God Says, Begging For Your 2 Minutes Please Give Me!

as you share this message do so with the

intention of spreading love and faith if

my words have touched your heart I

invite you to express your gratitude

through a super thanks and consider

joining our Channel membership for daily

manifestation for you this community is

a space where we connect share and grow

together in faith and love a testament

to the power of belief and the strength

of our Collective

spirit in every step you take embody

patience for there’s always a profound

intention behind my actions rooted in

the celestial realm this space invisible

to your eyes is where my plans to

safeguard you from unseen perils unfold

heed my guidance it’s your beacon to a

path devoid of obstacles leading you to

your goals with

ease presently you find yourself at a

Crossroads a momentary halt on your

life’s journey Embrace this pause with

gratitude reflect on the instances when

your pleas were answered and remember

the support I provided during your

trials these memories are pillars of

your faith remind you of my constant

presence and reassurance that my

assistance is

Perpetual unveil those dreams you’ve

shelved away it’s time to breathe life

into them for with my support what once

seemed unattainable will be within your

reach glorify my sacred name you’re now

equipped to abandon detrimental habits

for No Force surpasses my protection


you contemplate these truths and prepare

for pivotal choices ahead distance

yourself from environments that disrup

your peace and decline invitations that

Veer you towards transgression dear

cherished Soul remember that you are

never Shackled by feelings of defeat or

discouragement I remind you that you

possess a spirit of love and immense

power those fluctuating emotions which

can feel overwhelming at times will

align under a higher

authority instead of being submerged in

anxiety or fear you will find my

strength surging within you today marks

a pivotal moment you are stepping into

freedom and beginning to understand your


Essence fear and despair have no place

in your journey for your Solace and Aid

originate from the Divine arriving

precisely when you need them in perfect

harmony with the universe’s timing trust

in this process for it will bring you

Abundant Blessings and extraordinary

outcomes you are on the cusp of entering

a period filled with Joe and

Elight hello and a warm welcome to you

today I’m here to reassure you that I am

with you watching over you and your

loved ones commands have been given to

ensure your path remains clear and

undisturbed I understand the worries

that cloud your mind and I recognize

their validity you are human tan the

challenge is before you are

significant yet what is even more

powerful is the loving and faithful

presence within you bring those burdens

to my feet now and watch as I transform

your worries into profound blessings

through my promises and power remember

this always I was I am and I will always

be with you through every era my

presence is a constant in your life

never to be withdrawn

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