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my beloved child listen for I have important and precious words for you I

am here to bring peace and Grace into your life I ask for your attention just a moment of your time today I bring a

message of Love comfort and strength do not Overlook or ignore this message

listen to it hold it in your heart for these words will bring Grace and blessings into your life my dear child

today I want to share the depth of my love for you a love that is pure and true I will always strive to fill your

life with love surrounding you with peace and comfort in times of hardship

and challenge find Solace and protection in my unwavering presence I want you to comprehend that I

have a grand purpose for you the work I shall perform within you shall be

extraordinary for nothing is beyond my grasp in this wondrous time during which

you acquaint yourself with me I have instilled in you the desire to grow and progress towards the destiny of blessing

that I have fashioned for your life it is imperative that you place

your trust in my promises and the veracity of my word for it shall come to pass for the

benefit and blessing of those who hold me in their hearts therefore I affirm today that

there there is an area in which you have faltered and I point it out not to cause you distress or

accusation but so that you may Rectify it in obedience to my word thereby

multiplying all your blessings indeed it is obedience to my

word that shall unlock all the doors and windows of Heaven guiding you towards your path of blessing and

prosperity only then can you attain Your Divine goals dreams and aspirations in a

super natural manner you must fathom that it is imperative to purge your heart of all

complaints doubts and negativity my dear child your faith

pleases me greatly but do not allow the Venom of Complaint to wither your

sincere belief banish negative sentiments and pessimistic thoughts for they may grow

and when least expected wither your beautiful Faith and

Hope remove complaints from your lips and distance yourself from friendships that consistently seow seeds of intrigue

doubt and grievances seek wise companions surround

yourself with virtuous and honest individuals and cherish integrity and

Truth pursue peace and never repay evil with evil but love your neighbor and

share with those in need please believe what I convey to you today today and do

not reject my words have faith and cling to them for the blessings I offer today

will come to fruition and manifest when you decide to believe in these powerful

words it is time to put your faith into practice and embrace hope for they are

like seeds planted in your heart that will yield beautiful fruits bringing about marvelous occurrences in every

area of your life these seeds will initiate a season of blessing and provision not only for

you but for your entire family you shall experience healing

familial Harmony joy in your soul and happiness shall fill your

heart so do not grow weary of doing good for I assure you that in due season you

shall reap Abundant Blessings stand firm and unwavering even amidst your doubts

and challenges never give up maintain the certainty that the

Radiance of your faith will dispel any Shadows Paving the way for my grace and

favor upon you the blessings I shall pour upon you shall follow you like a

loyal Shadow enveloping you with its mantle in every step you take provision shall flow like an

inexhaustible River bringing forth all that you require at the precise moment

Freedom shall be a sensation of lightness in your soul allowing you to soar without chains savor ing each

moment as a precious gift Joy shall take root deep within you

becoming a constant Melody that dances in your soul happiness that overflowing Delight

that resonates in Every Beat of your heart Shall Serve as an undeniable sign of my love and Divine Purpose for

you my dear child I love you with an affection that surpasses all measure and

comprehension therefore embrace my promises tightly and engrave them within

you for each of them shall come to fruition in perfect time hence take a

step of Faith at this very moment surrender your doubts and fears to me and permit me to Bear the burden of your

cares so that you may walk in tranquility and lightness bid farewell

to complaints and negativity allowing me to transform every challenge into an opportunity and every trial into a

victory allow me to bless you in ways that will exceed all your expectations providing

the necessary provision to meet all your needs believe it I will do it for with

me by your side you shall reach your calling faster and farther Focus solely on seeking my face

day and night and I shall attend to all your concerns you shall witness this

wonderful and Powerful promise come to pass Eye Has Not Seen Nor Ear heard nor

have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love

him today I bless you and declare you free from chains restored in your

finances and prosperous in all your endeavors beloved Child In This Moment

of communion I address you with words brimming with promises and

power listen attentively for I desire to etch them deep within your heart

I am your heavenly father the omnipotent God who watches over you at all times it

is out of my boundless love for you that I have chosen to speak to you and reveal my purpose for your

life know that I am acquainted with your needs and desires even before you voice

them that is why I come to you today to assure you that I will supply all your

needs Grant the desires of your heart and restore your finances

therefore my dear child do not fear or be astonished by what I shall do in your life for I shall restore all aspects of

your being I shall heal your soul and reinstate the peace you had lost the

debts that burden you shall be settled all challenges that seem insurmountable you will overcome for I Am by your side

granting you strength and momentum to move forward know that all your endeavors shall

Thrive your hard work dedication and perseverance shall not be in vain each

seed you plant in faith will grow and bear abundant fruit there will be no

Financial commitment beyond your reach for I will provide you with wisdom to manage the blessings I bestow upon

you watch as doors of blessings open before you Prosperity will enter your life in

many forms material emotional and spiritual enhancing your life and those

around you but remember my child Prosperity is not just Earthly wealth it is a state of

completeness in every aspect of your being as you prosper stay faithful in

small things and I will entrust you with greater things remember my blessings call for

obedience and responsible stewardship of all I give you keep a humble and

Generous Heart always ready to share with those in need especially the less

fortunate prepare your heart to be a Channel of blessings to many my child be

aware that you will face challenges and obstacles that test your faith fear not

for I will be with you strengthening and guiding you do not let adversity

discourage you for in Trials your character is shaped and your trust in me

is proven my plan for you goes beyond the m material while I may restore your

finances and settle your debts I desire your deep spiritual transformation may your

relationship with me deepen and your faith grow with each Victory and

challenge trust in my word for I am faithful and keep my

promises my love and power know no bounds if you cling to me and entrust

yourself to my care you will experience my super natural blessings hold tightly to my love and

grace and live knowing that your finances will be restored your debts paid and your burdens

eased scarcity will not touch your household nor afflict your

descendants I will lavish abundance in every area of your life fear not for my

grace is sufficient and my Mercy Everlasting walk in obedience and Faith

trusting that I will never leave you you will be a testament to my miraculous

provision and others will see the truth of my promises in your life so receive this message with joy

and gratitude declare that your finances will be restored your debts paid and all

you do will prosper for you are my beloved child I ask you to keep your heart open

to my voice and guidance in each step seek my wisdom and trust in my

plan do not be discouraged by adversities as they bring opportunities

for growth and strength your faith in me will be richly

rewarded do not worry about tomorrow nor fear obstacles in your path focus on me

the author of Faith have confidence that I am your provider and will never

forsake you my love for you is unconditional and I desire your pro prosperity in every

area remember these words as a reminder of my commitment Love and Desire to

bless you abundantly today I bless you and declare you free from debt restored

in finances and prosperous in all Endeavors build your life on the solid

rock of Christ and you will achieve your goals in this world you will face trials

and challenges that test your faith and character today I’m I advise you to

build your life on the unshakable rock of Christ Jesus ground yourself in my

word and principles and not be swayed by the whims of the times do not be lured by worldly desires

or let them Harden your heart they are like shifting Sands bringing shame and

failure the paths of this world are feudal and deceitful leading to doubt

and fear stay alert and prepared for trials stand firm equipped with spiritual tools

and clothed in my power do not let the enemy’s Shadows Cloud your mind or his

lies darken your heart beware of false and enticing words that seek to steal

your blessings and divert you from my Divine Purpose trust in me and do not

allow yourself to be swayed by the falsehoods that may attempt to divert you from my path remember that you are

my child my creation my masterpiece and I have instilled within you the truth

and the light of my word place your trust in my love and the wise counsel I offer you

today do not forget that I will always desire the best for your life seeking

your well-being and standing by your side to guide and shield you from the snares of the

adversary so when you are tempted to heed those malevolent voices the ones

that whisper lies and seek to seow doubt in your heart rebuke them and cast them aside seek refuge in my word and in

prayer cling to them and you will find the strength you require and protection for your soul in my presence you will

always discover rest peace and the joy you seek therefore once more I say to you my

beloved child construct your life upon the unshakable rock for if you do so

storms and difficulties may come but nothing will move you tempests will

arise yet if you build your life upon the steadfastness and strength that only Christ can provide you shall not be

toppled not even by the fiercest waves or winds as long as your life is founded

upon the rock that is Christ you shall endure trials and

tribulations for he is the gateway to eternal life the source of salvation for

your soul do not doubt my words beloved child

trust in me and place all your dreams goals and concerns in my hands I will

lead you and provide you with the comfort and strength needed to overcome the challenges that arise in your daily

Journey so if at any moment you feel lost or overwhelmed remember these words

build your life upon the unyielding rock that is Christ in doing so you will be fully

prepared for every good work resisting the assaults of the enemy engaging in

the Battle of Faith with the sword of the spirit which is my word only then

will you attain Victory and partake in the great and wondrous blessings that I

have reserved for you with me by your side nothing and no one can stand

against you always remember my child that I am the Eternal rock your

indestructible Foundation always ready to bless and prosper you if you abide in

me and my words abide within you everything you ask for will be

granted for I honor those who honor me and bless those who place their trust in

me May My Words Be as a seal upon your heart and may your life remain grounded

in the principles of of my word be just and act with kindness proclaim the truth of my gospel

in season and out of season bring good news to the poor Proclaim freedom to the

captives heal the brokenhearted Enlighten the eyes of the Blind and set the oppressed

free do not forget that I am always with you and desire the best for you you are

my child my greatest creation I will never leave you remember

that my spirit resides within you and I have instilled in you a steadfast Faith

to prevent you from stumbling or sinking into the quicksand now rise and walk by faith

claiming each of my promises with certainty and conviction knowing that your life is built upon the unshakable

rock that is Christ trust in me my child and believe

in my words then everything you ask for in the name of Jesus will be granted

your chains are broken today I set you free blessed and prospered believe it on

this day filled with hope I want you to know my child that I love you I am with

you and you are surrounded by my grace and divine benevolence for I am your God and Father

the light that illuminates your path I am here to Break Every curse in your life and dispel all the Shadows that

have obscured your mind your heart and your spirit listen carefully my child

for today doubts and fears that have held your heart captive dissipate no more

uncertainty no more sadness and no more confusion today the bonds that prevented

your growth are shattered today the chains of curse and scarcity in your life are broken for I am here to give

you life and life in abundance allow me to fill you with my peace and

wisdom embrace you with my eternal love and pour out my blessings upon every

facet of your being I know that the path you have traveled has not been

easy I have witnessed the struggles and trials you face

daily I have seen how the shadows and schemes of the adversary have affected

your spiritual journey bringing anxieties and challenges to your faith

but today in my infinite love I want to tell you that I am dispelling the Shadows that have obscured your path for

so long preventing you from seeing the opportunities and blessings I have placed before you I break every bond in

your life and shatter every link to doubt and fear liberating you from any

negative influence that has Disturbed your peace and Tranquility at this moment I declare

Freedom over your life I declare that my Divine Light illuminates your path

bringing security joy and happiness today I proclaim the rupture of Every

curse that has limited your potential where there was once confusion

there will now be Clarity and understanding where there was insecurity

confidence and certainty will flourish where there was discouragement

I bring hope and renewal to your spirit my love will flood every corner

of your being providing you with a sense of fullness peace and

strength my child today I extend my loving hand to you I open the windows of

heaven and declare that you will be blessed the doors of abundance swing

wide open and opportunities you have never before encountered will come your

way your faith will be be strengthened and you will be like a tree planted by

streams of water yielding abundant fruit in its season and your Leaf shall not

Wither in me you will find the calm you need the rest and the answers to your

deepest questions place your trust in me my dear child have faith in my words and embrace

my promises I assure you that you will be able to partake in a profound and

fulfilling life with me by your side no uncertainty shall imped your progress and no

challenge shall be insurmountable the Shadows that once obscured your faith and the influences

that disrupted your inner peace will never Thrive within you again for I will

be beside you as the beacon that illuminates your path an unending source

of Supernatural blessings fear not beloved child fear not to take that step

and place your trust in me for I am the father who loves you and desires nothing but the best for you you need only

confide in me and follow my guidance I shall be your unwavering guide and

faithful companion I will never abandon you even in moments of spiritual Darkness know

that I shall always be with you and my grace will forever accompany you I shall

Provide support in times of doubt and serve as your Wellspring of inspiration on your spiritual

journey therefore trust in me and allow me to be the guide of your

life always remember that you are cherished and that your past holds no sway over me it matters not how

challenging the path you’ve walked may have been what truly matters is that you

are here now listening to my voice hearing the whisper in your heart assuring you of my love I am here to

illuminate your path and help you find the peace joy and happiness you long

for so trust in me my dear child trust in my light my love and my unwavering

faithfulness I shall never let you down never forget that my grace and favor envelop you and my will is to bless you

abundantly my love for you is boundless and my faithfulness is unyielding

regardless of how dark the path you may have to tread my light will always illuminate your way therefore I

encourage you to press forward living in the truth of my word persisting in

prayer it is through this that you will witness my wisdom manifest in your life

prospering your journey so once more I say to you my dear child rise up lift your heart and

declare my word proclaim your freedom knowing that no curse no bondage no

chain can hold you back for I Am with You illuminating your path protecting

you and loving you I shall never abandon you I will always be by your side

guiding you and bestowing blessings upon every fcet of your life on this beautiful day accept my

peace and the blessing I send from heaven today I anoint you and clothe you

in spiritual garments of goodness today I renew my commit ment to you so that my

light may shine in your life making you a reflection of love and forgiveness for those who seek answers amidst their

chains my beloved child today I Empower you to undo the works of evil to share

my truth with humility with those who seek light in the midst of Darkness

trust in me my dear child trust that I will guide your steps with love and

wisdom I will make you a happy prosperous and blessed person I love you my

child only I know what is best for you so place your trust in

me I will take care of your concerns doubts and fears my child heed my advice do not

ignore my wisdom for it will lead to your prosperity in all aspects of life

for I am your God your heavenly father the one who created you and gave you

life I called you from the the farthest corners of the Earth from the remotest places and said you are my child I have

chosen you and predestined you so do not be afraid for I am with you do not be

discouraged for I am your God strengthening you I will always help you

I will always support you with my righteous hand today you must understand that if you want to lead a fulfilling

happy and Abundant Life you must learn to listen to me and follow my guidance

I know it won’t be easy but it is what’s best for you I have created you and

shaped you with my hands and only I know what is best for you therefore I implore

you not to disregard my wisdom or turn away from my words for they are the foundation for a fulfilling life filled

with joy and invaluable blessings that’s why I urge you to follow my advice for only in doing so

will you attain a life full of peace love and prosperity a life brimming with significant

achievements and Abundant Blessings so When Trials come your way or you face challenges that make you

feel alone and abandoned remember that I’m with you and you can trust in

me I brought you into this world with a unique and sacred purpose not to let you

suffer hold on to my hand my beloved child cling to it with strength at all

times walk with certainty and conviction no knowing that I will never let go I

will be your constant guide your Firm support in every step you take I will

help you achieve your goals and fulfill all your dreams my hand will always hold yours

you need only trust and remember that if you place all your worries doubts and fears in me I will make them disappear I

will solve your problems and disciple your fears for I am your God strong and Vigilant guarding the well-being of my

children and meeting their needs therefore my child I implore you

not to stray onto dark paths remain steadfast in faith stand on the rock

that is Christ nothing and no one can topple you not even the evil one who

prowls like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour so my child do not give up do not

doubt my word trust in it for I have grand plans for you

though you may not see the path clearly now I know where each step will lead you

just believe in me let my wisdom and the light of my word guide you for in them

you will find the way to happiness and success a path that will lead you to green and gentle pastures where you will

discover the path to Victory joy and

prosperity therefore do not falter my child continue forward like a brave Warrior a

man of Valor unashamed and exemplary in faith a man who obeys and imparts the

message of Truth with humility to those who seek light amid the darkness trust

in me my child trust that I will guide your steps with love and wisdom I will

make you a happy prosperous and blessed person remember that I shall forever be

by your side not only when things go well well but also when everything turns

difficult and adverse for each challenge you encounter in your life will be an opportunity to

grow and fortify yourself every obstacle shall become a Gateway that draws you

closer to new experiences and Newfound wisdom place your trust in the notion

that despite the darkest moments my light shall illuminate your path my

plans for your life will perpetually transcend any adversity As I Shall transform significant trials into great

opportunities every step of faith shall serve as the foundation upon which you build the trust and courage requisite

for achieving your dreams therefore never yield for I am your strength and salvation I am your

loving father who will always Aid you protect you and provide for your every

need you can confide in me as I shall lead you to the Garden of my promises

the desired place where you you can accomplish all that you set out to achieve remember that I plucked you from

the far reaches of the earth predestined you to be worthy happy and Blissful

simply heed my counsel and so it shall be you shall lead a life briming with

blessings and happiness nothing shall impede the fruition of my promises in your life press onward with the

certainty that I your father shall steer you towards the path of prosperity

propelling you towards a future future imbued with love success and

joy be at ease do not rush or despair for you shall emerge Victorious from

this situation because in me you are more than a conqueror beloved in this world there

will always be harsh and arduous circumstances that you may not always

control indeed there will be times when You Face tragic situations that will test your faith and

character situations that will attempt to unsettle you but rest assured trust

in me and I assure you that all shall be well for I have conquered the world and

in me you are more than a conqueror hence it is essential that you

comprehend that life in this world will not always be a Bed of Roses there will be moments when you

feel the pressure of problems but but remember that in the midst of the storm

I am your secure Refuge my loving arms are always open to support and console you in times of

need I also implore you not to disregard the treacherous and deceptive

terrain that the enemy will lay before you for he will seek to immerse you in

the illusions of this world its vain riches power and Earthly

Pleasures his deceitful voice will make these things appear enticing to your eyes but they are ephemeral and can lead

to the ruin and destruction of your soul yet be wise and

prudent build your life upon the solid rock that is Christ Jesus stand firm in him so that when the

trial comes nothing shall cause you to stumble you can remain secure and

confident despite the storms keep in mind that the world may seem enticing but its beauty is fleeting

and its promise of satisfaction is deceitful in my love and my word you

will find a lasting refuge and an inexhaustible source of peace and

joy do not be swayed by the shallow current of this world instead root

yourself in me and you will discover a peace that surpasses all

understanding my child be aware that the enemy will always see seek to seow doubt

and fear in your heart but fear not for I have equipped your hands with the

sword of the spirit which is my word with it you can resist the enemy’s

attacks and wage the good fight of faith it is crucial that you keep your heart

and mind focused on my word so you are not LED astray by the enemy’s

distractions stand firm in my truth and you will find the guidance and wisdom

you need to overcome any challenge remember that your life in this world does not mean that you will never face

difficulties it means that even in the midst of Trials you can have the

confidence that I am with you and my love and power are greater than any obstacle you may

encounter so walk with the assurance that I will never forsake you or leave

you alone in your times of need I will always be by your side

supporting you guiding you and giving you the strength you require no matter how dark the path you

are traversing my light will shine in the darkness and show you the way to [Music]

Victory do not grow weary of doing good no matter how arduous the circumstances

in which you find yourself continue to be a beacon of love hope and compassion

in a world that at times appears shrouded in darkness never forget that

your faith in me empowers you to be a source of light amid the Shadows your

acts of love and kindness shall bestow blessings upon those who surround you

this world may pose challenges but always remember that I have already overcome the world with this

truth in your heart rise and confront each day with courage and confidence I assure you that you shall

Triumph and experience the fullness of a prosperous Victorious and blessed

life I know what transpired on that day I witnessed what occurred leave the

anger in my hands allow me to enact my Justice those who harmed you shall witness my favor upon you they shall see

how I bless you even in the midst of scarcity for I honor those who honor me

I love those who love me I care for all my children for they

are my most Exquisite creation fear not for the worst has passed do not distress

for I am here to soothe your pain neither shall anyone nor anything

harm you for I intrude you with My Precious Blood the malevolence seek to intimidate

you employing those you love to inflict harm upon you but you must stand strong

you must resist I shall not allow them to hurt you as they did in the past I am I am

safeguarding your heart at this very moment for I dwell within it thus

believe me when I say that all that is ill has already passed let me console you in this moment

of Sorrow let me work my wonders within you do not lead your days in despondency

do not let the feelings of pain and anger consume you fill yourself with my presence fill yourself with my peace

behold I command you to muster strength and be Valiant fear not nor falter for I

am your God who upholds you raise your gaze to the heavens I shall rescue you

from this situation and reveal the path you ought to tread I shall satisfy you and place my

blessings and provision upon your table for if you trust in me nothing shall be

lacking there will not be a single moment when I depart from your side I shall always be there for you

you shall be free beloved daughter you shall be free cherished son continue

under my shadow beneath the shelter of your omnipotent God repent of all your

sins and give me a pure and sincere heart allow me to cleanse your garments

I shall clothe you in White Breaking All the chains that bound you dispelling all

oppressive thoughts the malevolent spirits that tormented you depart at this very moment

I declare you free do not open your door to the world’s Refuge do not permit them to

soil your pure and clean heart distance yourself from those who harm you leave behind false friendships

no longer engage with those who cause you harm do not seek them

out associate with friends who contribute to your growth individuals who study my word who delve into my

scriptures remember as stated in Proverbs that iron

sharpens iron do not squander your time on those undeserving close your ears to

the Council of fools wait upon my will I know it is

difficult but it is necessary for the Fulfillment of what I have promised you

be patient do not fret about tomorrow do not despair what must transpire will occur

in due time for you are aware that my timing is impeccable do not take my words lightly

store them deep within your heart for on the day of distress they shall provide

you with Solace and support I tell you once more I am with you I am your helper

the one who extends a hand to you when all others abandon you the one who raises the Fallen the one who heals the

sick I have done it before and I shall do it again in these times s many have

lost their way they have corrupted their hearts opting for Earthly Pleasures over

what is necessary Living Without Me is tempting but living with me is a blessing as I

mentioned to you on that occasion the life of a Believer is not simple many will depart many will go

away yet this is necessary the world may close its doors to you but I shall open

others doors you have never crossed doors of blessing doors of opportunity

for what I have promised in your life I shall fulfill remember that he who SWS prayer

reaps answers I listen to you beloved daughter

I listen to you cherished son each word that escapes your lips I

receive with love I enjoy hearing from you learning about your daytoday and

having you share your troubles with with me I shall always be here to offer

guidance from now on beloved daughter lift your gaze Raise Your Eyes to the

Sky and Trust to me what lies beyond your control allow me to take care of those

who harm you I say it once more I shall enact my Justice upon you I shall bless

you before those who criticize you you need not worry any longer for I shall

fulfill what I have told you believe it for so it shall

be treasure this message deep within your heart remember my

words for they shall comfort and sustain you on the day of

adversity amen


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