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favor my beloved child it is with a

heart full of love and concern that I

come to you this day for I see that many

of my children have grown weary and

distracted turning a deaf ear to the

Whispers of divine guidance that I long


impart in these tumultuous times when

the world seems to be in a constant

state of flux it is more important than

ever that you heed the still Small Voice

that speaks to your soul for therein

lies the road map to your true

purpose ignite the power of God’s

blessings in your life with a simple yes

I need in the comments let your

affirmation unleash his Limitless

favor far too often my children become

consumed by the noise and Chaos of the

world allowing the cares and concerns of

daily life to drown out the gentle

promptings of my spirit they become

caught up in the pursuit of worldly


wealth and

Status forgetting that the true riches I

wish to bestow upon them are not of this

Earth they allow the opinions and

expectations of others to dictate the

course of their lives rather than

seeking my will and aligning themselves

with the divine plan I have for them but

I say unto you my child ignore the

Whispers of my guidance at your own

Peril for in those sacred moments when

you quiet your mind and open your heart

to my leading I will reveal to you the

path that will bring you the greatest

fulfillment and joy it is a path that

may not always be easy for the world

will often try to steer you away from it

but it is a path that will lead you to

the very purpose for which I have

created you receive the gift of God’s

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and be enveloped in his eternal

blessings think not that my guidance

comes only in the form of grand Earth

shattering Revelations nay more often

than not it is in the subtle seemingly

insignificant moments of your life that

I seek to speak to you in the whisper of

the wind the beauty of a sunset the

smile of a

stranger it is in These Quiet Moments

that I gently nudge you guiding you ever

closer to the destiny I have laid out

for you but alas so many of my children

have grown deaf to these Divine Whispers

preferring instead to chase after the

fleeting pleasures and empty promises of

the world

they become consumed by the pursuit of

power wealth and

Status forgetting that true fulfillment

and joy can only be found in aligning

their lives with my will transform your

mindset and embrace

positivity subscribe to our channel for

God’s transformative message and so I

say to you my child heed the call of my

guidance for in doing so you will unlock

the fullness of the life I I have

designed for you when you quiet your

mind and open your heart to my leading

you will find that the path I have set

before you is one that is filled with

purpose meaning and deep abiding peace

no longer will you be tossed to and fro

by The Winds of circumstance buffeted by

the demands and expectations of others

instead you will walk in the confidence

and assurance that comes from knowing

you are exactly where I have called you

to be you will move forward with a sense

of clarity and purpose secure in the

knowledge that I am guiding your every

step and as you Journey down this path

of divine guidance you will find that

the burdens you once carried become

lighter the obstacles you once faced


surmountable and the doubts and fears

that once plagued you begin to fade away

for when you are aligned with my will my

strength becomes your strength my wisdom

becomes your wisdom and my peace becomes

your peace but I warn War you my child

do not take this guidance

Lightly for to ignore it is to risk

wandering aimlessly through life never

truly fulfilling the unique purpose I

have for you the world will try to pull

you in a thousand different directions

offering you false promises of happiness

and fulfillment but I say unto you

resist these

Temptations for they will only lead you

further from the path I have set before

you instead listen closely to The

Whispers of my spirit and allow them to

be your constant companion and guide

trust that I know the plans I have for

you plans to prosper you and not to harm

you plans to give you a hope in a future

when you follow my lead you will find

that the journey though at times

challenging is one of immense


fulfillment and deep abiding peace ready

to embrace positive change subscribe now

for God’s message of Hope and r rual so

my child I implore you do not turn a

deaf ear to the Divine guidance I long

to impart for in those Whispers you will

find the road map to your true purpose

the very essence of who I have created

you to be Embrace this guidance follow


faithfully and watch as your life is

transformed not by your own strength or

effort but by the power of my spirit

working within you take heart

my beloved for I Am With You Always

guiding you strengthening you and

leading you ever closer to the fullness

of the life I have planned for you trust

in me follow my lead and you will find

that the path I have set before you is

one that is lit by the radiant light of

my love and grace harness the power of

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