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God’s special message is only for you

don’t overlook it God is ready to

address all your troubles in the final

seconds find the answers you seek

stick around till the end for divine

Revelations my dear child I come to you

today with a message of Hope

love and the unwavering truth that your

heavenly father desires only the best

for you as you walk this Earthly Journey

there may be times when the path seems

dark the challenge is overwhelming and

the future uncertain but I implore you

do not lose heart for your ABA father

watches over you with an eternal

steadfast love that knows no

bounds from the moment you were

fearfully and wonderfully formed in your

mother’s womb God has had a perfect plan

for your life he knew you before the

foundation of the world and he has

destined you for a future and a hope

your heavenly father’s deepest longing

is to see you fulfill the incredible

purpose he has set before you you are

the apple of his eye a treasured child

whom he adores with an everlasting

affection the prophet Zephaniah declares

the Lord your God is in your midst a

mighty one who will save he will rejoice

over you with gladness he will quiet you

by his love he will exalt over you with


singing imagine that the King of Kings

the Lord of lords Delights in you with

singing what a profound and humbling

truth far too often my dear child you

may find yourself plagued by feelings of


insecurity or the nagging lie that you

are too flawed or too broken for God to

use but I say to you these are the

Whispers of the

enemy who seeks to rob you of the

Abundant Life I have come to give you

are made in the image of the Living God

and you are deeply loved cherished and

treasured by your heavenly father your

worth is not found in your performance

your successes or your ability to have

it all together your value is eternally

secured in the finished work of the

Cross where I paid the ultimate price to

redeem you and call you my own if you

believe in God then like the video and

leave a heartfelt Amen in the comments

it is the Father’s greatest joy to to

Lavish his love upon you to celebrate

your triumphs and to gently restore you

when you fall short he is not a harsh

Taskmaster demanding

Perfection but a loving parent who longs

to see you grow in wisdom in stature and

in favor with God and

man I know that the Journey of Faith is

not always easy there will be valleys to

walk through storms to weather and

battles to fight but I promise you your

heavenly father will never leave you nor

forsake you he is with you always to the

very end of the

age when the burdens of Life seem too

heavy to Bear cast your cares upon the

Lord for he cares for you when the enemy

tries to convince you that you are alone

remind him that the god of the universe

fights for you when discouragement and

doubt creep in fix your eyes upon the

author and perfector of your faith the

one who is working on all things

together for your good your heavenly

father is not distant or detached but

intimately involved in every aspect of

your life he counts the very hairs on

your head and knows your thoughts before

you think them there is nowhere you can

go that is beyond his

reach and no circumstance you face that

is outside of his Sovereign

control when you walk through the valley

of the shadow of death he is there to

comfort you when you feel weak and weary

he renews your

strength when the storms of life rage

all around you he is your everpresent

help in time of

need my child your heavenly father longs

to Lavish you with good gifts to pour

out his blessings upon you and to see

you live in the fullness of the Abundant

Life I have come to give but his

definition of good and blessing may not

always align with your own his ways are

higher than your ways and his thoughts

are higher than your thoughts the there

may be times when he allows difficult

circumstances painful trials or

seemingly unanswered prayers in your

life in those moments do not lose faith

for your ABA father is working all

things together for your ultimate good

and his eternal glory he is refining you

shaping you and preparing you for the

incredible Destiny he has prepared for

you trust that even when you cannot see

or understand your heavenly father is

directing your steps ordering your path

and positioning you for the blessings he

has in store if you want God’s grace to

be a constant in your life a steady

guiding force then please consider

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thanks button his plans for you are good

and they are meant to give you a future

and a hope I know that it can be easy to

become discouraged when the journey gets

difficult when prayers seem to go

unanswered or when the enemy’s lies

begin to Cloud your vision but I urge

you my dear child do not give into

despair instead fix your eyes upon the

Eternal truths of God’s word and the

unwavering Promises of your heavenly

father he is faithful he is good and he

is working all things together for your

ultimate good your current circumstances

do not define you nor do they dictate


future your ABA father is writing a

beautiful story in your life and the

ending will be far more glorious than

you can even imagine

when the path is unclear trust that your

heavenly father sees the bigger

picture when the future seems

uncertain cling to the truth that he has

a perfect plan when the burdens feel too

heavy to

Bear rest in the assurance that he will

carry you through your ABA father is not

a distant detached

deity but a loving to compassionate

parent who longs to walk alongside you

every step of the way he Delights in


successes he Grieves over your

sorrows and he celebrates your

triumphs you are his beloved child and

there is nothing you could ever do to

make him love you anymore or any less so

my dear one lift your eyes and behold

the goodness of the Lord allow his

perfect love to cast out all fear and

trust that he is working mightily on

your behalf even when you cannot see it

keep your heart fixed on the Eternal

truths of his word and allow the peace

of God which surpasses all understanding

to guard your heart and your mind in


Jesus the path ahead may not always be

easy but I promise you your heavenly

father will never leave you nor forsake

you he is your strong tower your refuge

and your everpresent help in times of

trouble when you are weak he will make

you strong when you are

weary he will renew your strength when

you are discouraged he will lift you up

and restore your

soul my dear child I have called you to

walk in the fullness of your

destiny to live out the incredible

purpose I have prepared for you from the

foundation of the

world your heavenly father’s greatest

desire is to see you rise up and become

all that he has created you to be so

trust in him lean not on your own

understanding and allow him to guide

your steps the road May wind the journey

may be long but I assure you your ABA

father is leading you to a place of

Peace provision and profound purpose he

has good works prepared in advance for

you to walk in and he longs to pour out

his blessings upon you in ways that will

leave you in awe of his majesty and

goodness so do not be afraid my child do

not be discouraged

for the Lord your God is with you

wherever you go keep your eyes fixed on

him and allow his perfect love to cast

out all fear if you believe that God

will help you please subscribe to the

channel trust that your heavenly father

is working all things together for your

ultimate good and that the plans he has

for you are good and they are meant to

give you a future and a hope I love you

my dear one with an everlasting love you

are precious in in my sight and you are

honored and I love you let that truth

sink deep into the very depths of your

being and may it give you the courage

and the strength to walk boldly into the

incredible Destiny your ABA father has

prepared for you I hope you have found

answers to all your questions if not you

will definitely get them in the next

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