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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

beloved child it is I your heavenly

father who calls out to you in this

moment with a heart overflowing with

love and an unwavering determination to

see you safely home I come to you not as

a distant unapproachable deal

but as a loving parent yearning to wrap

you in the warmth of my eternal

embrace you my dear child are the

greatest Treasure of my heart the

Masterpiece I have fashioned with my own

hands and the one I have pursued with an

unrelenting all-consuming love since

before the foundations of the world were

laid from the moment I knit you together

in your mother’s womb I have been

intimately acquainted with every facet

of your being the number of hairs on

your head the thoughts that would run

through your mind the dreams that would

stir your heart you are no stranger to

me for you have been the object of My

Affection since the dawn of

creation I will seek and save you these

words are not mere empty promises but a

declaration of my unwavering commitment

to you my

child they are the heartbeat of my very

nature the driving force that propels me

to move Heaven and Earth to shatter the

chains of of sin and

darkness to Traverse the rugged terrain

and brave the treacherous storms all to

ensure your safe return to my side I am

the Good Shepherd and you are one of my

beloved sheep when you Wander from the

safety of the

fold I will leave the to go in search

of you feel free to share this video

with up to three people if you feel the

need for God’s presence I will not rest

until I have found you lifted you from

the Meer of dis beare and carried you

back to the warmth and protection of my

eternal Embrace do not doubt my love my

child nor the depths of my devotion to

you even when the world seems to have

turned its back even when the voices of

doubt and despair Echo loudly in your

mind know that I am ever near I am the

light that guides you through the

deepest Shadows the anchor that steadies

you amidst the Raging storms of life my

eyes are ever upon you my ears ever

attentive to your cries for help I hear

your prayers my child even when you

think they go unnoticed I feel the

anguish of your broken heart the weight

of your burdens the confusion That

clouds your mind and in those moments

when you feel like you can no longer go

on I draw near to you wrapping you in

the warm embrace of my everlasting love

for you are mine my precious child

and I will stop at nothing to ensure

your safe return to me I will pursue you

relentlessly pursuing you with a passion

that knows no

bounds I will Break Down The Walls of

your pride shatter the chains of your

sin and Lead You Out of the darkness and

into the Glorious light of my

transformative Grace do not be afraid

for I Am with You When The World Turns

its back on you I will be your constant

companion when the voices of doubt and

despair echo in your mind I will speak

words of encouragement and hope when you

feel weak and weary I will pour out my

strength and sustenance to carry you

through I am the god who sees you who

knows you and who loves you with an

everlasting love I am the god who

Delights in your successes and weeps

over your

failures I am the god who celebrates

your triumphs and comforts you in your

Sorrows I am the god who will never

leave you nor forsake you no matter what

life may bring so my child let your

heart be encouraged know that no matter

how far you may wander I will always be

there to find you and bring you back

home no matter how deep the darkness may

seem I will always be the light that

shines the way my child pause the video

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me no matter how overwhelming the trials

may become I will always be your

strength in your Refuge trust in me my

child for I have already overcome the

world I have conquered sin death and the

grave and I have secured your Eternal

victory in me all I ask is that you

surrender your heart to me that you

place your faith in my unfailing love

and that you walk with me each and every

day I will guide you protect you and

provide for you I will strengthen you in

your weakness comfort you in your sorrow

and give you the courage to face

whatever lies ahead I will open your

eyes to see the beauty of my creation

your ears to hear The Melody of my voice

and your heart to receive the fullness

of my transformative Grace so do not

lose hope my child do not be discouraged

by the darkness that surrounds you for I

am the light that will dispel the Gloom

do not be weighed down by the burdens

you carry for I am the one who will lift

your load and carry you through trust in

me my child and I will lead you home

follow me and I will guide you to the

promised land of eternal life cling to

me and I will never let you go for I the

God who seeks and saves and I will

always be there for you now and forever

more remember my beloved that you are

the apple of my eye The Treasure of my

heart and the child of my unwavering

affection no matter how far you may

stray No Matter How Deep The Darkness

may seem it I will never stop seeking

you never stop saving you for my love

for you is as boundless as the heavens

and my commitment to you is as steadfast

as the

mountains let this truth sink deep into

your soul my child embrace it cling to

it and let it be the anchor that

steadies you in the storms of life for I

am the god who seeks and saves the

shepherd who will never abandon his

sheep the father who will always run to

embrace his prodigal child so take heart


beloved lift your eyes to the Horizon

for the Dawn is Breaking and a new day

is about to unfold I am the light that

will guide you the strength that will

carry you and the love that will never

let you go trust in me

and I will lead you home back into the

safety of my eternal Embrace I am with

you always my child type Amen in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you until the end of the

age and for all eternity I will be your

constant companion your unwavering

support and your Eternal Refuge let

nothing in this world shake your faith

in my promise for for I am the god who

seeks and saves and I will never ever

forsake you remember my dear one that

your identity is firmly rooted in me you

are not defined by the trials you face

the failures you experience or the

darkness that may sometimes Cloud your

path you are defined by the unbreakable

Bond we share the sacred Covenant I have

established with you and the Glorious

future I have prepared for you in my

kingdom so

stand firm my child and let your light

shine brightly in the midst of the


Shadows be a Beacon of Hope a vessel of

my transformative

Grace a Living testament to the power of

my unwavering love for I have called you

to be Salt and Light to be my

ambassadors in this broken world and to

partner with me in the sacred work of

redeeming and restoring all that the

enemy has

stolen trust in me my

beloved and I will Empower you to

accomplish The Impossible lean on me and

I will fill you with the strength and

courage you need to face whatever

challenges may come your way abide in me

and I will cultivate in you the fruits

of my spirit love joy peace patience

kindness goodness


gentleness and

self-control for I am not a God who is

distant or or

detached my

child I am intimately involved in the

details of your life walking alongside

you every step of the way if you want

God’s grace always upon you then please

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message took us a lot of efforts I weep

with you in your Sorrows Rejoice with

you in your triumphs and Whisper words

of encouragement and hope into your

heart when the road ahead seems too

difficult to bear

remember my beloved that I am the god

who sees you who knows you and who loves

you with an everlasting love I am the

god who will never leave you nor forsake

you no matter what life may bring I am

the god who seeks and saves the shepherd

who will always come to the rescue of

his lost and wandering

sheep SOA take courage my child and fix

your eyes on me

for I am the author and perfector of

your faith the one who will complete the

good work I have begun in you trust in

me and I will lead you from the darkness

into the light from the depths of

Despair into the joy of my eternal

presence I am with you my beloved now

and forever more let nothing shake your

confidence in my love my

grace and my unwavering commitment to


well-being for for I am the god who

seeks and saves and I will never stop

pursuing you until I have brought you

safely home amen my child click on the

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