God is saying you today hey there champ get ready to ride

the waves of Fortune within the next hours a sweet windfall is heading your

way in the form of a juicy Lottery Win picture it your bank account swelling

with a hefty sum that’s about to sprinkle some serious Sparkle into your

life this Stroke of Luck isn’t just any old jackpot it’s a game Cher a cosmic

high five from the universe brace yourself for a tidal wave of Happiness

not just for you but for your whole crew it’s like hitting the jackpot on Joy and

abundance if you’re vibing with the idea that the Universe has your back hit that like button trust that just like sugar

draws in ants your hands are magnets for wealth get ready to bask in the glow of

prosperity flowing into your life like a boss

type if you believe in God beloved child get ready to soak up

the goodness streaming your way picture this in the next hours you’re in for

a tidal wave of abundance think unlimited wealth tiptop health and allaround

prosperity brace yourself for a flood of Joy coming at you in the forms of Love

riches and just feeling darn good stick around till the credits roll on

this video to catch these blessings all thanks to a little divine

[Music] intervention hey there kiddo take a moment to soak in your

surroundings from the Wide Open Sky to the Solid Ground beneath your feet from the Babbling Brooks to the Towering

Peaks from the warm sun to the twinkling stars I crafted it

all you’re never flying solo I’m right there with you every step of the way

consider yourself my special project and know that my love for you knows no bounds as a follower of the faith you’re

part of a team I’ve got your back always and I’ve even planted a little piece of me the Holy Spirit right within you for

good measure type if you believe in

God dear child chill out friend think of me as your cozy Nest where you can

snuggle up and feel safe I’ve got your back like a faithful Guardian warding

off any troubles that come your way count on me to guide you through

life’s twists and turns Always by your side when you need a hand you’re like a

cherished treasure to me and my love for you knows no bounds. o and don’t forget the power of your words as Believers

we’ve got this rad ability to tackle the forces of evil with the awesome truth we speak

speak Jesus says let’s chill out and Vibe for a sec ever thought about how

prayer and speaking out loud can totally shake things up and bring some serious Good Vibes into your life it’s like

tapping into this Mega powerful energy source that changes everything around

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