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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

dearest child as you Embark upon the

winding journey of life you may find

yourself engulfed by the complexities

and uncertainties that surround you the

world may often appear daunting its

challenges insurmountable and its

Mysteries unfathomable yet in the midst

of it all know that my presence is

steadfast by your side I watch over you

with a love that knows no bounds a love

that transcends all understanding though

the paths you tread may be fraught with

obstacles and trials remember that I am

there walking with you every step of the

way when the weight of the world presses

upon your shoulders and your spirit

feels weary take solace in the knowledge

that I am your refuge and strength my

ways may seem seem mysterious my reasons

Beyond human comprehension but trust in

the depth of my love for you as you gaze

upon the tapestry of Life woven with

threads of joy and sorrow triumphs and

tribulations know that each thread

serves a purpose in The Grand Design of

existence type Amen in the comments and

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up to three people so that God can help

you though you may question and doubt

let not your faith waver for I hold the

master plan in my hands in moments of

darkness and doubt let your trust in me

be a beacon of light to guide you

through the storm Embrace faith not as a

passive surrender but as a flame that

ignites your soul and illuminates your

path for in trusting me you will find

the strength to endure the courage to

persevere and the hope to carry on

knowing that you are never alone in

moments of questioning and uncertainty

it’s natural to seek understanding and

guidance instead of dwelling on the why

consider redirecting your focus towards

a deeper perspective pause and in that

moment shift your inquiry towards a more

profound exploration how can I perceive

this situation Through Your Divine

perspective oh Lord and what course of

action do you intend for me in this very

moment these introspective questions

serve as beacons guiding you away from

the abyss of Despair and steering you

onto a path illuminated by action

empathy and

insight while the past remains immutable

the present and the future are canvases

awaiting your touch trust in my

Providence and heed my counsel taking

each step with faith and

conviction reflect upon the Myriad

blessings bestowed upon you each a

manifestation of the boundless reservoir

of my

grace Chief among these gifts is the

profound offering of Salvation not

earned through through Merit but granted

through unwavering faith and the

unfathomable depths of my love for you

this salvation is a testament to my

boundless Grace freely given and

ceaselessly enduring from this Divine

Wellspring emanates an abundance of

blessings cascading forth like streams

of light in the radiance of my

Absolution the shackles of guilt and

fear dissolve replaced by a profound

sense of tranquility and rebirth if you

want God grace always upon you then

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this message took us a lot of effort as

a cherished child of the Divine Your

Existence is infused with profound

purpose and significance that transcends

the confines of the material

realm within the tapestry of your life

your connections with others evolve into

sacred unions as you embrace the

transformative powers of love and

forgiveness reflecting the boundless

compassion and mercy bestowed upon you

in embracing these divine gifts let your

soul resonate with an unwavering sense

of gratitude cultivate a sacred ritual

of Daily Reflection where in you pause

to acknowledge and Express gratitude for

the manifold blessings that Grace your

journey this act of gratitude transcends

mere observance it emerges as a luminous

Shield safeguarding your heart against

the Insidious seeds of discontent and

ingratitude that seek to take root

within therefore my beloved step forth

with steadfast faith and trust for I am

your constant companion forever guiding

cherishing and cradling you in the

Embrace of Divine

Providence fear not for I Am The

Fortress of your strength and the

guardian of your spirit forever present

to Aid you in moments of trial Stand

Tall dear one and receive the Abundant

gifts and blessings bestowed upon you

the radiant crown of Victory awaiting

its rightful place upon your brow once

more I stand before you you wrapping you

in the gentle Embrace of my presence

unveiling a love that stirs within you

illuminating your existence with a


perspective my love for you persists

unyielding and unconditional if you want

God’s message to guide you further like

the video and share it as much as

possible it is imperative that you

understand grasp

contemplate and hold dear the truth that

within the sanctity of my heart resides

a boundless affection for you my

fidelity knows no bounds my compassion

is infinite my benevolence extends

without measure and I do not meet your

missteps with disdain or wrath instead I

offer you the chance to recognize your

errors and make amends in due

course there is no need for you to

conceal yourself from me seek solace in

remote places adopt a new

identity escape to distant lands or

pretend ignorance of my existence and


I do not seek to confine you within the

confines of a prison I am

here knocking gently at the door of your

heart in this very moment solely because

of my profound and enduring love for you

do not attempt to comprehend or liken me

to any mortal being humans May judge you

love you or spurn you based on your

outward appearance your intellect your

wealth or your

flaws but I transcend such Earthly


at the dawn of each new day let these

words flow from your lips words that

will soothe your soul Jesus I place my

trust in you I accept your love and come

what may I will continue to place my

faith in your constancy I welcome your

love and your blessings with unwavering

belief approach your Bible with faith


optimism Embrace this tender and Sacred

Love That Remains steadfast profess your

belief in me let your affirmation

ReSound with a Resolute amen if you

believe that God will help you please

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