God Says: Can You Give Me Your 1 Minute, Child? | Jesus Affirmations | God Message


beloved child because I am life itself I

will give you health and freedom in

every part of your body mind and

soul I will fill you with my Holy Spirit

and visit every part of your mind today

all of your Sorrows forgotten pains

regrets and unresolved mistakes will end

please enjoy the forgiveness I give you

and the cleansing I bring to your heart

from now on you will Cry tears of joy

happiness and praise Let the Rain of

blessings fall on you and your family as

you open your hands to the sky douse

your hair in this holy water and let it

make your clothes heavy but don’t carry

that weight around with you anymore I’m

putting my unmatched glory on you which

will bring about amazing changes and

Transformations this is the time you and

I have both been waiting for change your

story heal your past and get back what

was taken away from you you need to

start over with your life and believe in

everything I said I would do in my word

for the rest of this day you are

changing so much that you will look like

a completely different person the enemy

that eats people can’t get close to you

because people see something unique and

different in you still bad people know

what’s inside you some people hate and

are afraid of you because they know

their time is up and their death is

close the people who attack you will

lose and never come back but you and

your family will win my holy spirit is

filling you up like a vessel with pure

oil that heals I care for you very much

and give you this huge blessing take a

moment to think about all the great

things you can do and how they will help

your whole family you will save many

people from Pain illness and death and

you will make new friends you are

changing as a person I protect you and

care for you night and day in times of

Darkness fear not stumbling for I

surround you with an impenetrable shield

my light guides you open the door to

your heart prepare to be transformed

receive my Holy Spirit who will lead you

into all truth guiding you handin hand

shaping away fear and doubt no longer

will fear or doubt hold sway over you

now your heart is solely filled with my

love you will not allow distress or

uncertainty I love you and the promises

I have made to you are coming to pass my

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