God Says: A Great BLESSING Awaits This MONTH | God message for you today | God’s Message

beloved child of mine I am your heavenly

father wants to share with you something


important someone who has hurt you in

the past is paying a huge price for

their Bad

Karma they feel sorry for hurting you

and want to apologize for the pain they


you remember my dear one that no weapon

formed against you your health your time

your finances and your loved ones shall


Prosper my protection surrounds you

always and I am with you every step of


way trust in me and know that I am

always watching over you guiding you

towards a life filled with peace love


joy like this video If you believe

God within the next hours you will

receive a large amount of money from

unknown and unexpected sources

type to receive it in jesus’

name believe in my promises and you will

see Miracles everywhere in your

life so watch this video till end to

receive unexpected

Miracles you will receive unexpected

Financial blessings in the next

hours this may come as a surprise to you

but trust in my

words ,

I am a god of abundance and I want you

to prosper in every aspect of your

life type if you

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scientist as we enter the year

I want you to know that it smells

like healing transformation blessings


miracles this is a year of new

beginnings of Fresh Starts and of New

Opportunities you have entered a phase

in your life where nothing can stop

you I am with you and I will make a way

where there seems to be no

way I am going to do the impossible for

you I will change your struggles into

blessings and

healings subscribe our Channel if you


God you have been through so much my

child but do not lose

hope I am here to turn your sorrow into

Joy your pain into peace and your tears


laughter get ready for your blessing and

get ready for your

miracle I am working behind the scenes

and I will surprise you with my

goodness type if you ready and

share this video with five people who


God all the money you spent will come

back multiplied real love and success

will manifest for

you I am a god of abundance and I want

you to prosper in every area of your

life I will triple your blessings this

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