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amen my beloved child I have always been here for you watching over you and

guiding you through every step of your journey from the moment you were conceived I have been by your side

nurturing you and providing for you in ways you may not even realize my love for you is boundless

unconditional and everlasting in times of joy and celebration I Rejoice with you your

happiness is my happiness and your triumphs are my triumphs I am there in every laugh every smile and every moment

of Peace you experience I have gifted you with talents strengths and opportunities to

thrive and make a difference in the world Embrace these gifts with gratitude

and use them to glorify my name when You Face challenges and

hardships know that I am still with you I have not abandoned you nor will I ever

I am your refuge and strength a very present help in times of trouble when the storm clouds gather and the winds

howl around you seek shelter in my love and grace I will never leave you nor forsake

you for you are precious to me in your moments of doubt and uncertainty

remember that I am the way the truth and the life seek my wisdom and guidance

through prayer and the study of my word I will illuminate your path and lead you to where you need to be trust

in my plan for you even when you cannot see the bigger picture my plans for you are for good and not

for disaster to give you a future and a hope when you feel weary and burdened

come to me and I will give you rest lay your worries and fears at my feet for my

yoke is easy and my burden is light I will carry you through the valleys and

lift you up to the mountaintops you are never alone for I am always with you

holding you close to my heart in moments of Temptation and sin turn to me for

strength and forgiveness I understand your struggles and am always ready to extend my mercy

and Grace repent and seek my forgiveness and I will cleanse you from all

unrighteousness my blood was shed for you so that you may have eternal life and be reconciled to the father my child

you are loved beyond measure you are fearfully and wonderfully made created

in my image embrace your your identity as a beloved child of God and let my love transform you from the inside out

shine my light in the darkness and be a Beacon of Hope and love to those around you as you journey through life remember

to love one another as I have loved you show kindness compassion and forgiveness

to all for this is how you demonstrate my love to the world be a peacemaker A

Healer and a servant following my example in all things when you are faced with Injustice and

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