GOD SAYS : 97% PEOPLE JUST SKIP ME! | IF YOU INGORE ME | Inspirational message | God Message Today


God urges you today if you truly love me

do not overlook this video stay with it

until the very end when the burdens of

the world seem too much to bear turn to

me whisper my name and let the light of

my presence envelop you filling you with

the warmth of my love thank me for my

unwavering devotion and constant

companionship by your side affirm your

trust in me knowing that I will never

abandon you when doubts Cloud your mind

and fears grip your heart immerse

yourself in the depths of my word Let

its wisdom illuminate your path through

the darkest of nights providing you with

truth Comfort strength and Solace

Rejoice for you are deeply and

completely loved you are cherished the

apple of my eye and my love for you

knows no bounds glorify my name for I am

the Lord of lords the King of Kings

worship me with abandon finding true

fulfillment and joy in my presence let

your life shine as a testament to my

goodness and Grace a beacon of light in

a world overshadowed by Darkness

remember when the trials of Life

threaten to overwhelm you you are not

alone I Am With You Always guiding

protecting and loving you with an

Endless Love take courage and fear not

for I Am by your side wherever you go

share this message with those you love

that they too may find strength and

comfort in my presence subscribe to the

Daily manifestation for you channel to

stay connected with my voice and receive

daily reminders of my love for you my

dearest child within the depths of your

being I am the eternal flame that keeps

your spirit Al light in the midst of

Darkness call out to me in moments of

weariness and breathe deeply in the San

U AR of my presence I am your strength

Solace and Guiding Light turn your gaze

towards me allowing the radiance of my

presence to saturate your being I am the

Divine Essence that brightens your path

and Alters your perspective even when

distractions obscure my presence

remember that I am the unwavering light

in the night fear not for I am with you

always trust in me wholeheartedly even

in times of uncertainty when worries and

anxieties threaten to overwhelm you turn

to me and Whisper my name

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