away the stains of hatred and

resentment through your prayers you

become a conduit for the Father’s Love a

vessel through which his grace can pour

forth and touch the hearts of those who

have strayed your intercession has the

power to soften even the most hardened

of souls for the love of God knows no

bounds and can penetrate the darkest

recesses of the human heart heed not the

voices of anger and bitterness that may

whisper in your ear urging you to

retaliate or seek

Vengeance for such paths lead only to

further suffering and perpetuate the

very cycles of violence and hatred that

I have come to break instead let your

actions be guided by the principles of

love and forgiveness reflecting the

character of our heavenly father unlock

the secrets to a fulfilling life with

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today when you extend love and pray for

those who persecute you you not only

impact their lives but also transform

your own for in embracing the way of

love you liberate yourself from the

shackles of resentment and anger freeing

your soul to soar to the heights of

divine grace and inner peace remember

the words I spoke upon the cross father

forgive them for they know not what they

do in that moment of unimaginable

suffering I extended love and

forgiveness to those who inflicted such

pain for I recognize their actions as

the product of human Frailty and


blindness follow in my footsteps my

child and let the Same Spirit of love

and compassion guide your interactions

with those who oppose you for in doing

so you not only honor the teachings I

have imparted but also bear witness to

the transformative power of divine love

in a world plagued by hatred and

division understand that the path of

love is not one of weakness or cowardice

but rather one of profound courage and

strength it takes immense fortitude to

respond to hostility with kindness to

extend forgiveness in the face of injury

and to pray for those who seek to harm

you yet it is in this very Act of

selfless love that you reflect the true

essence of our heavenly father whose

love knows no bounds and whose Mercy

extends to all regardless of their

transgressions eager to hear God’s

message of empowerment and growth

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weekly inspiration so my beloved child

let love be your Guiding Light let

prayer be your steadfast companion and

let forgiveness be the bomb that heals

the wounds inflicted upon you for in

doing so you not only honor the

teachings I have imparted but also

become a Living testament to the

transformative power of divine love in a

world that so desperately needs it

Embrace this path

wholeheartedly and you shall find that

the very forces that once sought to

persecute and oppress you will be

transformed into agents of

reconciliation and peace through the

power of love and prayer you shall be an

instrument of the father’s Grace

ushering in a new era of understanding

forgiveness and unity among all people

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longing for God’s presence amen

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