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my beloved Child come close and let my

comforting arms wrap around you the path

you’ve taken has been hard and you’re

tired and worn out you don’t have to

hide how tired you are instead see it as

a chance for me to take charge of your

life always keep in mind that I have the

power to make everything good even the

things you want to change accept that

right now where you are is exactly where

I want you to be and start from there

take one small step forward at a time

through each fleeting

moment your main job is to tune in to my

gentle guidance and let me lead you

through the choices that lie ahead I

know it’s hard the call of the world and

your desire to be with me are at odds

with each other many of your tiredness

comes from the things that make you want

to give in and The Traps that bad people

set but remember that you you can’t give

up because you’re on the path I chose

for you keep your hope in me because one

day you’ll be able to raise your voice

and praise my name for being there to

comfort you have faith in me because I

will help you and you will praise me

again it can be hard for me to hold on

to Hope sometimes especially when I’m

feeling sad or upset remember that

Christian hope is more than just

feelings it’s trust in me in who I am as

your savior God and in my promise to

lead you to eternal glory my presence in

your life is always there to help but

you don’t always let it in by

complimenting you even when your

feelings aren’t strong I’m helping you

build trust and hope in me at some point

you’ll start singing joyful songs of

praise about me praising my bright

presence you can find joy in me even

when you’re sad and when you say words

of hope and trust in me they lift you

above your problems in this way you

start to feel more grateful and your

happiness grows little by little share

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