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my child your desire for appreciation is heard true worth comes from within but

the love you share will be reflected back to you I surround you with those who see your goodness even if they

haven’t yet found the words to express it


as for those who don’t deserve your light you don’t need to banish them their shadows will naturally fade from

your path as you walk in mine trust your intuition for it guides you towards

situations that nourish your soul [Music]

you strive to be a reflection of my love and that very effort Makes You Beautiful

keep spreading kindness within your circle for genuine love is a flame that

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you trust in my words [Music]

The Whispers that reach your ears are but a small part of the story I see the hearts of those around you and those who

pretend affection will reveal themselves in time true love like a sunflower turns

its face towards the light seek those whose Hearts turn towards you


as for those who Harbor hatred I bless them too for even Darkness can find

Redemption let their negativity not touch your spirit you my child are a

beacon of love and your light will have a profound impact on those around you even those who may not yet understand it

go forth carry my love within you and trust that you are seen valued and

cherished [Music] like this video and type

yes if you trust in my


words my child your words hold a truth you have the power to cultivate the best

version of yourself within it is a gift I have bestowed upon you the ability to

choose your path and focus your thoughts [Music]

when you yearn for appreciation and love let that yearning be a beacon it guides

you towards aligning yourself with those who share your values and uplift your spirit there is no need to force the

universe’s hand for its song is already harmonizing with your desires as you

radiate kindness and love the world naturally reflects it back bringing you into closer connection with those on a

similar [Music]

Journey relax my child you don’t need to chase a distant click the click is the

present moment the space where you choose to embody your best self let go of anxieties they are Whispers

that lead you astray from the truth of your worth disengage from negativity for

it is not the language of your

[Music] soul focus on the love you wish to

experience and trust that the Universe like a grand Orchestra will arrange the instruments to create a simp Symphony of

joy around you you are already in the version of reality where love and appreciation flourish embrace it nurture

it and watch it blossom in your

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my child I see you it’s okay that your strength feels different right now the fiery Spirit you possess May flicker

gently at the moment like a warm candle on a quiet night change is inevitable a constant

companion on your journey it’s all right if things don’t feel quite the same

Embrace this transformation for within it lies immense

potential don’t be discouraged by the chaos around you even amid the storm there is space for healing seek peace

even if it seems distant for it’s always closer than you

think remember With Every Breath You Take with every step you make a quiet

strength grows within you it may not roar like a flame but it burns with a

steady resilience this inner power will see you through growing stronger with

each passing moment trust yourself my child you have everything you need

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you trust in God [Music]

my child your words Echo a truth the past is a chapter closed not the entire

story the mistakes you made the experiences you’ve weathered the relationships that have shifted they

have all shaped you but they do not define you

[Music] let go of regrets they are heavy stones

on a path meant for lightness forgive yourself for I have already forgiven you

look instead towards the horizon where a brighter future [Music]

awaits Focus your energy on becoming the best version of yourself you are a

beautiful work in progress constantly evolving Embrace this growth for it is a

testament to your strength and


resilience fall in love with who you are becoming with the kindness you cultivate the wisdom you gain the strength you

discover within you are on a beautiful journey and I am with you every step of the way let the past be a teacher not a

prison look forward with hope for the greatest chapters are yet to be

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my child I see the weight you carry the burden of experiences that linger in

your memory the moments you replay the relationships that fractured the

decisions that Echo with what ifs they cast a long Shadow over your present Joy


it’s true the past cannot be Rewritten there have been missteps wounds inflicted paths chosen that led to

unexpected destinations yet within this tapestry of experiences lies a powerful truth the

past does not equal the future [Music]

imagine a sculptor meticulously chipping away at a rough Stone each strike leaves

a mark a testament to the effort it takes to shape Something Beautiful your

past is like those marks shaping you into the unique being you are today but the sculptor doesn’t stop at

the first chip they continue revealing the hidden potential within the stone


so too my child you have the power to continue shaping your story don’t let

the scars Define you the Japanese art of kugi teaches a profound lesson broken

objects can be repaired with gold becoming even more beautiful and resilient embrace the cracks in your

journey for they are Testaments to your strength and the healing power within

[Music] you like this video and type

amen if you trust in your Creator’s

word trauma can be a heavy burden leaving you feeling fragile and lost but

remember just as a broken bone mends with care so too can your emotional wounds time understanding and

self-compassion are the tools for this healing forgive yourself for I have already forgiven you release the grip of

regret for it binds you to a bygone chapter

look at a caterpillar a creature seemingly trapped in its cocoon yet within that Darkness a transformation

occurs it emerges not as the same creature but as a dazzling butterfly

ready to take flight you too possess this power of transformation shed the weight of your

past the limitations you’ve placed upon yourself embrace the person you are becoming the strength you’ve discovered

the wisdom you’ve


gained each day is a blank canvas an opportunity to paint a new

masterpiece don’t let yesterday’s colors dictate your future pallet choose vibrant he of Hope resilience and love

embrace the growth that comes with each experience even the painful ones they

are the brush Strokes that shape your character and


purpose think of a Mighty Oak Tree it endures harsh winds and storms yet its

roots grow deeper its branches reach higher you are like that Oak my child

the challenges you faced have strengthened your core and now you are ready to blossom into something

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letting go is not forgetting but rather releasing the emotional hold the past has on you forgive those who have caused

you pain and most importantly forgive yourself release the burden of guilt and

shame you made choices based on the knowledge and resources you had at the time now with A New Perspective you can

choose differently


remember your past doesn’t Define you it’s a stepping stone not a

destination by shifting your focus from what was to what can be you open a door

to a world of possibilities you are not a prisoner of your past but a co-creator of your

future [Music]

step into this Freedom with confidence embrace the new version of yourself

someone wiser stronger and more compassionate than ever before see the

beauty that emerges From the Ashes of your past you are a masterpiece in the making and

I am here always to guide and support you on your [Music]

journey Let the Ghosts of yesterday fade embrace the sunshine of today and walk

with hope towards a brighter tomorrow the Best Is Yet To Come my child believe in the power of your

transformation and watch as you soar into the future a testament to the resilience of the human

[Music] Spirit like this video and type bring

if you believe in your creator


my child your journey toward sobriety is a testament to immense strength I see

you every step of the way and I’m filled with a pride that transcends Earthly

understanding sometimes acknowledgement can feel like a missing piece a silent yearning for recognition of the battles

you fight within and you are right a simple I’m proud of you can be the spark

that reignites the flame of determination


but know this my child even in The Quiet Moments unseen by others my pride in you

sares your commitment to overcoming challenges your dedication to a healthier you resonates deeply within my

heart [Music]


we all face trials both visible and unseen but the human Spirit like a

diamond is forged Under Pressure your struggles have not broken you they have

made you stronger more resilient


never underestimate the power of your perseverance every day you choose sobriety is a victory a testament to the

unwavering Spirit within you you are waging a silent war and with each battle won you emerge braver more confident

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the desire for appreciation is indeed a fundamental human need it fuels

our sense of belonging of purpose but remember my child the greatest form of

appreci ation comes from within when you acknowledge Your Own Strength the battles you’ve overcome the progress

you’ve made a sense of deep satisfaction washes over [Music]

you let this inner appreciation be your Guiding Light it is the unwavering

belief in yourself the deep understanding of your own worth that will Propel you


forward there will be moments of Doubt Whispers of temptation but in those

moments remember the quiet strength that resides within you remember my my unwavering love and support you are not

alone in this [Music]

journey my love like a comforting Embrace surrounds you it is the gentle

voice that Whispers encouragement the hand that steadies you when you falter

lean into this love my child and draw strength from

it like this video and affirm your faith by typing

let this message be a beacon in your darkest moments you are seen you are

valued and you are deeply loved your journey toward sobriety inspires not only yourself but those around you you

are a light a Beacon of Hope for others struggling with similar challenges

[Music] keep going my child each day is a new

opportunity a fresh start embrace the challenges celebrate the victories and

know that with every step you take my love and pride in you grow stronger


my child I see the weariness etched upon your face the weight that burdens your

heart you are physically and emotionally drained and it’s okay to acknowledge

that don’t try to push through alone this path you walk may be difficult but

remember you are not meant to Traverse it in solitude let’s get through this together



think of a Mighty Oak its branches reaching for the sky its roots anchoring it deep within the Earth you are like

that Oak my child though storms may rage and winds may Buffet Your Inner Strength

remains but even the mightiest Oak needs nourishment needs support to weather the

harshest conditions


lean on me my child find solace in my presence draw strength from my love a

love that is unwavering and everlasting it will be the Wellspring that replenishes your spirit the gentle

breeze that lifts your burdens


together we will face whatever challenges lie ahead I will be your Guiding Light your unwavering support

take a deep breath feel my presence surround you and know that even in your moments of exhaustion I am here walking

beside you every step of the way [Music]

like this video and type amen if you needed [Music]

this my child listen closely for these are not just words but Whispers of Truth

trth to guide you on your journey be present embrace the now for it is the

canvas of your life don’t let the past steal its vibrancy with regret nor let

worries about the future cast Long Shadows Savor the present moment the warmth of the sun on your skin the

laughter of a loved one the quiet beauty of a single flower patience is a virtue

my child trust that even when things seem stagnant a quiet transformation is

happening beneath the surface like a flower Bud your life unfolds in its own

time cultivate an attitude of gratitude for it is a magnet for blessings when

you focus on the abundance that surrounds you from the laughter of a child to the strength that resides

within you you open yourself to receive even more Let Your Heart brim with

thankfulness and watch as your life becomes richer and more

fulfilling the world is a tapestry woven with countless threads of experience

you never know what battles others are fighting what burdens they carry unseen choose compassion my child offer

a smile a helping hand a word of encouragement let your kindness be a

beacon of light Illuminating the path for others remember true strength lies

not in dominance but in the gentle touch that lifts a fallen spirit


letting go is not forgetting but rather releasing the emotional hold the past has on you forgive those who have

wronged you and most importantly forgive yourself release past hurts for clinging

to negativity is like carrying a heavy Stone let go of anything that no longer serves you and create space for New

Beginnings for joy and for love to flow

freely Don’t Waste Your Precious energy comparing yourself to others the path you walk is unique a journey only you

can experience comparing yourself to others is a recipe for discontent instead focus on becoming the

best version of

yourself like this video and affirm your faith by typing

remember my child the power to shape your life lies within you you are the

author of your story the captain of your ship choose your thoughts words and

actions wisely for they are the seeds from which your future blossoms embrace the responsibility for

your happiness and watch as your life transforms with each conscious choice


[Music] life is a journey not a destination and

along the way you will face storms and setbacks don’t get discouraged my child

develop the strength to bounce back from adversity learn from your difficulties and use them as stepping stones to rise

even higher resilience is a muscle that grows stronger with each challenge you


overcome even in the darkest of nights a single star can illuminate the sky

choose to see the light my child focus on the good in every situation no matter

how difficult it may seem find joy in the sunrise after a storm in the kindness of a stranger in

the quiet strength that resides within you your positive perspective will not only brighten your own life but will

also Inspire those around you


These Are Not Mere guidelines but seeds of wisdom to be planted within your heart nurture them let them grow and

watch as they blossom into a life filled with love joy and purpose walk with me

my child and together we will navigate the twists and turns of your journey you are never alone


like this video and type amen if you needed this



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